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Épée, Individual, Men

Date20 – 23 August 1920
LocationRoyal Beerschot Tennis & Hockey Club, Antwerpen / Floraliën, Middelheimpark, Antwerpen
Participants80 from 13 countries

Each nation was allowed a maximum of eight entries. Bouts were for one touch with double touches counting as double losses. There is no record of barrage bouts being fenced, so they might have used the same system that was used in 1912. If there was a tie in the number of victories and the number of fencers who were tied was greater than the number who could qualify, the tie was resolved by using the results of the tied fencers in their bouts with each other as if another pool had been fenced. For example, if Fencer A and Fencer B were tied with 4 victories for fifth place in the pool but only five qualified and Fencer A had beaten Fencer B in the pool, then he would be the one promoted.

The organizers set up a fencing area by the stadium but it had no covering. Because it was raining, the competition was held instead in Middelheim, about 45 minutes away from the stadium, where they had installed linoleum pistes indoors for the foil events.

This was the only fencing event at the 1920 Olympics at which Nedo Nadi did not win a gold medal. The event was won by France’s Armand Massard. Massard returned again in 1924 at Paris, finishing fifth in individual épée. The 1919 Inter-Allied épée had been won by France’s E. H. Laurent, who did not compete at Antwerp. The runner-up in 1919 was Portugal’s Jorge de Paiva, who made the finals in Antwerp, but finished last of the finalists.

1Armand MassardFRAGold
2Alexandre LippmannFRASilver
3Gustave BuchardFRABronze
4Ernest GeversBEL
5Georges CasanovaFRA
=6Louis MoreauFRA
=6António de MenezesPOR
=6Abelardo OlivierITA
9Gustaf LindblomSWE
=10Charles DelporteBEL
=10Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL
12Jorge PaivaPOR
7 p2 r3/4Georges TrombertFRA
=7 p1 r3/4Frédéric DubourdieuFRA
=7 p1 r3/4Fernand de MontignyBEL
=7 p1 r3/4Dino UrbaniITA
=8 p2 r3/4Nils HellstenSWE
=8 p2 r3/4Arie de JongNED
=10 p1 r3/4Fernando CorreiaPOR
=10 p1 r3/4William RussellUSA
=10 p2 r3/4Henry BreckinridgeUSA
=10 p2 r3/4Maurice de WéeBEL
12 p1 r3/4Ejnar LevisonDEN
12 p2 r3/4João SassettiPOR
7 p4 r2/4Henrique da SilveiraPOR
=7 p1 r2/4Tullio BozzaITA
=7 p1 r2/4Joseph De CraeckerBEL
=7 p2 r2/4Rui MayerPOR
=7 p2 r2/4Ahmed Mohamed HassaneinEGY
=7 p2 r2/4Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED
=7 p3 r2/4Evangelos SkotidasGRE
=7 p3 r2/4Giovanni CanovaITA
=7 p3 r2/4Roger DucretFRA
=8 p4 r2/4Wouter BrouwerNED
=8 p4 r2/4Édouard FittingSUI
=8 p4 r2/4Victor BoinBEL
9 p1 r2/4Poul RasmussenDEN
10 p1 r2/4Roland WilloughbyGBR
10 p2 r2/4Carl GripenstedtSWE
10 p3 r2/4Aage BerntsenDEN
11 p1 r2/4Otakar ŠvorčíkTCH
11 p2 r2/4Josef JungmannTCH
11 p3 r2/4S. AntonidasGRE
11 p4 r2/4Robin DalglishGBR
12 p3 r2/4Jan van der WielNED
5 p9 r1/4O. H. BærentzenDEN
6 p1 r1/4Jack BlakeGBR
6 p2 r1/4Kay SchrøderDEN
6 p4 r1/4Frederico ParedesPOR
6 p5 r1/4Eugène EmpeytaSUI
6 p6 r1/4Knut EnellSWE
6 p7 r1/4Aldo BoniITA
6 p8 r1/4David WarholmSWE
6 p9 r1/4Albert de TriboletSUI
7 p5 r1/4Martin HoltGBR
7 p6 r1/4Léon TomBEL
7 p7 r1/4Salomon ZeldenrustNED
7 p8 r1/4Ronald CampbellGBR
7 p9 r1/4Manuel QueirózPOR
=7 p1 r1/4Paolo, Conte Thaon Di RevelITA
=7 p1 r1/4Willem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
=7 p1 r1/4Ivan OsiierDEN
=7 p2 r1/4Frédéric FittingSUI
=7 p2 r1/4Bertil UgglaSWE
=7 p3 r1/4John DimondUSA
=7 p3 r1/4Hans TörnblomSWE
=7 p4 r1/4Ray DutcherUSA
=7 p4 r1/4Louis DelaunoijNED
=7 p4 r1/4Robert MontgomerieGBR
8 p6 r1/4George BurtGBR
8 p7 r1/4Barry NotleyGBR
8 p8 r1/4Henri JacquetSUI
8 p9 r1/4Félix VigevenoNED
=8 p5 r1/4Vasilios ZarkadisGRE
=8 p5 r1/4Georg HegnerDEN
9 p7 r1/4Einar RåbergSWE
9 p8 r1/4Vilém TvrzskýTCH
9 p9 r1/4Leon SchoonmakerUSA
10 p1 r1/4Jan ČernohorskýTCH
10 p4 r1/4Josef JavůrekTCH
DNSArthur LyonUSA
DNSJaroslav TučekTCH
DNSFrantišek DvořákTCH
DNSBrooks ParkerUSA
DNSRobert SearsUSA

