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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date14 – 15 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants60 from 55 countries

In 2013 Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima emerged as the world’s premier breaststroke swimmer when he set a brace of world records in winning both breaststroke golds at the World Championship in Barcelona. He would have been an overwhelming favourite to repeat this feat in Athens had it not been for the performance of Brendan Hansen at the US Olympic trials. Suddenly Kitajima found himself not only now just a former world record holder but not even favourite for the titles.

The two men traded Olympic records through the heats and semi-finals in preparation for their eventual showdown as the rest of the competitors were outclassed by the duo. The final lived up to expectations as the Japanese swimmer made a superior start before being pegged back and then overtaken by his American rival. Hansen had a small lead at the 50 m mark but Kitajima was not to be denied and soon moved passed Hansen and into what was to be a winning lead. After the race American Olympic backstroke champion Aaron Peirsol accused Kitajima of using an illegal dolphin kick at the start of the race, a charge the Japanese team vehemently denied.

In 2008 Kitajima became the first man in Olympic history to successfully defend his title in this event.

1Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:00.03 (1 h7)1:00.27 (1 h2)1:00.08 (1)Gold
2Brendan HansenUSA1:00.25 (1 h8)1:00.01 (1 h1)1:00.25 (2)Silver
3Hugues DuboscqFRA1:01.15 (3 h7)1:01.17 (3 h1)1:00.88 (3)Bronze
4Mark GangloffUSA1:00.81 (1 h6)1:01.07 (=2 h2)1:01.17 (4)
5Vlad PolyakovKAZ1:01.16 (3 h6)1:01.36 (5 h2)1:01.34 (5)
6James GibsonGBR1:00.99 (2 h7)1:01.07 (=2 h2)1:01.36 (6)
7Darren MewGBR1:00.89 (2 h6)1:00.83 (2 h1)1:01.66 (7)
8Oleh LisohorUKR1:01.21 (3 h8)1:01.07 (=2 h2)1:02.42 (8)
9Roman SludnovRUS1:01.65 (4 h6)1:01.54 (4 h1)
10Jens KruppaGER1:01.19 (2 h8)1:01.68 (5 h1)
11René KolonkoGER1:02.09 (6 h7)1:01.82 (6 h1)
12Dmitry KomornikovRUS1:02.05 (6 h6)1:01.83 (6 h2)
13Jarno PihlavaFIN1:01.99 (4 h7)1:01.86 (7 h2)
14Richárd BodorHUN1:01.91 (5 h6)1:01.88 (7 h1)
15Eduardo FischerBRA1:01.84 (4 h8)1:02.07 (8 h2)
16Thijs van ValkengoedNED1:02.03 (5 h7)1:02.36 (8 h1)
17Emil TahirovičSLO1:02.12 (7 h7)
18Morgan KnabeCAN1:02.13 (5 h8)
=19Scott DickensCAN1:02.16 (=6 h8)
=19Jim PiperAUS1:02.16 (=6 h8)
21Alexander Dale OenNOR1:02.25 (8 h8)
22Martin GustavssonSWE1:02.53 (7 h6)
23Jakob SveinssonISL1:02.97 (1 h4)
24Terence ParkinRSA1:03.05 (1 h5)
25Maxim PodoprigoraAUT1:03.08 (2 h5)
26Vanja RoguljCRO1:03.16 (8 h7)
27Alwin de PrinsLUX1:03.32 (3 h5)
28Daniel MálekCZE1:03.35 (4 h5)
29Mladen TepavčevićSCG1:03.52 (5 h5)
30Wang HaiboCHN1:03.54 (8 h6)
31Yu Seung-HyeonKOR1:03.56 (1 h3)
32Sofiane DaidALG1:03.63 (6 h5)
33José CoutoPOR1:03.72 (7 h5)
34Remo LütolfSUI1:03.82 (8 h5)
35Chen Cho-YiTPE1:03.94 (2 h3)
=36Ben LabowitchNZL1:03.99 (3 h3)
=36Arsenio LópezPUR1:03.99 (2 h4)
38Aurimas ValaitisLTU1:04.11 (4 h3)
39Khristos PapadopoulosGRE1:04.43 (3 h4)
40Malick FallSEN1:04.50 (4 h4)
41Bradley AllyBAR1:04.71 (5 h4)
42Wickus NienaberSWZ1:04.74 (6 h4)
43Cristian Mauro SoldanoARG1:05.05 (7 h4)
44Tam Chi KinHKG1:05.11 (1 h2)
45Álvaro FortunyGUA1:05.41 (5 h3)
46Kyriakos DimosthenousCYP1:05.54 (6 h3)
=47Andrei CapitanciucMDA1:05.65 (=2 h2)
=47Ahmad Al-KudmaniKSA1:05.65 (=2 h2)
49Aleksandr BaldinEST1:06.04 (7 h3)
50Timmy ChuaPHI1:06.37 (4 h2)
51Pāvels MurānsLAT1:06.45 (5 h2)
52Nguyễn Hữu ViệtVIE1:06.70 (8 h3)
53Eric WilliamsNGR1:07.69 (1 h1)
54Jean-Luc RazakarivonyMAD1:07.74 (6 h2)
55Yevgeny PetrashovKGZ1:07.78 (7 h2)
56Oleg SidorovUZB1:08.30 (8 h2)
57Chisela KanchelaZAM1:09.95 (2 h1)
58Amar ShahKEN1:10.17 (3 h1)
59Alice ShresthaNEP1:12.25 (4 h1)
ACRatapong SirisanontTHA– (AC h4)DQ

