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Floor Exercise, Women

Date7 – 16 August 2016
LocationArena Olímpica do Rio, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants82 from 46 countries

Once again there was talk of nobody other than the American Simone Biles taking her fourth gold in the final women’s event of the Rio competition. After all, she had won the world title in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and was the highest scoring qualifier. Perhaps her compatriot, and the defending Olympic champion, Aly Raisman could pose a threat, as she was the second best qualifier albeit 0.458 of a point behind Biles. The third best qualifier was the 2013 world silver medallist Vanessa Ferrari, one of two Italians in the final. Kseniya Afanasyeva was second at the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow and was a member of the Russian team that took gold at the 2016 European Championships, but a kidney infection forced her to pull out of the Olympics a few weeks before they started.

The fourth gymnast to take to the floor was Amy Tinkler, the youngest member of he entire GB team in Rio, having turned 16 in October 2015. She overtook Wang Yan’s 14.666 to move into first place with a 14.933. Suddenly, a week after taking exams at school back in England, she was sitting in the gold medal position at the Olympic Games, but realistically she knew that, with Biles still to go, she wouldn’t hold on to it. Indeed it was the American to go next and, with a near flawless performance, saw a score of 15.966. Aly Raisman was the penultimate gymnast and she moved into second place with 15.500 and now Tinkler had an anxious wait to see if the Italian Ferrari, the last to perform, would deprive her of her bronze medal. Ferrari set off with a good routine and looked as though she would snatch the medal from the young British girl, but she slightly lost her balance at the end of her routine and a long deliberation by the judges scored her 0.167 of a point less than Tinkler, a memorable bronze for the 16-year-old. The day belonged to Simone Biles, however, as she overtook Shannon Miller as the most successful American gymnast with a total of 19 world and Olympic medals. She also became only the fifth woman to win four gymnastic gold medals at one Olympics after greats Larysa Latynina 1956, Ágnes Keleti 1956, Vêra Cáslavská 1968, and Ecaterina Szabo in 1984. Biles helped the United States to win eight of the 11 women’s medals it was possible to win in Rio.

