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Triple Jump, Men

Date 6 August 1936
LocationOlympiastadion, Reichssportfeld, Berlin
Participants31 from 19 countries
Olympic Record 15.72 WR / Chuhei Nanbu JPN / 4 August 1932

Since the mid-1920s the Japanese had been the acknowledged masters of this event, winning the last two gold medals. This would continue in 1936 with Japan taking gold and silver and placing all three jumpers in the top six. At the 1934 Far East Championships, Kenkichi Oshima had won the triple jump, with Masao Harada second. In the long jump Harada had also finished second, to Naoto Tajima. Those three constituted the Japanese triple jump contingent in Berlin. They would be challenged by Australian Jack Metcalfe, who had broken the world record in 1935. Metcalfe opened with 15.50 (50-10¼), but Tajima took the first round lead with 15.76 (51-8½), and that would be good enough for the gold medal. However, in round four, he broke the sand at 16.00 (52-6) for a world record, 22 centimetres beyong Winter’s mark. Harada moved into second with 15.66 (51-4½) in the final round. World War II would effectively end Japanese dominance in this event. In 1952 they had a jumper finish 6th and in 1956, two of their jumpers placed 7th and 8th, but no Japanese has won a medal in any major international competition since.

1396Naoto TajimaJPN– (NP)16.00 (1)GoldWR
2395Masao HaradaJPN– (NP)15.66 (2)Silver
337Jack MetcalfeAUS– (NP)15.50 (3)Bronze
4864Heinz WöllnerGER– (NP)15.27 (4)
5780Rolland RomeroUSA– (NP)15.08 (5)
6398Kenkichi OshimaJPN– (NP)15.07 (6)
7863Erich JochGER– (NP)14.88 (7)
8781Dudley WilkinsUSA– (NP)14.83 (8)
9178Olavi SuomelaFIN– (NP)14.72 (9)
10862Luz LongGER– (NP)14.62 (10)
11548Edward LuckhausPOL– (NP)14.61 (11)
12719Lajos SomlóHUN– (NP)14.60 (12)
13176Onni RajasaariFIN– (NP)14.59 (13)
14477Eugen HauglandNOR– (NP)14.56 (14)
15309Marten KlasemaNED– (NP)14.55 (15)
1639Basil DickinsonAUS– (NP)14.48 (16)
17779Billy BrownUSA– (NP)14.36 (17)
18596Bo LjungbergSWE– (NP)14.35 (18)
19595Lennart AnderssonSWE– (NP)14.26 (19)
2088Sam RichardsonCAN– (NP)14.21 (20)
21431Jovan MikićYUG– (NP)13.90 (21)
22323Sigurður SigurðssonISL– (NP)13.58 (22)
23508Karl KotratschekAUT– (NP)13.15 (23)
AC r1/297Juan RecciusCHI– (NP)
AC r1/2116Zhang JiakuiCHN– (NP)
AC r1/2118Situ GuangCHN– (NP)
AC r1/2114Wang ShilinCHN– (NP)
AC r1/2133Pedro del VecchioCOL– (NP)
AC r1/2286Eddie BoyceGBR– (NP)
AC r1/212Grigorios LambrakisGRE– (NP)
AC r1/2546Karol HoffmannPOL– (NP)
DNS509Erich PultarAUT
DNS142Ingvard AndersenDEN
DNS643Ignacio SánchezESP
DNS179Kalle IlovaaraFIN
DNS228André FranquenelleFRA
DNS432Stevan MiokovićYUG

Qualifying Round (6 August 1936 — 14:00)

All those reaching 14.00 metres advanced to the final.

NPNaoto TajimaJPNQ
NPMasao HaradaJPNQ
NPJack MetcalfeAUSQ
NPHeinz WöllnerGERQ
NPRolland RomeroUSAQ
NPKenkichi OshimaJPNQ
NPErich JochGERQ
NPDudley WilkinsUSAQ
NPOlavi SuomelaFINQ
NPEdward LuckhausPOLQ
NPLajos SomlóHUNQ
NPOnni RajasaariFINQ
NPEugen HauglandNORQ
NPMarten KlasemaNEDQ
NPBasil DickinsonAUSQ
NPBilly BrownUSAQ
NPBo LjungbergSWEQ
NPLennart AnderssonSWEQ
NPSam RichardsonCANQ
NPJovan MikićYUGQ
NPSigurður SigurðssonISLQ
NPKarl KotratschekAUTQ
NPZhang JiakuiCHN
NPEddie BoyceGBR
NPGrigorios LambrakisGRE
NPJuan RecciusCHI
NPKarol HoffmannPOL
NPSitu GuangCHN
NPPedro del VecchioCOL
NPWang ShilinCHN

Final Round (6 August 1936 — 16:30)

1396Naoto TajimaJPN16.0015.76×15.4416.0015.65×WR
2395Masao HaradaJPN15.6615.3915.4515.4215.5015.2715.66
337Jack MetcalfeAUS15.5015.50×14.6714.83×15.20
4864Heinz WöllnerGER15.2715.27××14.53×14.23
5780Rolland RomeroUSA15.0814.68×14.90×15.0815.04
6398Kenkichi OshimaJPN15.0715.07×××××
7863Erich JochGER14.8814.8814.5414.88
8781Dudley WilkinsUSA14.8314.83×14.83
9178Olavi SuomelaFIN14.7213.9814.7214.53
10862Luz LongGER14.6214.3114.62×
11548Edward LuckhausPOL14.6114.6114.1313.88
12719Lajos SomlóHUN14.60×14.1214.60
13176Onni RajasaariFIN14.5914.16×14.59
14477Eugen HauglandNOR14.56×14.5614.43
15309Marten KlasemaNED14.55×14.4314.55
1639Basil DickinsonAUS14.4814.4814.18×
17779Billy BrownUSA14.3614.2014.0814.36
18596Bo LjungbergSWE14.3514.3513.6214.28
19595Lennart AnderssonSWE14.26×14.26×
2088Sam RichardsonCAN14.2114.21××
21431Jovan MikićYUG13.9013.7113.4513.90
22323Sigurður SigurðssonISL13.5813.5513.5813.14
23508Karl KotratschekAUT13.1512.8713.1413.15