Round One (14 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:57)

15Eric WilliamsNGR1:07.690.78
24Chisela KanchelaZAM1:09.950.75
33Amar ShahKEN1:10.170.78
46Alice ShresthaNEP1:12.250.68

Heat Two (12:00)

14Tam Chi KinHKG1:05.110.76
=21Ahmad Al-KudmaniKSA1:05.650.76
=27Andrei CapitanciucMDA1:05.650.79
46Timmy ChuaPHI1:06.370.71
52Pāvels MurānsLAT1:06.450.85
68Jean-Luc RazakarivonyMAD1:07.740.86
75Yevgeny PetrashovKGZ1:07.780.88
83Oleg SidorovUZB1:08.300.80

Heat Three (12:03)

14Yu Seung-HyeonKOR1:03.560.65
26Chen Cho-YiTPE1:03.940.66
35Ben LabowitchNZL1:03.990.83
47Aurimas ValaitisLTU1:04.110.76
52Álvaro FortunyGUA1:05.410.75
61Kyriakos DimosthenousCYP1:05.540.79
73Aleksandr BaldinEST1:06.040.89
88Nguyễn Hữu ViệtVIE1:06.700.79

Heat Four (12:06)

14Jakob SveinssonISL1:02.970.87
27Arsenio LópezPUR1:03.990.75
31Khristos PapadopoulosGRE1:04.430.83
43Malick FallSEN1:04.500.83
52Bradley AllyBAR1:04.710.86
68Wickus NienaberSWZ1:04.740.74
76Cristian Mauro SoldanoARG1:05.050.74
AC5Ratapong SirisanontTHA0.77DQ1

Heat Five (12:09)

16Terence ParkinRSA1:03.050.87
22Maxim PodoprigoraAUT1:03.080.81
31Alwin de PrinsLUX1:03.320.92
43Daniel MálekCZE1:03.350.81
58Mladen TepavčevićSCG1:03.520.86
67Sofiane DaidALG1:03.630.80
75José CoutoPOR1:03.720.80
84Remo LütolfSUI1:03.820.84

Heat Six (12:12)

15Mark GangloffUSA1:00.810.71Q
24Darren MewGBR1:00.890.80Q
31Vlad PolyakovKAZ1:01.160.76Q
43Roman SludnovRUS1:01.650.83Q
56Richárd BodorHUN1:01.910.75Q
62Dmitry KomornikovRUS1:02.050.89Q
77Martin GustavssonSWE1:02.530.78
88Wang HaiboCHN1:03.540.81

Heat Seven (12:15)

14Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:00.030.70QOR
23James GibsonGBR1:00.990.77Q
35Hugues DuboscqFRA1:01.150.78Q
47Jarno PihlavaFIN1:01.990.74Q
56Thijs van ValkengoedNED1:02.030.78Q
61René KolonkoGER1:02.090.86Q
72Emil TahirovičSLO1:02.120.78
88Vanja RoguljCRO1:03.160.72

Heat Eight (12:18)

14Brendan HansenUSA1:00.250.69Q
27Jens KruppaGER1:01.190.85Q
33Oleh LisohorUKR1:01.210.80Q
41Eduardo FischerBRA1:01.840.77Q
55Morgan KnabeCAN1:02.130.82
=66Jim PiperAUS1:02.160.80
=62Scott DickensCAN1:02.160.77
88Alexander Dale OenNOR1:02.250.81

Semi-Finals (14 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:32)

14Brendan HansenUSA1:00.010.74QOR
25Darren MewGBR1:00.830.78Q
33Hugues DuboscqFRA1:01.170.75Q
42Roman SludnovRUS1:01.540.81
56Jens KruppaGER1:01.680.83
68René KolonkoGER1:01.820.87
77Richárd BodorHUN1:01.880.76
81Thijs van ValkengoedNED1:02.360.79

Heat Two (20:37)

14Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:00.270.72Q
=22Mark GangloffUSA1:01.070.75Q
=23James GibsonGBR1:01.070.82Q
=25Oleh LisohorUKR1:01.070.81Q
56Vlad PolyakovKAZ1:01.360.79Q
68Dmitry KomornikovRUS1:01.830.89
71Jarno PihlavaFIN1:01.860.82
87Eduardo FischerBRA1:02.070.81

Final (15 August 2004 — 20:04)

15Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:00.080.72
24Brendan HansenUSA1:00.250.70
31Hugues DuboscqFRA1:00.880.73
46Mark GangloffUSA1:01.170.72
58Vlad PolyakovKAZ1:01.340.80
67James GibsonGBR1:01.360.77
73Darren MewGBR1:01.660.79
82Oleh LisohorUKR1:02.420.80