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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date20 – 21 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants51 from 36 countries

The best butterflyer in the world for the last 5-6 years was American Pablo Morales. But he shockingly failed to make the US team at the Olympic Trials. This left his teammate Matt Biondi in the favorite’s role in Seoul. Biondi was attempting to emulate Mark Spitz and win seven gold medals, but the night before this final, the 1988 Olympics had started poorly for him when he won “only” a bronze medal in the 200 free.

In the butterfly final, Biondi went out ahead well ahead to the wall. He led the race until the last stroke, but as he neared the wall, he was between strokes and elected to kick in, only to be slightly farther out than he realized, and this allowed Suriname’s Anthony Nesty to pass him and win the gold medal by 1/100th of a second. Nesty was not unknown, having placed fourth at the 1986 World Championships, and winning gold at the 1987 Pan American Games, but this was an upset, and it was the first Olympic medal ever won for Suriname, and also made Nesty the first black swimmer to win an Olympic gold medal.

Nesty had trained and lived and went to college in the United States for several years. But he considered Suriname home and returned to a hero’s welcome, being showered with gifts. He would return to Barcelona four years hence and add a bronze medal in this event. Biondi recovered fairly well from his poor start in Seoul, winning five golds in his last five races.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Anthony NestySUR53.50 (1 h6)53.00 (1)Gold
2Matt BiondiUSA53.46 (1 h7)53.01 (2)Silver
3Andy JamesonGBR53.34 (1 h5)53.30 (3)Bronze
4Jon SiebenAUS53.85 (3 h7)53.33 (4)
5Michael GroßFRG53.78 (2 h7)53.44 (5)
6Jay MortensonUSA54.44 (3 h6)54.07 (6)
7Tom PontingCAN54.31 (2 h5)54.09 (7)
8Vadim YaroshchukURS54.17 (2 h6)54.60 (8)
9Shen JianqiangCHN54.86 (7 h5)54.52 (1)
10Anthony MosseNZL54.63 (3 h5)54.63 (2)
11Benny NielsenDEN54.52 (4 h7)54.77 (3)
12Vlastimil CernyCAN54.66 (4 h5)54.79 (4)
13Rafał SzukałaPOL54.83 (6 h5)54.80 (5)
14Hiroshi MiuraJPN54.82 (5 h7)54.98 (6)
15Zheng JianCHN54.69 (5 h5)55.05 (7)
16Neil CochranGBR54.75 (4 h6)55.22 (8)
17Martin HerrmannFRG55.20 (6 h7)
18José Luis BallesterESP55.27 (5 h6)
19Frank DrostNED55.38 (7 h7)
20David WilsonAUS55.54 (1 h4)
21Robert WolfTCH55.73 (8 h7)
22Leonardo MichelottiITA55.83 (6 h6)
23Konstantin PetrovURS55.84 (7 h6)
24Yukinori TanakaJPN56.19 (2 h4)
25Ross AndersonNZL56.31 (3 h4)
26Eduardo PoliBRA56.37 (4 h4)
27Ludovic DépickèreFRA56.47 (8 h6)
28Valerio GiambalvoITA56.57 (8 h5)
29Reinhold LeitnerAUT56.72 (1 h2)
30Théophile DavidSUI56.77 (5 h4)
31Eric BuhainPHI57.17 (1 h3)
32Vladimir RibeiroBRA57.25 (2 h3)
33Mabílio AlbuquerquePOR57.30 (2 h2)
34Paul YelleBAR57.36 (1 h1)
35Ang Peng SiongSGP57.41 (6 h4)
36Theodoros GriniazakisGRE57.56 (3 h3)
37Paulo CamachoPOR57.62 (4 h3)
38Park Yeong-CheolKOR57.74 (5 h3)
39Tsang Yi MingHKG57.84 (6 h3)
40Urbano ZeaMEX57.89 (3 h2)
41Carlos RomoMEX58.04 (7 h4)
42Pedro LimaANG59.21 (4 h2)
43Graham ThompsonZIM1:00.13 (5 h2)
44Kristan SingletonISV1:00.97 (6 h2)
45William ClevelandISV1:01.10 (7 h2)
46Sergio FafitineMOZ1:01.15 (2 h1)
47Plutarco CastellanosHON1:02.69 (3 h1)
48Salam Mohamed Abdul SalamBAN1:03.69 (4 h1)
49Mohamed Bin AbidUAE1:06.25 (5 h1)
50Trevor NcalaSWZ1:06.85 (6 h1)
51Jorge GomesANG1:09.60 (7 h1)
DNSMichael AdamAUT– (DNS h4)
DNSSalvador VassalloPUR– (DNS h1)
DNSOon Jin GeeSGP– (DNS h2)
DNSMatjaž KozeljYUG– (DNS h3)