Round 1 (20 August 1920 — 09:00)

Top five finishers in each pool advanced to second round.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL8Q
2João SassettiPOR6Q
=3Roger DucretFRA5Q
=3Gustaf LindblomSWE5Q
5S. AntonidasGRE4Q
6Jack BlakeGBR4
=7Paolo, Conte Thaon Di RevelITA3
=7Willem Hubert van BlijenburghNED3
=7Ivan OsiierDEN3
10Jan ČernohorskýTCH1

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Jan van der WielNED5Q
=2Evangelos SkotidasGRE4Q
=2Maurice de WéeBEL4Q
=2António de MenezesPOR4Q
5Roland WilloughbyGBR3Q
6Kay SchrøderDEN3
=7Frédéric FittingSUI2
=7Bertil UgglaSWE2
DNSArthur LyonUSA
DNSJaroslav TučekTCH

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
=1Fernando CorreiaPOR5Q
=1Georges TrombertFRA5Q
=3Victor BoinBEL4Q
=3Ejnar LevisonDEN4Q
5Wouter BrouwerNED3Q
6Abelardo OlivierITA3
=7John DimondUSA2
=7Hans TörnblomSWE2
DNSFrantišek DvořákTCH

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Frédéric DubourdieuFRA7Q
2Poul RasmussenDEN6Q
3Édouard FittingSUI6Q
4Ernest GeversBEL5Q
5Carl GripenstedtSWE4Q
6Frederico ParedesPOR4
=7Ray DutcherUSA3
=7Louis DelaunoijNED3
=7Robert MontgomerieGBR3
10Josef JavůrekTCH2

Pool 5

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Nils HellstenSWE6Q
2Rui MayerPOR5Q
3Joseph De CraeckerBEL4Q
4Otakar ŠvorčíkTCH4Q
5Alexandre LippmannFRA4Q
6Eugène EmpeytaSUI3
7Martin HoltGBR3
=8Vasilios ZarkadisGRE1
=8Georg HegnerDEN1
DNSBrooks ParkerUSA

Pool 6

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Gustave BuchardFRA6Q
2Tullio BozzaITA5Q
3Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED4Q
4Aage BerntsenDEN3Q
5William RussellUSA3Q
6Knut EnellSWE2
7Léon TomBEL2
8George BurtGBR1

Pool 7

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
=1Henry BreckinridgeUSA6Q
=1Louis MoreauFRA6Q
=1Charles DelporteBEL6Q
4Jorge PaivaPOR5Q
5Josef JungmannTCH4Q
6Aldo BoniITA3
7Salomon ZeldenrustNED3
8Barry NotleyGBR2
9Einar RåbergSWE0

