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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date11 – 13 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants46 from 37 countries

The world champion Laure Manaudou of France elected to miss this event to concentrate on her races in Beijing so the mantle of favouritism was shared between the American Katie Hoff and Federica Pellegrini of Italy. Both women had already suffered disappointment in the 400 freestyle as Hoff had been touched out for gold in the final stages of the race and Pellegrini had not produced a swim to match her qualifying performances. Pellegrini’s heat swim was a statement of intent and she shaved a tenth off Manadou’s world record in the process. The main challenge to Pellegrini came not from Hoff but from Slovenia’s Sara Isakovič who, earlier in 2008, had won the European title in the absence of the Italian. Pellegrini avoided the tactical mistakes of her 400 freestyle swim and took the lead over the second 50 and, swimming well under world record pace, pulled away from field. She touched the wall in 1:54.82 which was over half a second under her own world record but only just ahead of Isakovič and Pang Jiaying of China both of whom were also well below the previous best time. Pellegrini maintained her place as one of the greatest of freestyle swimmers by repeating the 200/400 double at both the 2009 and 2011 World Championships. Isakovič’s medal was the first by a Slovenian in swimming.

1Federica PellegriniITA1:55.45 (1 h6)1:57.23 (1 h2)1:54.82 (1)Gold
2Sara IsakovičSLO1:55.86 (1 h5)1:56.50 (1 h1)1:54.97 (2)Silver
3Pang JiayingCHN1:57.37 (1 h4)1:57.34 (3 h1)1:55.05 (3)Bronze
4Katie HoffUSA1:57.20 (2 h6)1:57.01 (2 h1)1:55.78 (4)
5Camelia PotecROU1:57.65 (3 h4)1:57.71 (2 h2)1:56.87 (5)
6Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:56.97 (2 h5)1:57.73 (3 h2)1:57.65 (6)
=7Bronte BarrattAUS1:57.75 (3 h5)1:57.55 (4 h1)1:57.83 (=7)
=7Ophélie EtienneFRA1:57.93 (4 h5)1:58.00 (4 h2)1:57.83 (=7)
9Allison SchmittUSA1:57.38 (2 h4)1:58.01 (5 h2)
10Aurore MongelFRA1:58.11 (6 h6)1:58.08 (6 h2)
11Ágnes MutinaHUN1:57.25 (3 h6)1:58.15 (7 h2)
12Linda MacKenzieAUS1:57.96 (5 h6)1:58.19 (5 h1)
13Haruka UedaJPN1:57.64 (4 h6)1:58.44 (6 h1)
14Jo JacksonGBR1:58.00 (4 h4)1:58.70 (7 h1)
15Josefin LillhageSWE1:57.98 (5 h5)1:59.29 (8 h2)
16Ida Marko-VargaSWE1:58.21 (6 h5)1:59.41 (8 h1)
17Stephanie HornerCAN1:58.35 (5 h4)
18Melani CostaESP1:59.50 (6 h4)
19Zhu QianweiCHN1:59.52 (7 h6)
20Darya BelyakinaRUS1:59.72 (8 h6)
21Maki MitaJPN1:59.96 (7 h4)
22Annika LurzGER1:59.98 (8 h4)
23Ranomi KromowidjojoNED2:00.02 (1 h3)
24Petra DallmannGER2:00.21 (7 h5)
25Geneviève SaumurCAN2:00.49 (8 h5)
26Jördis SteineggerAUT2:00.52 (2 h3)
27Anna StylianouCYP2:00.55 (3 h3)
=28Elina PartõkaEST2:00.64 (1 h2)
=28Monique FerreiraBRA2:00.64 (4 h3)
30Nina RangelovaBUL2:00.66 (2 h2)
31Stephanie AuHKG2:00.85 (3 h2)
32Paulina BarzyckaPOL2:00.92 (5 h3)
33Melissa CorfeRSA2:00.95 (6 h3)
34Louise JansenDEN2:01.30 (4 h2)
35Nataliya KhudiakovaUKR2:02.27 (1 h1)
36Lynette LimSGP2:02.30 (5 h2)
37Yang Chin-KueiTPE2:02.84 (7 h3)
38Natthanan ChankrajangTHA2:02.88 (2 h1)
39Christine MaillietLUX2:02.91 (6 h2)
40Milica OstojićSRB2:03.19 (3 h1)
41Heysi VillarrealCUB2:03.23 (4 h1)
42Anja TrišićCRO2:03.57 (5 h1)
43Melanie NocherIRL2:04.29 (7 h2)
44Eleni KostiGRE2:04.55 (8 h3)
45Sigrún SverrisdóttirISL2:04.82 (6 h1)
46Lee Gyeo-RaKOR2:05.71 (8 h2)

