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200 metres Backstroke, Women

Date31 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants43 from 30 countries

Swimming rules for backstroke were slightly different in 1992, as no hand touch was required at the turn, a rule put into effect in March 1991. But that did not bother the defending gold medalist, Krisztina Egerszegi (HUN), who had dominated the backstroke since Seoul. She held the world record in both events, and had won them both at the 1991 World and European Championships, and already had a gold medal in Barcelona, in the 400 IM.

If there was any doubt Egerszegi erased it in qualifying, leading American Lea Loveless by almost four full seconds. The final was a bit closer, but not much, as she won by 2.4 seconds over Germany’s Dagmar Hase, who three days earlier had won a surprising gold medal in the 400 freestyle over Janet Evans. The bronze went to Australian Nicole Stevenson, silver medalist in both backstrokes at the 1991 Pan Pacific meet.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Krisztina EgerszegiHUN2:07.34 (1 h6)2:07.06 (1)Gold
2Dagmar HaseGER2:11.52 (2 h6)2:09.46 (2)Silver
3Nicole StevensonAUS2:12.32 (1 h5)2:10.20 (3)Bronze
4Lea LovelessUSA2:11.32 (1 h4)2:11.54 (4)
5Anna SimcicNZL2:12.99 (3 h6)2:11.99 (5)
6Tünde SzabóHUN2:13.81 (3 h4)2:12.94 (6)
7Sylvia PollCRC2:11.66 (2 h4)2:12.97 (7)
8Leigh HablerAUS2:13.44 (4 h6)2:13.68 (8)
9Marion ZollerGER2:14.53 (4 h4)2:13.77 (1)
10Joanne DeakinsGBR2:14.34 (3 h5)2:13.91 (2)
11Junko TorikaiJPN2:16.13 (6 h5)2:15.20 (3)
12Lin LiCHN2:15.87 (6 h6)2:15.38 (4)
13Lorenza VigaraniITA2:15.49 (4 h5)2:16.21 (5)
14Nina ZhivanevskayaEUN2:14.34 (5 h6)2:17.61 (6)
15Noriko InadaJPN2:15.74 (5 h5)2:17.68 (7)
16Nathalie WunderlichSUI2:16.07 (1 h3)2:19.70 (8)
17Janie WagstaffUSA2:13.91 (2 h5)1
18Núria CastellóESP2:16.24 (5 h4)
19Akiko ThomsonPHI2:16.44 (1 h2)
20Francesca SalvalajoITA2:16.89 (7 h6)
21Kathy ReadGBR2:17.15 (6 h4)
22Ellen ElzermanNED2:17.34 (7 h4)
23Nikki DrydenCAN2:17.54 (7 h5)
24Ana BarrosPOR2:17.59 (2 h3)
25Beth HazelCAN2:17.70 (8 h5)
26Małgorzata GalwasPOL2:17.73 (3 h3)
27Rita GarayPUR2:18.10 (4 h3)
28Lee Chang-HaKOR2:18.33 (2 h2)
29Claudia StănescuROU2:18.39 (5 h3)
30Helena StrakováTCH2:18.44 (6 h3)
31Lu BinCHN2:18.51 (8 h6)
32Jill BrukmanRSA2:18.56 (3 h2)
33Nataliya ShibayevaEUN2:20.54 (8 h4)
34Cristina ReyESP2:20.75 (7 h3)
35Michelle SmithIRL2:21.37 (4 h2)
36Mariya KochevaBUL2:21.79 (1 h1)
37Darija AlaufIOA2:22.07 (2 h1)
38Marta WłodkowskaPOL2:22.86 (5 h2)
39Storme MoodieZIM2:23.26 (3 h1)
40Sarah MurphyZIM2:24.58 (4 h1)
41Tanja GodinaSLO2:25.31 (6 h2)
42Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA2:26.32 (5 h1)
43Ana FortínHON2:27.33 (6 h1)

Round One (31 July 1992 — 11:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Mariya KochevaBUL2:21.79
27Darija AlaufIOA2:22.07
36Storme MoodieZIM2:23.26
43Sarah MurphyZIM2:24.58
55Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA2:26.32
62Ana FortínHON2:27.33

Heat Two

17Akiko ThomsonPHI2:16.44
24Lee Chang-HaKOR2:18.33
36Jill BrukmanRSA2:18.56
45Michelle SmithIRL2:21.37
53Marta WłodkowskaPOL2:22.86
62Tanja GodinaSLO2:25.31

Heat Three

15Nathalie WunderlichSUI2:16.07q
21Ana BarrosPOR2:17.59
37Małgorzata GalwasPOL2:17.73
46Rita GarayPUR2:18.10
54Claudia StănescuROU2:18.39
63Helena StrakováTCH2:18.44
72Cristina ReyESP2:20.75

Heat Four

14Lea LovelessUSA2:11.32Q
28Sylvia PollCRC2:11.66Q
35Tünde SzabóHUN2:13.81Q
46Marion ZollerGER2:14.53q
51Núria CastellóESP2:16.24
63Kathy ReadGBR2:17.15
77Ellen ElzermanNED2:17.34
82Nataliya ShibayevaEUN2:20.54

Heat Five

15Nicole StevensonAUS2:12.32Q
24Janie WagstaffUSA2:13.91q
36Joanne DeakinsGBR2:14.34q
43Lorenza VigaraniITA2:15.49q
58Noriko InadaJPN2:15.74q
61Junko TorikaiJPN2:16.13
72Nikki DrydenCAN2:17.54
87Beth HazelCAN2:17.70

Heat Six

14Krisztina EgerszegiHUN2:07.34QOR
23Dagmar HaseGER2:11.52Q
35Anna SimcicNZL2:12.99Q
42Leigh HablerAUS2:13.44Q
56Nina ZhivanevskayaEUN2:14.34q
67Lin LiCHN2:15.87q
71Francesca SalvalajoITA2:16.89
88Lu BinCHN2:18.51

B Final (31 July 1992 — 19:30)

13Marion ZollerGER2:13.77
24Joanne DeakinsGBR2:13.91
38Junko TorikaiJPN2:15.20
47Lin LiCHN2:15.38
56Lorenza VigaraniITA2:16.21
65Nina ZhivanevskayaEUN2:17.61
72Noriko InadaJPN2:17.68
81Nathalie WunderlichSUI2:19.70

Final (31 July 1992 — 19:30)

14Krisztina EgerszegiHUN2:07.06OR
23Dagmar HaseGER2:09.46
32Nicole StevensonAUS2:10.20
45Lea LovelessUSA2:11.54
57Anna SimcicNZL2:11.99
68Tünde SzabóHUN2:12.94
76Sylvia PollCRC2:12.97
81Leigh HablerAUS2:13.68