Pool 8

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Fernand de MontignyBEL7Q
=2Georges CasanovaFRA6Q
=2Arie de JongNED6Q
4Henrique da SilveiraPOR5Q
5Giovanni CanovaITA3Q
6David WarholmSWE3
7Ronald CampbellGBR3
8Henri JacquetSUI2
9Vilém TvrzskýTCH1
DNSRobert SearsUSA

Pool 9

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Armand MassardFRA6Q
=2Dino UrbaniITA5Q
=2Ahmed Mohamed HassaneinEGY5Q
4Robin DalglishGBR4Q
5O. H. BærentzenDEN4Q
6Albert de TriboletSUI3
7Manuel QueirózPOR3
8Félix VigevenoNED2
9Leon SchoonmakerUSA0

Quarter-Finals (22 August 1920)

Top six finishers in each pool advanced to round three.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Georges TrombertFRA8Q
2Gustaf LindblomSWE7Q
3Jorge PaivaPOR7Q
4Arie de JongNED6Q
5Louis MoreauFRA6Q
6Charles DelporteBEL5Q
=7Tullio BozzaITA5
=7Joseph De CraeckerBEL5
9Poul RasmussenDEN4
10Roland WilloughbyGBR2
11Otakar ŠvorčíkTCH1

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Abelardo OlivierITA7Q
2Armand MassardFRA6Q
=3Frédéric DubourdieuFRA6Q
=3Fernando CorreiaPOR6Q
=5Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL5Q
=5Henry BreckinridgeUSA5Q
=7Rui MayerPOR4
=7Ahmed Mohamed HassaneinEGY4
=7Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED4
10Carl GripenstedtSWE3
11Josef JungmannTCH1

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1João SassettiPOR8Q
2António de MenezesPOR7Q
=3William RussellUSA6Q
=3Ernest GeversBEL6Q
=3Gustave BuchardFRA6Q
=3Maurice de WéeBEL6Q
=7Evangelos SkotidasGRE5
=7Giovanni CanovaITA5
=7Roger DucretFRA5
10Aage BerntsenDEN4
11S. AntonidasGRE3
12Jan van der WielNED1

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Nils HellstenSWE8Q
2Alexandre LippmannFRA7Q
=3Ejnar LevisonDEN6Q
=3Dino UrbaniITA6Q
=3Fernand de MontignyBEL6Q
=3Georges CasanovaFRA6Q
7Henrique da SilveiraPOR4
=8Wouter BrouwerNED3
=8Édouard FittingSUI3
=8Victor BoinBEL3
11Robin DalglishGBR1

Semi-Finals (22 August 1920 — 09:00)

Top six finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Georges CasanovaFRA9Q
2António de MenezesPOR7Q
=3Armand MassardFRA6Q
=3Gustaf LindblomSWE6Q
=5Charles DelporteBEL4Q
=5Alexandre LippmannFRA4Q
=7Frédéric DubourdieuFRA4
=7Fernand de MontignyBEL4
=7Dino UrbaniITA4
=10Fernando CorreiaPOR2
=10William RussellUSA2
12Ejnar LevisonDEN0

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Ernest GeversBEL7Q
=2Gustave BuchardFRA6Q
=2Louis MoreauFRA6Q
=2Jorge PaivaPOR6Q
=2Abelardo OlivierITA6Q
=2Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL6Q
7Georges TrombertFRA6
=8Nils HellstenSWE4
=8Arie de JongNED4
=10Henry BreckinridgeUSA3
=10Maurice de WéeBEL3
12João SassettiPOR2

Final Pool (23 August 1920 — 09:30)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Won
1Armand MassardFRA9
2Alexandre LippmannFRA7
3Gustave BuchardFRA6
4Ernest GeversBEL6
5Georges CasanovaFRA5
=6Louis MoreauFRA5
=6António de MenezesPOR5
=6Abelardo OlivierITA5
9Gustaf LindblomSWE4
=10Charles DelporteBEL3
=10Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL3
12Jorge PaivaPOR2