1391Simone BilesUSA15.733 (1)15.966 (1)Gold
2395Aly RaismanUSA15.275 (2)15.500 (2)Silver
3342Amy TinklerGBR14.600 (7)14.933 (3)Bronze
4356Vanessa FerrariITA14.866 (3)14.766 (4)
5327Wang YanCHN14.666 (6)14.666 (5)
6354Erika FasanaITA14.333 (10)14.533 (6)
7361Mai MurakamiJPN14.566 (8)14.533 (7)
8385Giulia SteingruberSUI14.666 (5)11.800 (8)
4 r1/2393Laurie HernandezUSA14.800 (4)
9 r1/2392Gabby DouglasUSA14.366 (9)
11 r1/2340Claudia FragapaneGBR14.333 (11)
12 r1/2345Pauline SchäferGER14.300 (12)
13 r1/2357Elisa MeneghiniITA14.233 (13)
14 r1/2378Cătălina PonorROU14.200 (14)
15 r1/2317Ellie BlackCAN14.133 (15)
16 r1/2325Shang ChunsongCHN14.100 (16)
17 r1/2380Aliya MustafinaRUS14.066 (17)
18 r1/2355Carlotta FerlitoITA14.033 (18)
19 r1/2316Flávia SaraivaBRA14.033 (19)
20 r1/2312Rebeca AndradeBRA14.033 (20)
21 r1/2362Aiko SugiharaJPN14.033 (21)
22 r1/2319Isabela OnyshkoCAN13.966 (22)
23 r1/2334Marine BrevetFRA13.933 (23)
24 r1/2308Rune HermansBEL13.900 (24)
25 r1/2383Seda TutkhalyanRUS13.875 (25)
26 r1/2318Shallon OlsenCAN13.866 (26)
27 r1/2371Lieke WeversNED13.850 (27)
28 r1/2366Alexa MorenoMEX13.833 (28)
29 r1/2344Kim BuiGER13.766 (29)
30 r1/2313Jade BarbosaBRA13.733 (30)
31 r1/2368Céline van GernerNED13.716 (31)
32 r1/2363Asuka TeramotoJPN13.700 (32)
33 r1/2336Oréane LechenaultFRA13.666 (33)
34 r1/2347Elisabeth SeitzGER13.666 (34)
35 r1/2341Ruby HarroldGBR13.633 (35)
36 r1/2367Eythora ThorsdottirNED13.633 (36)
37 r1/2309Gaëlle MysBEL13.566 (37)
38 r1/2321Rose WooCAN13.566 (38)
39 r1/2307Nina DerwaelBEL13.533 (39)
=40 r1/2323Fan YilinCHN13.500 (=40)
=40 r1/2369Vera van PolNED13.500 (=40)
42 r1/2387Emma LarssonSWE13.500 (42)
43 r1/2376Filipa MartinsPOR13.433 (43)
44 r1/2310Laura WaemBEL13.366 (44)
45 r1/2337Louise VanhilleFRA13.300 (45)
46 r1/2375Katarzyna Jurkowska-KowalskaPOL13.300 (46)
47 r1/2346Sophie SchederGER13.266 (47)
48 r1/2305Lisa EckerAUT13.266 (48)
49 r1/2360Sae MiyakawaJPN13.266 (49)
50 r1/2333Marine BoyerFRA13.233 (50)
51 r1/2359Toni-Ann WilliamsJAM13.200 (51)
52 r1/2329Ana ĐerekCRO13.200 (52)
53 r1/2379Angelina MelnikovaRUS13.200 (53)
54 r1/2374Ariana OrregoPER13.166 (54)
55 r1/2332Ana PérezESP13.133 (55)
56 r1/2390Anhelina KyslaUKR13.066 (56)
57 r1/2372Courtney McGregorNZL13.066 (57)
58 r1/2330Marcia VidiauxCUB13.066 (58)
59 r1/2386Barbora MokošováSVK13.033 (59)
60 r1/2353Irina SazonovaISL13.000 (60)
61 r1/2303Houry GebeshianARM12.900 (61)
62 r1/2349Ana Sofía GómezGUA12.900 (62)
63 r1/2373Isabella AmadoPAN12.866 (63)
64 r1/2350Zsófia KovácsHUN12.766 (64)
65 r1/2397Jessica LópezVEN12.733 (65)
66 r1/2389Tutya YılmazTUR12.733 (66)
67 r1/2304Larrissa MillerAUS12.733 (67)
68 r1/2365Lee Eun-JuKOR12.566 (68)
69 r1/2331Sherine El-ZeinyEGY12.533 (69)
70 r1/2388Marisa DickTTO12.533 (70)
71 r1/2377Hong Un-JongPRK12.533 (71)
72 r1/2339Ellie DownieGBR12.500 (72)
73 r1/2314Daniele HypólitoBRA12.400 (73)
74 r1/2382Darya SpiridonovaRUS12.033 (74)
75 r1/2351Dipa KarmakarIND12.033 (75)
76 r1/2302Ailen ValenteARG12.000 (76)
77 r1/2322Simona CastroCHI11.833 (77)
78 r1/2324Mao YiCHN11.700 (78)
79 r1/2352Ellis O'ReillyIRL11.666 (79)
80 r1/2301Farah BoufadeneALG11.100 (80)
81 r1/2311Kylie DicksonBLR10.766 (81)
82 r1/2328Catalina Elena EscobarCOL3.700 (82)

Qualification (7 August 2016 — 09:30)

Top eight (maximum two per nation) qualified for the final.