Round One (20 September 1988 — 9:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

12Paul YelleBAR57.36
27Sergio FafitineMOZ1:01.15
36Plutarco CastellanosHON1:02.69
44Salam Mohamed Abdul SalamBAN1:03.69
55Mohamed Bin AbidUAE1:06.25
68Trevor NcalaSWZ1:06.85
73Jorge GomesANG1:09.60
DNS1Salvador VassalloPUR

Heat Two

15Reinhold LeitnerAUT56.72
23Mabílio AlbuquerquePOR57.30
36Urbano ZeaMEX57.89
47Pedro LimaANG59.21
52Graham ThompsonZIM1:00.13
61Kristan SingletonISV1:00.97
78William ClevelandISV1:01.10
DNS4Oon Jin GeeSGP

Heat Three

14Eric BuhainPHI57.17
23Vladimir RibeiroBRA57.25
36Theodoros GriniazakisGRE57.56
48Paulo CamachoPOR57.62
57Park Yeong-CheolKOR57.74
62Tsang Yi MingHKG57.84
DNS1Matjaž KozeljYUG

Heat Four

13David WilsonAUS55.54
26Yukinori TanakaJPN56.19
35Ross AndersonNZL56.31
47Eduardo PoliBRA56.37
52Théophile DavidSUI56.77
61Ang Peng SiongSGP57.41
78Carlos RomoMEX58.04
DNS4Michael AdamAUT

Heat Five

14Andy JamesonGBR53.34Q
25Tom PontingCAN54.31Q
31Anthony MosseNZL54.63q
43Vlastimil CernyCAN54.66q
56Zheng JianCHN54.69q
67Rafał SzukałaPOL54.83q
72Shen JianqiangCHN54.86q
88Valerio GiambalvoITA56.57

Heat Six

13Anthony NestySUR53.50Q
25Vadim YaroshchukURS54.17Q
34Jay MortensonUSA54.44Q
46Neil CochranGBR54.75q
51José Luis BallesterESP55.27
68Leonardo MichelottiITA55.83
72Konstantin PetrovURS55.84
87Ludovic DépickèreFRA56.47

Heat Seven

14Matt BiondiUSA53.46Q
25Michael GroßFRG53.78Q
33Jon SiebenAUS53.85Q
46Benny NielsenDEN54.52q
52Hiroshi MiuraJPN54.82q
68Martin HerrmannFRG55.20
71Frank DrostNED55.38
87Robert WolfTCH55.73

B Final (21 September 1988 — 12:00)

18Shen JianqiangCHN54.52
25Anthony MosseNZL54.63
34Benny NielsenDEN54.77
43Vlastimil CernyCAN54.79
51Rafał SzukałaPOL54.80
67Hiroshi MiuraJPN54.98
76Zheng JianCHN55.05
82Neil CochranGBR55.22

Final (21 September 1988 — 12:00)

13Anthony NestySUR53.00OR
25Matt BiondiUSA53.01
34Andy JamesonGBR53.30
42Jon SiebenAUS53.33
56Michael GroßFRG53.44
68Jay MortensonUSA54.07
71Tom PontingCAN54.09
87Vadim YaroshchukURS54.60