Round One (11 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (18:33)

14Nataliya KhudiakovaUKR2:02.270.82
25Natthanan ChankrajangTHA2:02.880.85
32Milica OstojićSRB2:03.190.86
47Heysi VillarrealCUB2:03.230.69
53Anja TrišićCRO2:03.570.77
66Sigrún SverrisdóttirISL2:04.820.73

Heat Two (18:37)

14Elina PartõkaEST2:00.640.80
25Nina RangelovaBUL2:00.660.86
37Stephanie AuHKG2:00.850.79
42Louise JansenDEN2:01.300.74
56Lynette LimSGP2:02.300.61
68Christine MaillietLUX2:02.910.75
73Melanie NocherIRL2:04.290.80
81Lee Gyeo-RaKOR2:05.710.76

Heat Three (18:42)

15Ranomi KromowidjojoNED2:00.020.76
27Jördis SteineggerAUT2:00.520.87
31Anna StylianouCYP2:00.550.74
46Monique FerreiraBRA2:00.640.72
53Paulina BarzyckaPOL2:00.920.88
64Melissa CorfeRSA2:00.950.74
78Yang Chin-KueiTPE2:02.840.80
82Eleni KostiGRE2:04.550.76

Heat Four (18:48)

12Pang JiayingCHN1:57.370.77QOR
24Allison SchmittUSA1:57.380.73Q
33Camelia PotecROU1:57.650.93Q
45Jo JacksonGBR1:58.000.76Q
57Stephanie HornerCAN1:58.350.76
61Melani CostaESP1:59.500.82
78Maki MitaJPN1:59.960.74
86Annika LurzGER1:59.980.82

Heat Five (18:53)

14Sara IsakovičSLO1:55.860.79QOR
23Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:56.970.72Q
35Bronte BarrattAUS1:57.750.67Q
42Ophélie EtienneFRA1:57.930.84Q
56Josefin LillhageSWE1:57.980.76Q
61Ida Marko-VargaSWE1:58.210.77Q
77Petra DallmannGER2:00.210.79
88Geneviève SaumurCAN2:00.490.73

Heat Six (18:58)

15Federica PellegriniITA1:55.450.74QWR
24Katie HoffUSA1:57.200.78Q
32Ágnes MutinaHUN1:57.250.68Q
41Haruka UedaJPN1:57.640.86Q
53Linda MacKenzieAUS1:57.960.83Q
66Aurore MongelFRA1:58.110.79Q
77Zhu QianweiCHN1:59.520.83
88Darya BelyakinaRUS1:59.720.75

Semi-Finals (12 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:03)

14Sara IsakovičSLO1:56.500.78Q
25Katie HoffUSA1:57.010.79Q
33Pang JiayingCHN1:57.340.78Q
42Bronte BarrattAUS1:57.550.71Q
57Linda MacKenzieAUS1:58.190.78
66Haruka UedaJPN1:58.440.85
71Jo JacksonGBR1:58.700.78
88Ida Marko-VargaSWE1:59.410.79

Heat Two (10:09)

14Federica PellegriniITA1:57.230.78Q
22Camelia PotecROU1:57.710.88Q
35Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:57.730.74Q
47Ophélie EtienneFRA1:58.000.83Q
56Allison SchmittUSA1:58.010.73
68Aurore MongelFRA1:58.080.78
73Ágnes MutinaHUN1:58.150.70
81Josefin LillhageSWE1:59.290.79

Final (13 August 2008 — 10:14)

13Federica PellegriniITA1:54.820.80WR
24Sara IsakovičSLO1:54.970.78
36Pang JiayingCHN1:55.050.73
45Katie HoffUSA1:55.780.77
57Camelia PotecROU1:56.870.88
61Caitlin McClatcheyGBR1:57.650.75
=72Bronte BarrattAUS1:57.830.71
=78Ophélie EtienneFRA1:57.830.83