Difficulty Judge 1Trisha HadeAUS
Difficulty Judge 2Yelena DavydovaCAN
Execution Judge 1Sabrina KläsbergGER
Execution Judge 2Carmen BaslaITA
Execution Judge 3Radiye KizilgunSYR
Execution Judge 4Irina KatinienėLTU
Execution Judge 5Marina UlyankinaRUS
Execution Reference Judge 1Christina Frauenknecht-BergundthalSUI
Execution Reference Judge 2Johanna GrattAUT
Time JudgeLeda do NascimentoBRA
Line Judge 1Lisiane BergueBRA
Line Judge 2Adriana AlvésBRA
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScorePenalty
1Simone BilesUSA15.7336.8008.933Q
2Aly RaismanUSA15.2756.6008.675Q
3Vanessa FerrariITA14.8666.2008.666Q
4Laurie HernandezUSA14.8006.0008.800
5Giulia SteingruberSUI14.6666.2008.466Q
6Wang YanCHN14.6666.3008.366Q
7Amy TinklerGBR14.6006.3008.300Q
8Mai MurakamiJPN14.5666.2008.366Q
9Gabby DouglasUSA14.3666.1008.366-0.100
10Erika FasanaITA14.3336.1008.233Q
11Claudia FragapaneGBR14.3336.2008.133
12Pauline SchäferGER14.3005.7008.600
13Elisa MeneghiniITA14.2335.6008.633
14Cătălina PonorROU14.2005.9008.300
15Ellie BlackCAN14.1335.8008.333
16Shang ChunsongCHN14.1006.3007.800
17Aliya MustafinaRUS14.0665.7008.366
18Carlotta FerlitoITA14.0335.5008.533
19Flávia SaraivaBRA14.0335.6008.433
20Rebeca AndradeBRA14.0335.7008.333
21Aiko SugiharaJPN14.0335.8008.233
22Isabela OnyshkoCAN13.9665.8008.166
23Marine BrevetFRA13.9335.3008.633
24Rune HermansBEL13.9005.4008.500
25Seda TutkhalyanRUS13.8755.8008.075
26Shallon OlsenCAN13.8666.1007.766
27Lieke WeversNED13.8505.4008.450
28Alexa MorenoMEX13.8335.9007.933
29Kim BuiGER13.7665.6008.166
30Jade BarbosaBRA13.7335.9007.933-0.100
31Céline van GernerNED13.7165.1008.616
32Asuka TeramotoJPN13.7005.6008.100
33Oréane LechenaultFRA13.6665.2008.466
34Elisabeth SeitzGER13.6665.3008.366
35Ruby HarroldGBR13.6335.5008.133
36Eythora ThorsdottirNED13.6336.0007.633
37Gaëlle MysBEL13.5665.2008.366
38Rose WooCAN13.5665.4008.166
39Nina DerwaelBEL13.5335.2008.433-0.100
=40Fan YilinCHN13.5005.3008.200
=40Vera van PolNED13.5005.3008.200
42Emma LarssonSWE13.5005.7007.800
43Filipa MartinsPOR13.4335.3008.133
44Laura WaemBEL13.3664.9008.466
45Louise VanhilleFRA13.3005.1008.200
46Katarzyna Jurkowska-KowalskaPOL13.3005.2008.100
47Sophie SchederGER13.2665.1008.166
48Lisa EckerAUT13.2665.5007.766
49Sae MiyakawaJPN13.2666.3007.266-0.300
50Marine BoyerFRA13.2335.1008.133
51Toni-Ann WilliamsJAM13.2005.4007.800
52Ana ĐerekCRO13.2005.6007.700-0.100
53Angelina MelnikovaRUS13.2006.0007.200
54Ariana OrregoPER13.1665.1008.066
55Ana PérezESP13.1335.6007.533
56Anhelina KyslaUKR13.0665.2007.966-0.100
57Courtney McGregorNZL13.0665.3007.766
58Marcia VidiauxCUB13.0665.6007.466
59Barbora MokošováSVK13.0334.8008.233
60Irina SazonovaISL13.0005.2007.800
61Houry GebeshianARM12.9004.8008.100
62Ana Sofía GómezGUA12.9005.8007.500-0.400
63Isabella AmadoPAN12.8665.4007.466
64Zsófia KovácsHUN12.7665.5007.266
65Jessica LópezVEN12.7334.8007.933
66Tutya YılmazTUR12.7335.2007.633-0.100
67Larrissa MillerAUS12.7335.9006.833
68Lee Eun-JuKOR12.5664.7007.866
69Sherine El-ZeinyEGY12.5334.8007.733
70Marisa DickTTO12.5334.9007.633
71Hong Un-JongPRK12.5335.2007.333
72Ellie DownieGBR12.5005.4007.100
73Daniele HypólitoBRA12.4005.3007.200-0.100
74Darya SpiridonovaRUS12.0335.0007.333-0.300
75Dipa KarmakarIND12.0335.2007.133-0.300
76Ailen ValenteARG12.0004.9007.100
77Simona CastroCHI11.8334.9006.933
78Mao YiCHN11.7005.3007.000-0.600
79Ellis O'ReillyIRL11.6664.5007.466-0.300
80Farah BoufadeneALG11.1004.5007.000-0.400
81Kylie DicksonBLR10.7664.0007.066-0.300
82Catalina Elena EscobarCOL3.7001.5008.200-6.000

Final (16 August 2016 — 14:47)

Difficulty Judge 1Trisha HadeAUS
Difficulty Judge 2Yelena DavydovaCAN
Execution Judge 1Anabeth VargasPAN
Execution Judge 2Marianne Droingt AssadiFRA
Execution Judge 3Jitske VasbinderNED
Execution Judge 4Marina UlyankinaRUS
Execution Judge 5Maria Ratyńska-BuryPOL
Execution Reference Judge 1Vesna Stare CrnjacSLO
Execution Reference Judge 2Wendy CalderónURU
Time JudgeLeda do NascimentoBRA
Line Judge 1Lisiane BergueBRA
Line Judge 2Adriana AlvésBRA
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScorePenalty
1Simone BilesUSA15.9666.9009.066
2Aly RaismanUSA15.5006.6008.900
3Amy TinklerGBR14.9336.4008.533
4Vanessa FerrariITA14.7666.3008.466
5Wang YanCHN14.6666.3008.366
6Erika FasanaITA14.5336.1008.433
7Mai MurakamiJPN14.5336.3008.233
8Giulia SteingruberSUI11.8005.4006.700-0.300