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Trap, Men

Date16 – 17 September 2000 — 10:00
LocationSydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park, New South Wales
Participants41 from 29 countries

Australia’s Michael Diamond won the gold medal easily, becoming only the second trap shooter to defend an Olympic title, after Italy’s Luciano Giovannetti in 1980-84. Diamond won by five birds, the largest margin since the 1956 Olympic trap event. Diamond dedicated the gold medal to his father, who had died only four months before the Sydney Olympics. Diamond would also win a World Championship in trap, but not until 2007.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary RoundFinal
1Michael DiamondAUS147122 (1)147 (1)Gold
2Ian PeelGBR142118 (2)142 (2)Silver
3Giovanni PellieloITA140116 (=3)140 (3)Bronze
4Khaled Al-MudhafKUW139115 (=5)139 (4)
5Marco VenturiniITA138115 (=5)138 (5)
6David KosteleckýCZE138116 (=3)138 (6)
7Danilo CaroCOL115115 (=5)
8Christophe VicardFRA115115 (=5)
=9Aleksey AlipovRUS114114 (=9)
=9Thomas FichtnerGER114114 (=9)
=9George LearyCAN114114 (=9)
=9Zhang YongjieCHN114114 (=9)
=13Russell MarkAUS113113 (=13)
=13Conny PerssonSWE113113 (=13)
=13Waldemar SchanzGER113113 (=13)
=16Lance BadeUSA112112 (=16)
=16Josh LakatosUSA112112 (=16)
=18Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE111111 (=18)
=18Derek BurnettIRL111111 (=18)
=18Custódio EzequielPOR111111 (=18)
=18Rodolfo ViganòITA111111 (=18)
22David MaloneIRL110110 (22)
=23Jorge GuarnieriARG109109 (=23)
=23Zoran NovakovićBIH109109 (=23)
=23Frans SwartRSA109109 (=23)
=26Peter BodenGBR108108 (=26)
=26Francisco BozaPER108108 (=26)
=26João RebeloPOR108108 (=26)
=26Anwer SultanIND108108 (=26)
=30Stéphane ClamensFRA107107 (=30)
=30Oğuzhan TüzünTUR107107 (=30)
=32Francesco AmiciSMR106106 (=32)
=32Jiří GachCZE106106 (=32)
=32Sergey LyubomirovRUS106106 (=32)
=32Andraž LipoltSLO106106 (=32)
=32Frans PaceMLT106106 (=32)
37Brant WoodwardNZL105105 (37)
38Victor ShawNZL102102 (38)
=39Joe SalemLBN101101 (=39)
=39Joan TomasAND101101 (=39)
41João Paulo de SilvaANG9999 (41)

Preliminary Round

Date16 – 17 September 2000
Format125 targets in five series of 25. 125 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRound 1 PointsRound 2 PointsRound 3 PointsRound 4 PointsRound 5 Points
1Michael DiamondAUS1222324252525Q
2Ian PeelGBR1182324232325Q
=3Giovanni PellieloITA1162422242323Q
=3David KosteleckýCZE1162423232224Q
=5Khaled Al-MudhafKUW1152222232424Q
=5Marco VenturiniITA1152322232423Q
=5Danilo CaroCOL1152222232424
=5Christophe VicardFRA1152424202423
=9Aleksey AlipovRUS1142223232224
=9Thomas FichtnerGER1142322222522
=9George LearyCAN1142422232223
=9Zhang YongjieCHN1142419242423
=13Russell MarkAUS1132222212424
=13Conny PerssonSWE1132125212422
=13Waldemar SchanzGER1132219252324
=16Lance BadeUSA1122323202323
=16Josh LakatosUSA1122223222223
=18Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE1112321222223
=18Derek BurnettIRL1112323202223
=18Custódio EzequielPOR1112122222323
=18Rodolfo ViganòITA1112222242122
22David MaloneIRL1102123222321
=23Jorge GuarnieriARG1091921202425
=23Zoran NovakovićBIH1092022212125
=23Frans SwartRSA1092120242222
=26Peter BodenGBR1082022212223
=26Francisco BozaPER1082223192321
=26João RebeloPOR1082024212221
=26Anwer SultanIND1082220212322
=30Stéphane ClamensFRA1072120212322
=30Oğuzhan TüzünTUR1072421212021
=32Francesco AmiciSMR1062019242221
=32Jiří GachCZE1062022192223
=32Sergey LyubomirovRUS1062020212421
=32Andraž LipoltSLO1062320202122
=32Frans PaceMLT1061820222224
37Brant WoodwardNZL1052020192422
38Victor ShawNZL1021823212218
=39Joe SalemLBN1012120172122
=39Joan TomasAND1011921181924
41João Paulo de SilvaANG992119202118

Final Round

Date17 September 2000
FormatTop six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary Round PointsFinal Round PointsShoot-Off
1Michael DiamondAUS14712225
2Ian PeelGBR14211824
3Giovanni PellieloITA14011624
4Khaled Al-MudhafKUW13911524
5Marco VenturiniITA138115235
6David KosteleckýCZE138116224