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1,500 metres, Women

Date5 – 8 August 1992
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants43 from 31 countries
Olympic Record 3:53.96 / Paula Ivan ROU / 1 October 1988

Algeria’s Hassiba Boulmerka had won the 1991 World Championships at this distance, but becoming a world-class runner had not been an easy task for her. A Muslim from Algeria, she was singled out by Islamic fundamentalists who considered it shameful for her to run with her “legs naked.” There were rumors of a possible assassination attempt in Barcelona if she ran. Supported by her parents she moved to Germany early in 1992 where she continued her training. The final was led out by Russian Lyudmila Rogachova with Boulmerka on her shoulder at 800 metres. They maintained those positions for the third lap, before Boulmerka pulled ahead just before the final turn. She held the lead to the finish for the gold medal, with Rogachova second. China’s Qu Yunxia placed third. In 1993 she would break the vaunted world record that had been set by Tatyana Kazankina in 1993. Trained by the Chinese martinet Ma Junren, who pushed his runners mercilessly at a high-altitude training camp, Qu and several other Chinese runners set startling world records at the 1993 Chinese National Championships. The marks were considered by many to be “too good.” It was known that Ma fed his runners an unusual diet of turtle soup extract, and an elixir containing products from caterpillars. But it was also rumored that he fed them other performance-enhancing agents as well. Most of those runners quickly disappeared from the world scene once drug testing came to China.

1Hassiba BoulmerkaALG4:09.91 (1 h1)4:03.81 (1 h1)3:55.30 (1)Gold
2553Lyudmila RogachovaEUN4:09.54 (4 h2)4:03.85 (2 h1)3:56.91 (2)Silver
3286Qu YunxiaCHN4:07.40 (1 h3)4:03.86 (3 h2)3:57.08 (3)Bronze
4500Tetiana DorovskikhEUN4:09.94 (2 h1)4:03.79 (1 h2)3:57.92 (4)
5282Liu LiCHN4:10.08 (6 h1)4:04.35 (4 h1)4:00.20 (5)
6455Maite ZúñigaESP4:07.82 (1 h2)4:04.00 (5 h2)4:00.59 (6)
71382Małgorzata RydzPOL4:09.47 (3 h2)4:03.83 (2 h2)4:01.91 (7)
8547Yekaterina PodkopayevaEUN4:07.55 (2 h3)4:03.93 (4 h2)4:02.03 (8)
91257Maria MutolaMOZ4:07.59 (3 h3)4:04.20 (3 h1)4:02.60 (9)
101751PattiSue PlumerUSA4:09.47 (10 h3)4:04.23 (6 h2)4:03.42 (10)
111453Elena FidatofROU4:10.00 (4 h1)4:04.55 (5 h1)4:06.44 (11)
AC r3/31461Doina MelinteROU4:08.58 (2 h2)4:04.42 (7 h2)– (AC)
6 h1 r2/3209Angela ChalmersCAN4:07.75 (6 h3)4:04.87 (6 h1)
7 h1 r2/31447Violeta BecleaROU4:07.60 (4 h3)4:05.46 (7 h1)
8 h1 r2/31561Letitia VriesdeSUR4:10.63 (5 h2)4:09.64 (8 h1)
8 h2 r2/3245Paula SchnurrCAN4:09.99 (3 h1)4:04.80 (8 h2)
9 h1 r2/3764Kirsty WadeGBR4:08.30 (8 h3)4:11.36 (9 h1)
9 h2 r2/31416Carla SacramentoPOR4:10.01 (5 h1)4:05.54 (9 h2)
10 h1 r2/31562Maria AkrakaSWE– (AC h2)4:14.30 (10 h1)
10 h2 r2/31031Fabia TrabaldoITA– (AC h2)4:06.05 (10 h2)
11 h1 r2/31364Anna BrzezińskaPOL4:08.35 (9 h3)4:15.53 (11 h1)
11 h2 r2/3960Sonia O'SullivanIRL4:07.70 (5 h3)4:06.24 (11 h2)
12 h1 r2/31713Regina JacobsUSA4:13.87 (7 h2)4:21.55 (12 h1)
12 h2 r2/31829Theresia KieslAUT4:07.81 (7 h3)4:07.46 (12 h2)
13 h1 r2/3628Marie-Pierre DurosFRA4:10.14 (7 h1)4:26.61 (13 h1)
13 h2 r2/3207Debbie BowkerCAN4:11.27 (6 h2)4:12.50 (13 h2)
8 h1 r1/3747Maxine NewmanGBR4:15.16 (8 h1)
8 h2 r1/31535Sriyani Dhammika ManikeSRI4:26.22 (8 h2)
9 h1 r1/31556Simone MeierSUI4:15.64 (9 h1)
9 h2 r1/31256Carol GaleaMLT4:33.41 (9 h2)
10 h1 r1/31139Susan SirmaKEN4:17.73 (10 h1)
10 h2 r1/3262Rosalie GanguéCHA5:06.31 (10 h2)
11 h1 r1/31706Suzy HamiltonUSA4:22.36 (11 h1)
11 h3 r1/3473Gete UrgeETH4:18.09 (11 h3)
12 h1 r1/31491Laurence NiyonsabaRWA4:24.87 (12 h1)
12 h3 r1/31269Khin Khin HtweMYA4:18.81 (12 h3)
13 h1 r1/31800Bigna SamuelVIN4:33.41 (13 h1)
13 h3 r1/3202Brigitte NganayeCAF4:33.57 (13 h3)
14 h1 r1/31179Mantokoane PitsoLES4:39.96 (14 h1)
14 h3 r1/317Ana Isabel EliasANG4:33.66 (14 h3)
15 h1 r1/31360Rosemary TurarePNG5:10.52 (15 h1)
AC h2 r1/3767Ann WilliamsGBR– (AC h2)
AC h2 r1/3818Ellen KießlingGER– (AC h2)
DNS385Janeth CaizalitínECU– (DNS h3)
DNS612Päivi TikkanenFIN– (DNS h2)

