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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date24 February 2010 — 11:15
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants56 from 14 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: ?
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

The relay took place in a raging snowstorm, with several centimeters of snow falling on the course during the race. Norway was the favorite, having won the 2007 and 2009 World Championship, and they were led by Petter Northug, who had already won pursuit gold, and sprint bronze in Vancouver, and would later add gold in the 50 km marathon. A group of five nations, Finland, France, Sweden, Germany and Norway took over early in the first leg. Johan Olsson (SWE) and Vincent Vittoz (FRA) then pulled away from the others over the second leg, but an outstanding second leg from Lukaš Bauer (CZE), bronze medallist in the 15 km, ensured that the three nations started the third leg ahead of the rest, while Norway was back in sixth after two legs. Anders Södergren (SWE), Maurice Manificat (FRA) and Jiří Magál (CZE) worked together on the third leg to ensure they retained an advantage of 30 seconds over the rest of the field by the final changeover, with Norway still back in sixth. On the last leg, pursuit gold medalist Marcus Hellner (SWE), put in a tremendous attack around 3 km from home and was never seriously challenged after that, winning for Sweden in a time of 1-45:05.4. However, the race for the other medals was building up as Northug skied a tremendous anchor, and began to close the gap on Martin Koukal (CZE) and Emmanuel Jonnier (FRA), and finally caught them in the closing stages. Realizing he couldn’t catch the Swedish team, Northug bided his time and sprinted for the finishing line to take second place for Norway, just 0.6 seconds ahead of the Czech Republic team in third place. France, as in 2006, had to settle for 4th place. Hellner and Northug were close rivals, but this was the second victory for Hellner over the Norwegians, after his pursuit gold.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
6-1Daniel Rickardsson27:57.927:57.9 (3)
6-2Johan Olsson27:55.255:53.1 (1)
6-3Anders Södergren24:35.21-20:28.3 (1)
6-4Marcus Hellner24:37.11-45:05.4 (1)
1-1Martin Johnsrud Sundby27:59.927:59.9 (5)
1-2Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset28:27.556:27.4 (6)
1-3Lars Berger24:38.41-21:05.8 (6)
1-4Petter Northug24:15.51-45:21.3 (2)
311Czech RepublicCZE1-45:21.9Bronze
11-1Martin Jakš28:22.428:22.4 (9)
11-2Lukáš Bauer27:36.455:58.8 (2)
11-3Jiří Magál24:34.81-20:33.6 (3)
11-4Martin Koukal24:48.31-45:21.9 (3)
9-1Jean-Marc Gaillard27:56.727:56.7 (2)
9-2Vincent Vittoz28:03.656:00.3 (3)
9-3Maurice Manificat24:31.51-20:31.8 (2)
9-4Emmanuel Jonnier24:54.51-45:26.3 (4)
3-1Sami Jauhojärvi27:55.627:55.6 (1)
3-2Matti Heikkinen28:32.356:27.9 (7)
3-3Teemu Kattilakoski24:37.11-21:05.0 (5)
3-4Ville Nousiainen24:25.31-45:30.3 (5)
2-1Jens Filbrich27:58.327:58.3 (4)
2-2Axel Teichmann28:22.656:20.9 (4)
2-3René Sommerfeldt24:43.71-21:04.6 (4)
2-4Tobias Angerer24:44.81-45:49.4 (6)
5-1Devon Kershaw28:23.828:23.8 (10)
5-2Alex Harvey28:21.356:45.1 (9)
5-3Ivan Babikov24:33.51-21:18.6 (7)
5-4George Grey25:44.61-47:03.2 (7)
813Russian FederationRUS1-47:04.7
13-1Nikolay Pankratov28:33.428:33.4 (11)
13-2Pyotr Sedov28:07.456:40.8 (8)
13-3Aleksandr Legkov24:56.91-21:37.7 (9)
13-4Maksim Vylegzhanin25:27.01-47:04.7 (8)
4-1Valerio Checchi28:22.128:22.1 (8)
4-2Giorgio Di Centa28:34.356:56.4 (12)
4-3Pietro Piller Cottrer24:39.81-21:36.2 (8)
4-4Cristian Zorzi25:40.41-47:16.6 (9)
7-1Toni Livers28:20.728:20.7 (6)
7-2Curdin Perl28:26.756:47.4 (10)
7-3Remo Fischer25:35.11-22:22.5 (10)
7-4Dario Cologna25:34.71-47:57.2 (10)
10-1Sergey Cherepanov28:36.128:36.1 (12)
10-2Aleksey Poltoranin27:45.256:21.3 (5)
10-3Yevgeny Velichko26:38.31-22:59.6 (12)
10-4Nikolay Chebotko26:49.51-49:49.1 (11)
14-1Martin Bajčičák28:21.228:21.2 (7)
14-2Ivan Bátory28:28.756:49.9 (11)
14-3Michal Malák25:49.61-22:39.5 (11)
14-4Peter Mlynár27:12.51-49:52.0 (12)
1312United StatesUSA1-51:27.7
12-1Andy Newell28:37.928:37.9 (13)
12-2Torin Koos30:01.558:39.4 (14)
12-3Garrott Kuzzy25:49.61-24:29.0 (14)
12-4Simi Hamilton26:58.71-51:27.7 (13)
8-1Algo Kärp29:54.629:54.6 (14)
8-2Jaak Mae28:43.458:38.0 (13)
8-3Aivar Rehemaa25:50.01-24:28.0 (13)
8-4Kaspar Kokk27:13.21-51:41.2 (14)