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Lightweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date30 July – 8 August 1992
LocationPabellón Club Joventut, Badalona
Participants29 from 29 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

In 1990 17-year-old American Oscar De La Hoya won a gold medal at the Goodwill Games. When his mother died a few months later, he made a deathbed promise to win an Olympic gold medal in 1992. But at the 1991 World Championships, De La Hoya lost his first-round match to German Marco Rudolph, who went on to win the gold medal. Both were in Barcelona along with Cuban star Julio González, the 1989 and 1991 Pan American champion, but he was upset in the second round by Bulgaria’s Toncho Tonchev, clearing the path for Rudolph and De La Hoya, who met in the final. The final was close after two rounds, De La Hoya leading 3-2, but he knocked Rudolph down at 1:09 of the third, and pulled away to win a 7-2 decision.

Oscar De La Hoya turned professional shortly after the 1992 Olympics, and became one of the great professional champions. He held multiple titles, including WBO super featherweight champion, WBO lightweight champion, IBF lightweight champion, WBC light-welterweight champion, WBC welterweight champion, WBC light-middleweight champion (twice), WBA super-welterweight champion, and WBO middleweight champion. Handsome and personable, he used that and his boxing skills to become very wealthy, retiring after 2008 with a career record of 39-6, four of the losses coming in his last seven fights. Rudolph also turned professional, in 1995, and in 1998 fought for the WBO lightweight belt, but lost and then retired with a career mark of 13 wins and 1 loss.

1Oscar De La HoyaUSAGold
2Marco RudolphGERSilver
=3Hong Seong-SikKORBronze
=3Namjilyn BayarsaikhanMGLBronze
=5Rashi Ali Hadj MatumlaTAN
=5Julien LorcyFRA
=5Toncho TonchevBUL
=5Ronald ChavezPHI
=9Mauricio ÁvilaGUA
=9Jacobo GarciaISV
=9Shigeyuki DobashiJPN
=9Dariusz SnarskiPOL
=9Moses OdionNGR
=9Henry KungsiPNG
=9Artur GrigoryanEUN
=9Billy IrwinCAN
=17Felix BwalyaZAM
=17Kamal MarjouaneMAR
=17Delroy LeslieJAM
=17Vasile NistorROU
=17Justin RowsellAUS
=17János PetrovicsHUN
=17Adilson da SilvaBRA
=17Hussain ArshadPAK
=17Julio GonzálezCUB
=17Óscar PalominoESP
=17Yun Yong-CholPRK
=17Emil RizkEGY
=17Alan VaughanGBR

Round One (30 July 1992)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Mauricio ÁvilaGUA Bye
Match #2 Namjilyn BayarsaikhanMGL Bye
Match #3 Jacobo GarciaISV Bye
Match #4 Rashi Ali Hadj MatumlaTAN Felix BwalyaZAM Decision (16 - 8)
Match #5 Julien LorcyFRA Kamal MarjouaneMAR Decision (11 - 7)
Match #6 Shigeyuki DobashiJPN Delroy LeslieJAM Decision (11 - 5)
Match #7 Marco RudolphGER Vasile NistorROU Decision (10 - 5)
Match #8 Dariusz SnarskiPOL Justin RowsellAUS Referee Stops Contest (Round 3, 0:52)
Match #9 Moses OdionNGR János PetrovicsHUN Decision (18 - 8)
Match #10 Oscar De La HoyaUSA Adilson da SilvaBRA Referee Stops Contest (Round 3, 2:53)
Match #11 Henry KungsiPNG Hussain ArshadPAK Decision (13 - 9)
Match #12 Toncho TonchevBUL Julio GonzálezCUB Decision (14 - 12)
Match #13 Artur GrigoryanEUN Óscar PalominoESP Decision (11 - 10)
Match #14 Hong Seong-SikKOR Yun Yong-CholPRK Decision (11 - 2)
Match #15 Ronald ChavezPHI Emil RizkEGY Decision (18 - 10)
Match #16 Billy IrwinCAN Alan VaughanGBR Referee Stops Contest (Head Blow) (Round 3, 2:19)

Round Two (1 August 1992)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Namjilyn BayarsaikhanMGL Mauricio ÁvilaGUA Decision (15 - 0)
Match #2 Rashi Ali Hadj MatumlaTAN Jacobo GarciaISV Decision (12 - 2)
Match #3 Julien LorcyFRA Shigeyuki DobashiJPN Referee Stops Contest (Round 2, 2:27)
Match #4 Marco RudolphGER Dariusz SnarskiPOL Decision (10 - 1)
Match #5 Oscar De La HoyaUSA Moses OdionNGR Decision (16 - 4)
Match #6 Toncho TonchevBUL Henry KungsiPNG Decision (11 - 2)
Match #7 Hong Seong-SikKOR Artur GrigoryanEUN Decision (9 - 3)
Match #8 Ronald ChavezPHI Billy IrwinCAN Decision (8 - 0)

Quarter-Finals (3 August 1992)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Namjilyn BayarsaikhanMGL Rashi Ali Hadj MatumlaTAN Decision (9 - 6)
Match #2 Marco RudolphGER Julien LorcyFRA Decision (13 - 10)
Match #3 Oscar De La HoyaUSA Toncho TonchevBUL Decision (16 - 7)
Match #4 Hong Seong-SikKOR Ronald ChavezPHI Knock Out (Round 1, 2:25)

Semi-Finals (6 August 1992)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Marco RudolphGER Namjilyn BayarsaikhanMGL Walkover
Match #2 Oscar De La HoyaUSA Hong Seong-SikKOR Decision (11 - 10)

Final Round (8 August 1992)

Match 1/2 Oscar De La HoyaUSA Marco RudolphGER Decision (7 - 2)