Round One (5 August 1992)

Top six in each heat and next six fastest advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:00)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
11Hassiba BoulmerkaALG4:09.91Q
211Tetiana DorovskikhEUN4:09.94Q
314Paula SchnurrCAN4:09.99Q
49Elena FidatofROU4:10.00Q
58Carla SacramentoPOR4:10.01Q
613Liu LiCHN4:10.08Q
76Marie-Pierre DurosFRA4:10.14q
83Maxine NewmanGBR4:15.16
910Simone MeierSUI4:15.64
107Susan SirmaKEN4:17.73
114Suzy HamiltonUSA4:22.36
1215Laurence NiyonsabaRWA4:24.87
1312Bigna SamuelVIN4:33.41
142Mantokoane PitsoLES4:39.96
155Rosemary TurarePNG5:10.52


400 m1:06.80Maxine Newman
800 m2:15.59Maxine Newman
1,200 m3:23.83Hassiba Boulmerka

Heat Two (10:10)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
11Maite ZúñigaESP4:07.82Q
26Doina MelinteROU4:08.58Q
315Małgorzata RydzPOL4:09.47Q
44Lyudmila RogachovaEUN4:09.54Q
514Letitia VriesdeSUR4:10.63Q
610Debbie BowkerCAN4:11.27Q
79Regina JacobsUSA4:13.87q
83Sriyani Dhammika ManikeSRI4:26.22
913Carol GaleaMLT4:33.41
1012Rosalie GanguéCHA5:06.31
AC8Ann WilliamsGBRDQ
AC11Fabia TrabaldoITAQCDNF1
AC2Maria AkrakaSWEQCDNF2
AC7Ellen KießlingGERDNF
DNS5Päivi TikkanenFIN


400 m1:10.39Fabia Trabaldo
800 m2:17.28Fabia Trabaldo
1,200 m3:21.99Fabia Trabaldo

Heat Three (10:20)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
18Qu YunxiaCHN4:07.40Q
211Yekaterina PodkopayevaEUN4:07.55Q
39Maria MutolaMOZ4:07.59Q
412Violeta BecleaROU4:07.60Q
51Sonia O'SullivanIRL4:07.70Q
63Angela ChalmersCAN4:07.75Q
77Theresia KieslAUT4:07.81q
815Kirsty WadeGBR4:08.30q
92Anna BrzezińskaPOL4:08.35q
104PattiSue PlumerUSA4:09.47q
1110Gete UrgeETH4:18.09
126Khin Khin HtweMYA4:18.81
135Brigitte NganayeCAF4:33.57
1413Ana Isabel EliasANG4:33.66
DNS14Janeth CaizalitínECU


400 m1:07.84Angela Chalmers
800 m2:16.11Angela Chalmers
1,200 m3:21.85Angela Chalmers

Semi-Finals (6 August 1992)

Top five in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:20)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
110Hassiba BoulmerkaALG4:03.81Q
212Lyudmila RogachovaEUN4:03.85Q
33Maria MutolaMOZ4:04.20Q
45Liu LiCHN4:04.35Q
52Elena FidatofROU4:04.55Q
61Angela ChalmersCAN4:04.87
77Violeta BecleaROU4:05.46
86Letitia VriesdeSUR4:09.64
94Kirsty WadeGBR4:11.36
1013Maria AkrakaSWE4:14.30
119Anna BrzezińskaPOL4:15.53
1211Regina JacobsUSA4:21.55
138Marie-Pierre DurosFRA4:26.61


400 m1:08.16Kirsty Wade
800 m2:14.00Kirsty Wade
1,200 m3:17.87Liu Li

Heat Two (19:29)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
16Tetiana DorovskikhEUN4:03.79Q
28Małgorzata RydzPOL4:03.83Q
311Qu YunxiaCHN4:03.86Q
44Yekaterina PodkopayevaEUN4:03.93Q
512Maite ZúñigaESP4:04.00Q
63PattiSue PlumerUSA4:04.23q
72Doina MelinteROU4:04.42q
810Paula SchnurrCAN4:04.80
97Carla SacramentoPOR4:05.54
1013Fabia TrabaldoITA4:06.05
115Sonia O'SullivanIRL4:06.24
129Theresia KieslAUT4:07.46
131Debbie BowkerCAN4:12.50


400 m1:05.37PattiSue Plumer
800 m2:11.81PattiSue Plumer
1,200 m3:18.16PattiSue Plumer

Final (8 August 1992 — 19:50)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
15Hassiba BoulmerkaALG3:55.30
22Lyudmila RogachovaEUN3:56.91
38Qu YunxiaCHN3:57.08
410Tetiana DorovskikhEUN3:57.92
56Liu LiCHN4:00.20
67Maite ZúñigaESP4:00.59
74Małgorzata RydzPOL4:01.91
81Yekaterina PodkopayevaEUN4:02.03
912Maria MutolaMOZ4:02.60
109PattiSue PlumerUSA4:03.42
1111Elena FidatofROU4:06.44
AC3Doina MelinteROUDNF


400 m1:00.66Lyudmila Rogachova
800 m2:05.02Lyudmila Rogachova
1,200 m3:09.88Lyudmila Rogachova