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1,500 metres Freestyle, Men

Date22 – 23 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants41 from 32 countries

Australia have a tradition of success in the 1,500 metres at the Olympic Games that goes all the way back to Boy Charlton and, in the shape of defending champion Kieren Perkins and world record holder Grant Hackett , the nation had the two outstanding men in the event. On the evening of the 23rd September Australia, almost as one, sat down to the watch the Olympic final. The final viewing figures showed 95% of all TV sets in the country were tuned in to the race.

Hackett had been the marginal pre-Games favourite but had been outpaced by Perkins in the heats. The final was a different story and Hackett took the lead from the first stroke. Perkins kept pace until the 800 metres mark but Hackett’s relentless pace took him clear and he finished five seconds clear of his team-mate. Chris Thompson of the USA held off the fast finishing Russian Aleksey Filipets for the bronze medal. It was the first time in Olympic history that all three medalists went under 15 minutes

1Grant HackettAUS15:07.50 (1 h6)14:48.33 (1)Gold
2Kieren PerkinsAUS14:58.34 (1 h4)14:53.59 (2)Silver
3Chris ThompsonUSA15:11.21 (2 h5)14:56.81 (3)Bronze
4Aleksey FilipetsRUS15:10.94 (2 h4)14:56.88 (4)
5Ryk NeethlingRSA15:09.12 (2 h6)15:00.48 (5)
6Erik VendtUSA15:05.11 (1 h5)15:08.61 (6)
7Ihor ChervynskyiUKR15:12.30 (3 h4)15:08.80 (7)
8Heiko HellGER15:11.91 (3 h5)15:19.87 (8)
9Dragoș ComanROU15:12.64 (3 h6)
10Christian MinottiITA15:12.72 (4 h6)
11Nicolas RostoucherFRA15:13.26 (5 h6)
12Frederik HviidESP15:14.37 (4 h4)
13Masato HiranoJPN15:14.43 (4 h5)
14Ihor SnitkoUKR15:14.67 (5 h5)
15Ricardo MonasterioVEN15:17.00 (1 h3)
16Yota AraseJPN15:18.20 (6 h6)
17Paul PalmerGBR15:21.09 (7 h6)
18Luiz LimaBRA15:23.15 (5 h4)
19Emiliano BrembillaITA15:27.95 (8 h6)
20Dzmitry KopturBLR15:29.62 (2 h3)
21Spyros GianniotisGRE15:29.69 (3 h3)
22Aleksey KovriginRUS15:30.69 (6 h4)
23Andrew HurdCAN15:30.98 (7 h4)
24Teo EdoESP15:32.01 (6 h5)
25Hannes KalteisAUT15:32.90 (7 h5)
26Vlastimil BurdaCZE15:33.25 (1 h1)
27Tim PetersonCAN15:34.94 (8 h4)
28Torwai SethsothornTHA15:39.60 (4 h3)
29Adam FaulknerGBR15:39.86 (8 h5)
30Petar StoychevBUL15:42.76 (5 h3)
31Jorge CarralMEX15:43.03 (6 h3)
32Jin HaoCHN15:48.49 (7 h3)
33Jo Seong-MoKOR15:50.45 (8 h3)
34Juan Carlo PiccioPHI15:51.57 (1 h2)
35Agustín FiorilliARG15:52.69 (2 h2)
36Dieung MannangMAS16:02.11 (3 h2)
37Jonathan DuncanNZL16:03.41 (4 h2)
38Steven ChandraINA16:10.98 (5 h2)
39Diego MularoniSMR16:12.91 (6 h2)
40Li Yun-LinTPE16:13.05 (2 h1)
DQIvan IvanovKGZ– (DQ h1)

Round One (22 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:28)

14Vlastimil BurdaCZE15:33.250.96
25Li Yun-LinTPE16:13.050.83
DQ3Ivan IvanovKGZ

Heat Two (10:47)

13Juan Carlo PiccioPHI15:51.570.78
26Agustín FiorilliARG15:52.690.81
35Dieung MannangMAS16:02.110.82
44Jonathan DuncanNZL16:03.410.85
57Steven ChandraINA16:10.980.84
62Diego MularoniSMR16:12.910.83

Heat Three (11:05)

15Ricardo MonasterioVEN15:17.000.86
24Dzmitry KopturBLR15:29.620.91
33Spyros GianniotisGRE15:29.690.96
48Torwai SethsothornTHA15:39.600.85
51Petar StoychevBUL15:42.760.92
62Jorge CarralMEX15:43.030.79
77Jin HaoCHN15:48.490.82
86Jo Seong-MoKOR15:50.450.91

Heat Four (11:23)

14Kieren PerkinsAUS14:58.340.91Q
23Aleksey FilipetsRUS15:10.940.91Q
35Ihor ChervynskyiUKR15:12.300.88Q
42Frederik HviidESP15:14.370.83
51Luiz LimaBRA15:23.150.91
67Aleksey KovriginRUS15:30.690.87
76Andrew HurdCAN15:30.980.89
88Tim PetersonCAN15:34.940.89

Heat Five (11:41)

14Erik VendtUSA15:05.110.69Q
25Chris ThompsonUSA15:11.210.83Q
36Heiko HellGER15:11.910.93Q
42Masato HiranoJPN15:14.430.77
53Ihor SnitkoUKR15:14.670.98
68Teo EdoESP15:32.010.89
71Hannes KalteisAUT15:32.900.98
87Adam FaulknerGBR15:39.860.94

Heat Six (11:59)

14Grant HackettAUS15:07.500.79Q
25Ryk NeethlingRSA15:09.120.79Q
36Dragoș ComanROU15:12.640.88
42Christian MinottiITA15:12.720.86
51Nicolas RostoucherFRA15:13.260.83
68Yota AraseJPN15:18.200.86
77Paul PalmerGBR15:21.090.95
83Emiliano BrembillaITA15:27.950.88

Final (23 September 2000 — 15:39)

13Grant HackettAUS14:48.330.78
24Kieren PerkinsAUS14:53.590.93
37Chris ThompsonUSA14:56.810.88
42Aleksey FilipetsRUS14:56.880.84
56Ryk NeethlingRSA15:00.480.79
65Erik VendtUSA15:08.610.69
78Ihor ChervynskyiUKR15:08.800.85
81Heiko HellGER15:19.870.95