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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date30 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants43 from 31 countries

East German Ute Geweniger had set the world record in this event in 1981 and after 1982, only the 1984 (Tracy Caulkins) and 1988 (Daniela Hunger) Olympic winning performances had come within a second of her time of 2:11.73. The co-favorites in 1992 were China’s Lin Li, the 1991 World Champion, and American Summer Sanders, second to Lin at 1991 Worlds, but the 1991 Pan Pac Champion in both IMs, and she had led the 1992 world lists with her Trials winning time of 2:13.10. Hunger was back as defending champion and had won the 1991 European title.

The final was an exciting race in which the lead went back-and-forth. Sanders, a butterfly specialist, went out slowly for her on the opening fly leg, but still led Lin by a shoulder. Lin then surged ahead on the backstroke, Sanders still close, and the two had opened 1½ seconds on the rest of the field. Sanders then used her breaststroke to surge ahead at 150 metres, but Lin almost made that up on her final turn. And Sanders could not match Lin on the freestyle, as Lin won gold in a world record 2:11.65, with Sanders recording the third-fastest time ever with 2:11.91. Hunger won bronze, but was over two seconds behind Sanders.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Lin LiCHN2:15.68 (1 h5)2:11.65 (1)Gold
2Summer SandersUSA2:14.68 (1 h6)2:11.91 (2)Silver
3Daniela HungerGER2:15.16 (3 h6)2:13.92 (3)Bronze
4Yelena DendeberovaEUN2:17.13 (3 h5)2:15.47 (4)
5Elli OvertonAUS2:15.13 (2 h6)2:15.76 (5)
6Marianne LimpertCAN2:16.84 (2 h5)2:17.09 (6)
7Nancy SweetnamCAN2:17.26 (4 h6)2:17.13 (7)
8Ewa SynowskaPOL2:16.88 (1 h3)2:18.85 (8)
9Hideko HiranakaJPN2:18.13 (5 h4)2:18.47 (1)
10Silvia PareraESP2:17.97 (2 h3)2:18.53 (2)
11Alicja PęczakPOL2:17.90 (4 h4)2:18.55 (3)
12Eri KimuraJPN2:18.63 (6 h4)2:18.91 (4)
13Noëmi LungROU2:18.12 (5 h6)2:18.97 (5)
14Céline BonnetFRA2:18.95 (6 h6)2:19.14 (6)
15Jacqui McKenzieAUS2:17.82 (3 h4)2:19.41 (7)
16Jana HaasGER2:17.74 (2 h4)2:20.94 (8)
17Nicole HaislettUSA2:17.40 (1 h4)1
18Louise KarlssonSWE2:18.75 (4 h5)
19Mildred MuisNED2:19.10 (7 h6)
20Lara BianconiITA2:19.40 (7 h4)
21Sharron DaviesGBR2:19.41 (8 h4)
22Hana ČernáTCH2:19.93 (3 h3)
23Lu BinCHN2:20.12 (5 h5)
24Lenka MaňhalováTCH2:20.52 (6 h5)
25Brigitte BecueBEL2:21.98 (8 h6)
26Helen SlatterGBR2:22.04 (7 h5)
27Martina NemecAUT2:22.63 (4 h3)
28Jill BrukmanRSA2:23.07 (1 h2)
29Nathalie WunderlichSUI2:23.18 (2 h2)
30Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA2:23.24 (3 h2)
31Lourdes BecerraESP2:23.51 (5 h3)
32Michelle SmithIRL2:23.83 (4 h2)
33Joscelin YeoSGP2:25.32 (5 h2)
34Claudia FortínHON2:25.66 (6 h2)
35Annette PoulsenDEN2:25.67 (6 h3)
36May OoiSGP2:27.62 (7 h2)
37Keren RegalISR2:27.85 (7 h3)
38Jenny SmattBER2:29.29 (1 h1)
39Ana FortínHON2:30.07 (2 h1)
40Sharon PickeringFIJ2:30.11 (3 h1)
41Nguyễn Kiều OanhVIE2:35.71 (4 h1)
42Tammie KaaeGUM2:36.31 (5 h1)
43Elke TalmaSEY2:53.41 (6 h1)
DNSVola Hanta Ratsifa AndrihamananaMAD– (DNS h1)

Round One (30 July 1992 — 12:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

15Jenny SmattBER2:29.29
24Ana FortínHON2:30.07
32Sharon PickeringFIJ2:30.11
43Nguyễn Kiều OanhVIE2:35.71
56Tammie KaaeGUM2:36.31
67Elke TalmaSEY2:53.41
DNS1Vola Hanta Ratsifa AndrihamananaMAD

Heat Two

14Jill BrukmanRSA2:23.07
22Nathalie WunderlichSUI2:23.18
36Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA2:23.24
45Michelle SmithIRL2:23.83
53Joscelin YeoSGP2:25.32
61Claudia FortínHON2:25.66
77May OoiSGP2:27.62

Heat Three

16Ewa SynowskaPOL2:16.88Q
25Silvia PareraESP2:17.97q
34Hana ČernáTCH2:19.93
43Martina NemecAUT2:22.63
52Lourdes BecerraESP2:23.51
67Annette PoulsenDEN2:25.67
71Keren RegalISR2:27.85

Heat Four

14Nicole HaislettUSA2:17.40q
21Jana HaasGER2:17.74q
35Jacqui McKenzieAUS2:17.82q
48Alicja PęczakPOL2:17.90q
53Hideko HiranakaJPN2:18.13q
62Eri KimuraJPN2:18.63q
76Lara BianconiITA2:19.40
87Sharron DaviesGBR2:19.41

Heat Five

14Lin LiCHN2:15.68Q
25Marianne LimpertCAN2:16.84Q
33Yelena DendeberovaEUN2:17.13Q
46Louise KarlssonSWE2:18.75
57Lu BinCHN2:20.12
61Lenka MaňhalováTCH2:20.52
78Helen SlatterGBR2:22.04

Heat Six

14Summer SandersUSA2:14.68Q
22Elli OvertonAUS2:15.13Q
35Daniela HungerGER2:15.16Q
43Nancy SweetnamCAN2:17.26Q
56Noëmi LungROU2:18.12q
67Céline BonnetFRA2:18.95
78Mildred MuisNED2:19.10
81Brigitte BecueBEL2:21.98

B Final (30 July 1992 — 19:30)

17Hideko HiranakaJPN2:18.47
26Silvia PareraESP2:18.53
33Alicja PęczakPOL2:18.55
41Eri KimuraJPN2:18.91
52Noëmi LungROU2:18.97
68Céline BonnetFRA2:19.14
75Jacqui McKenzieAUS2:19.41
84Jana HaasGER2:20.94

Final (30 July 1992 — 19:30)

16Lin LiCHN2:11.65WR
24Summer SandersUSA2:11.91
33Daniela HungerGER2:13.92
41Yelena DendeberovaEUN2:15.47
55Elli OvertonAUS2:15.76
62Marianne LimpertCAN2:17.09
78Nancy SweetnamCAN2:17.13
87Ewa SynowskaPOL2:18.85