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Welterweight (≤67 kilograms), Men

Date20 July – 3 August 1996
LocationAlexander Memorial Coliseum, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants32 from 32 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The Olympic Games were not kind to Juan Hernández Sierra. The Cuban was the premier welterweight of the 1990s, lost only one bout at the 5 World Championships held during the decade but was somehow always frustrated when he fought at the Olympics. In Barcelona he was the victim of a major upset when defeated by the unheralded Irishman Michael Carruth in the gold medal match.

Hernandez again reached the Olympic final in Atlanta where his opponent was to be Russia’s Oleg Saitov, a man he had comfortably beaten on his way to retaining his world title in 1995. Saitov’s masterstroke was to change tactics midway through the final and back away from Hernandez in an attempt to draw him forward and open up the Cuban to counter-punching. This gave the Russian a three-point lead after two rounds and although Hernandez mounted a frantic effort in the final round he could not make up the points deficit. The verdict was not universally popular inside the arena.

This was the first major title of Saitov’s career but by no means the last. He retained his Olympic title in 2000 and only narrowly failed to reach a 3rd Olympic final in 2004. In addition he won 2 World championships and a European Championships.

1Oleg SaitovRUSGold
2Juan Hernández SierraCUBSilver
=3Marian SimionROUBronze
=3Daniel SantosPURBronze
5Hasan AlDEN
6Nurzhan SmanovKAZ
7Kamel ChaterTUN
8Nariman AtayevUZB
=9Serhiy DzinzirukUKR
=9Fernando VargasUSA
=9Vadzim MiazhaBLR
=9Abdul Rashid BalochPAK
=9Bae Ho-JoKOR
=9Vitalijus KarpačiauskasLTU
=9Nurbek KasenovKGZ
=9Kabil LahsenMAR
=17Rogelio MartínezDOM
=17Parkpoom JangphonakTHA
=17Tengiz MeskhadzeGEO
=17Hussein BayramFRA
=17Lucas SinoiaMOZ
=17József NagyHUN
=17Lynden HoskingAUS
=17Jesús FloresMEX
=17Cahit SümeTUR
=17Guillermo SaputoARG
=17Hassan MzongeTAN
=17Hercules KyvelosCAN
=17Evans AshiraKEN
=17Shane HeapsTGA
=17Luis HernándezECU
=17Ernest Atangana MboaCMR

Round One

Date20 July 1996 — 15:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #120 Jul 15:00Hasan AlDENReferee stops contest (injured)Rogelio MartínezDOM
Match #220 Jul 15:12Serhiy DzinzirukUKRDecisionParkpoom JangphonakTHA
Match #320 Jul 15:24Fernando VargasUSADecisionTengiz MeskhadzeGEO
Match #420 Jul 15:36Marian SimionROUDecisionHussein BayramFRA
Match #520 Jul 15:48Vadzim MiazhaBLRDecisionLucas SinoiaMOZ
Match #620 Jul 16:00Juan Hernández SierraCUBReferee stops contestJózsef NagyHUN
Match #720 Jul 16:12Nurzhan SmanovKAZReferee stops contest (injured)Lynden HoskingAUS
Match #820 Jul 16:24Abdul Rashid BalochPAKDecisionJesús FloresMEX
Match #920 Jul 21:24Oleg SaitovRUSDecisionCahit SümeTUR
Match #1020 Jul 21:36Bae Ho-JoKORDecisionGuillermo SaputoARG
Match #1120 Jul 21:48Vitalijus KarpačiauskasLTUDecisionHassan MzongeTAN
Match #1220 Jul 22:00Kamel ChaterTUNDecisionHercules KyvelosCAN
Match #1320 Jul 22:12Nariman AtayevUZBDecisionEvans AshiraKEN
Match #1420 Jul 22:24Nurbek KasenovKGZDecisionShane HeapsTGA
Match #1520 Jul 22:36Kabil LahsenMARDecisionLuis HernándezECU
Match #1620 Jul 22:48Daniel SantosPURReferee stops contestErnest Atangana MboaCMR

Round Two

Date25 July 1996 — 14:18
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #125 Jul 14:18Hasan AlDENDecisionSerhiy DzinzirukUKR
Match #225 Jul 14:30Marian SimionROUDecisionFernando VargasUSA
Match #325 Jul 14:42Juan Hernández SierraCUBDecisionVadzim MiazhaBLR
Match #425 Jul 14:54Nurzhan SmanovKAZDecisionAbdul Rashid BalochPAK
Match #525 Jul 20:48Oleg SaitovRUSDecisionBae Ho-JoKOR
Match #625 Jul 21:00Kamel ChaterTUNReferee stops contestVitalijus KarpačiauskasLTU
Match #725 Jul 21:12Nariman AtayevUZBDecisionNurbek KasenovKGZ
Match #825 Jul 21:24Daniel SantosPURDecisionKabil LahsenMAR


Date30 July 1996 — 14:42
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #130 Jul 14:42Marian SimionROUDecisionHasan AlDEN
Match #230 Jul 14:54Juan Hernández SierraCUBDecisionNurzhan SmanovKAZ
Match #330 Jul 21:12Oleg SaitovRUSDecisionKamel ChaterTUN
Match #430 Jul 21:24Daniel SantosPURDecisionNariman AtayevUZB


Date1 August 1996 — 21:12
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #101 Aug 21:12Juan Hernández SierraCUBDecisionMarian SimionROU
Match #201 Aug 21:24Oleg SaitovRUSDecisionDaniel SantosPUR

Final Round

Date3 August 1996 — 14:39
Match 1/203 Aug 14:39Oleg SaitovRUSDecisionJuan Hernández SierraCUB