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Pentathlon, Men

Date 7 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes
Participants30 from 17 countries
FormatAll compete in the first three events. The top 12 then advanced to the fourth event, the discus throw. The top six after that event then advanced to the final event, the 1,500 metres.

Eero Lehtonen defended his gold medal in this event, although he entered the final event, 1,500 metres, only one place ahead of Hungary’s Elemér Somfay. Lehtonen won the 1,500, Somfay second, to secure his gold medal. All his life Somfay believed that he had won the pentathlon in 1924. This was due to the fact that he believed he ran the 200 m in 22.8 seconds, which would have been enough to win. He protested with a written confirmation from one of the timekeepers, but the president of the Hungarian NOC was not interested in investigating the matter, and the protest was denied. According to his last will “Elemér Somfay Olympic Champion” was carved on his tomb. In the long jump section of the event, Bob LeGendre jumped 7.765 (25-5¼) for a world record. Had the event been scored by points tables, LeGendre would have won, but he placed only ninth in the javelin, which pushed him back to third place.

PosNrAthleteNOCPointsPoints (1912B Tables)Points (1985 Tables)Long JumpDiscus Throw200 metresJavelin Throw1,500 metres
1Eero LehtonenFIN143789.61534146.68050.9323.040.444:47.1Gold
2Elemér SomfayHUN163683.37533526.77052.0723.437.764:48.4Silver
3Bob LeGendreUSA183803.12535257.76548.0423.036.764:52.6Bronze
4Leo LeinoFIN233553.18032656.72054.1223.233.624:55.4
5Mort KaerUSA243235.02030356.96050.2023.032.705:38.6
6Hugo LahtinenFIN273488.18532346.89548.6623.636.084:55.6
7Brutus HamiltonUSA246.83048.9624.437.70
8Göran UngerSWE306.55048.4523.835.11
9Evert NilssonSWE356.40051.1725.033.45
10Dennis DuiganAUS392310.92525696.54545.6023.827.26
11Martin MølsterNOR392522.26523996.20047.9124.234.69
12Clifford ArgueUSA366.46041.8423.4
13Donald SlackGBR486.43034.1823.8
14Léon CourtejaireFRA491885.00018236.29047.5824.6
15Adolfo ContoliITA491789.90017585.99042.9823.8
16Roger VielFRA521756.85017385.92042.5823.8
17Gaston MédécinMON521592.37517016.49032.4324.0
18Harry de KeijserNED521813.97517836.19044.0724.2
19Josse RuthBEL556.38036.7824.2
20Albino PighiITA616.26039.8225.0
21Seiichi UedaJPN626.05047.4725.4
22Constant BucherSUI631643.27516886.17038.9524.4
23Bertil FasténSWE631663.95016565.98047.5825.8
24Aleksa SpahićYUG661386.40015566.32031.0025.0
25Antonín SvobodaTCH661467.85015385.37037.8824.0
26Fred ZinnerBEL725.88040.4525.2
27Percy SparkGBR795.29041.1927.0
28Stelios BenardisGRE835.34535.5826.2
DNFIivari YrjöläFIN6.25051.72
DNFGeorgios ZacharopoulosGRE5.48549.00
DNSJosef PoleseAUT
DNSAlexander WeilheimAUT
DNSHans VolckmarAUT
DNSDimitrios KarampatisGRE
DNSSylvio CatorHAI
DNSCarlo ButtiITA
DNSGiuseppe PalmieriITA
DNSFrantišek Fuhrherr-NovýTCH
DNSJiří SvobodaTCH