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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date27 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants39 from 28 countries

At the US Olympic Trials Anita Nall had broken the world record in both the prelims and the final, and came to Barcelona as a slight favorite in an event that was relatively wide-open. In the final in Barcelona she led at the start, had a bodylength by 50 metres, and still had one second on the field at 150 metres. But then Japan’s Kyoko Iwasaki closed quickly, passing Nall near the wall and winning the gold medal. Iwasaki had only turned 14 a few days before this event started. Nall was also passed for silver by China’s Lin Li. Lin won two other individual medals in Barcelona in the IMs, with silver in the longer race, and gold in the 200. Iwasaki became the youngest swimming gold medalist in Olympic history, a mark that still stands through 2008.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Kyoko IwasakiJPN2:27.78 (2 h5)2:26.65 (1)Gold
2Lin LiCHN2:29.99 (5 h5)2:26.85 (2)Silver
3Anita NallUSA2:27.77 (1 h5)2:26.88 (3)Bronze
4Alena RudkouskayaEUN2:28.24 (1 h3)2:28.47 (4)
5Guylaine CloutierCAN2:29.01 (3 h5)2:29.88 (5)
6Nathalie GiguèreCAN2:29.71 (4 h5)2:30.11 (6)
7Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:30.75 (2 h3)2:31.21 (7)
8Alicja PęczakPOL2:30.78 (1 h4)2:31.76 (8)
9Gabriella CsépeHUN2:32.04 (6 h5)2:31.15 (1)
10Daniela BrendelGER2:32.09 (3 h4)2:32.05 (2)
11Audrey GuéritFRA2:32.33 (4 h4)2:32.10 (3)
12Sam RileyAUS2:32.09 (3 h3)2:32.63 (4)
13Kyoko KasuyaJPN2:32.55 (5 h3)2:32.97 (5)
14Jill JohnsonUSA2:30.80 (2 h4)2:33.89 (6)
15Magdalena KupiecPOL2:33.92 (6 h3)2:35.74 (7)
16Yelena VolkovaEUN2:32.39 (4 h3)2:37.65 (8)
17Brigitte BecueBEL2:34.11 (7 h3)
18Jana DörriesGER2:34.58 (8 h3)
19Linley FrameAUS2:34.73 (5 h4)
20Beatrice CoadăROU2:34.97 (6 h4)
=21Britta VestergaardDEN2:35.28 (1 h2)
=21Suki BrownsdonGBR2:35.28 (7 h4)
23Park Mi-YeongKOR2:35.33 (8 h4)
24Elena DonatiITA2:36.42 (7 h5)
25Martina NemecAUT2:36.65 (1 h1)
26Kira BultenNED2:37.09 (2 h2)
27Ragnheiður RunólfsdóttirISL2:37.42 (3 h2)
28Lourdes BecerraESP2:37.69 (4 h2)
29Lu DiCHN2:38.63 (8 h5)
30Sornsawan PhuvichitTHA2:41.20 (5 h2)
31Martine JanssenNED2:41.48 (6 h2)
32Jenny SmattBER2:42.25 (2 h1)
33Jaime KingGBR2:44.49 (7 h2)
34Penny HeynsRSA2:45.04 (8 h2)
35Priscilla MaderoECU2:46.79 (3 h1)
36Barbara PexaGUM2:47.27 (4 h1)
37Claudia VelásquezPER2:47.31 (5 h1)
38Nguyễn Thị PhươngVIE2:57.71 (6 h1)
39Elke TalmaSEY3:12.13 (7 h1)
DNSVola Hanta Ratsifa AndrihamananaMAD– (DNS h1)

Round One (27 July 1992 — 11:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Martina NemecAUT2:36.65
25Jenny SmattBER2:42.25
32Priscilla MaderoECU2:46.79
43Barbara PexaGUM2:47.27
56Claudia VelásquezPER2:47.31
67Nguyễn Thị PhươngVIE2:57.71
71Elke TalmaSEY3:12.13
DNS8Vola Hanta Ratsifa AndrihamananaMAD

Heat Two

13Britta VestergaardDEN2:35.28
27Kira BultenNED2:37.09
34Ragnheiður RunólfsdóttirISL2:37.42
45Lourdes BecerraESP2:37.69
52Sornsawan PhuvichitTHA2:41.20
66Martine JanssenNED2:41.48
71Jaime KingGBR2:44.49
88Penny HeynsRSA2:45.04

Heat Three

16Alena RudkouskayaEUN2:28.24Q
23Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:30.75Q
34Sam RileyAUS2:32.09q
45Yelena VolkovaEUN2:32.39q
52Kyoko KasuyaJPN2:32.55q
68Magdalena KupiecPOL2:33.92q
77Brigitte BecueBEL2:34.11
81Jana DörriesGER2:34.58

Heat Four

12Alicja PęczakPOL2:30.78Q
24Jill JohnsonUSA2:30.80q
37Daniela BrendelGER2:32.09q
45Audrey GuéritFRA2:32.33q
53Linley FrameAUS2:34.73
66Beatrice CoadăROU2:34.97
78Suki BrownsdonGBR2:35.28
81Park Mi-YeongKOR2:35.33

Heat Five

14Anita NallUSA2:27.77Q
23Kyoko IwasakiJPN2:27.78Q
35Guylaine CloutierCAN2:29.01Q
42Nathalie GiguèreCAN2:29.71Q
56Lin LiCHN2:29.99Q
68Gabriella CsépeHUN2:32.04q
71Elena DonatiITA2:36.42
87Lu DiCHN2:38.63

B Final (27 July 1992 — 18:45)

15Gabriella CsépeHUN2:31.15
26Daniela BrendelGER2:32.05
32Audrey GuéritFRA2:32.10
43Sam RileyAUS2:32.63
51Kyoko KasuyaJPN2:32.97
64Jill JohnsonUSA2:33.89
78Magdalena KupiecPOL2:35.74
87Yelena VolkovaEUN2:37.65

Final (27 July 1992 — 18:45)

15Kyoko IwasakiJPN2:26.65OR
27Lin LiCHN2:26.85
34Anita NallUSA2:26.88
43Alena RudkouskayaEUN2:28.47
56Guylaine CloutierCAN2:29.88
62Nathalie GiguèreCAN2:30.11
71Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:31.21
88Alicja PęczakPOL2:31.76