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7.5 kilometres Sprint, Women

Date23 February 1994 — 10:00-11:40
LocationBirkebeineren Skistadion, Lillehammer
Participants69 from 28 countries
FormatPenalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: 7,939 m
Height Differential: 57 m
Maximum Climb: 30 m
Shooting 1: Prone at ? km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Standing at ? km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 271 m

The early leader was Ukrainian Valentyna Tserbe-Nessina, who started 10th and shot cleanly for a perfect series, finishing in 26:10.0. Her time held up until the 55th starter came into the stadium, Svetlana Paramygina, who was leading the seasonal World Cup. Paramygina narrowly edged out Tserbe-Nessina, finishing in 26:09.9, although she had missed two targets early in her race. Canadian Myriam Bédard, the 1993 World Champion in the event, started right after Paramygina, and later entered the stadium with almost the same time as the two leaders. But Bédard finished strongly and crossed the line in 26:08.8, despite her two missed targets during the race. With the drama seemingly played out, the 62nd starter, Kazakhstan’s Inna Sheshkil came into the stadium, on the same pace as the leaders. But struggling from fatigue, she fell only two metres from the line, and although she got up and finished, she was 3.9 seconds out of the medals.

This was Bédard’s second gold medal in Lillehammer as she had already won the 15 km individual race. Her life after biathlon was not as easy for her. She first tried to switch to speed skating, without success. In 2002, while working in marketing with Via Rail, she raised concerns about the company’s financial dealings. She would later claim that, because of this, she was forced to leave that job. This would only become known in 2004 during the sponsorship scandal which occurred after Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien left office. She would later make headlines in December 2006 when she was arrested in Maryland, was charged with illegally spiriting her daughter out of Canada, violating a custody agreement she had with her ex-husband, and would be sentenced to two years probation.

156Myriam BédardCAN26:08.82Gold
255Sviatlana ParamihinaBLR26:09.92Silver
310Valentyna Tserbe-NesinaUKR26:10.00Bronze
462Inna SheshkilKAZ26:13.92
54Petra SchaafGER26:33.62
633Iryna KakuyevaBLR26:38.42
767Nathalie SanterITA26:38.83
850Simone Greiner-Petter-MemmGER26:46.53
965Eva HákováCZE26:48.21
1069Elin KristiansenNOR26:53.50
1130Iva ShkodrevaBUL27:00.60
1241Soňa MihokováSVK27:03.82
1324Uschi DislGER27:04.12
1446Olena OhurtsovaUKR27:06.82
1566Martina JašicováSVK27:11.62
1664Mari LampinenFIN27:14.52
176Ann-Elen SkjelbreidNOR27:17.71
1847Andreja GrašičSLO27:17.93
199Nadezhda TalanovaRUS27:18.12
2013Véronique ClaudelFRA27:28.21
2157Kerryn RimAUS27:32.32
2220Annette SikvelandNOR27:32.82
2363Song AiqinCHN27:33.51
=2438Joan SmithUSA27:39.12
=2443Tuija SikiöFIN27:39.10
2627Antje HarveyGER27:46.53
2731Corinne NiogretFRA27:48.13
2835Ieva VolfaLAT27:52.63
2959Ekaterina DafovskaBUL27:54.41
3049Anne Briand-BouthiauxFRA28:00.84
3153Eveli PetersonEST28:03.81
3248Anfisa ReztsovaRUS28:09.87
3358Maryna SkolotaUKR28:11.33
3426Iveta KnížkováCZE28:18.33
355Emmanuelle ClaretFRA28:19.75
3622Tuija VuoksialaFIN28:23.23
3744Lise MelocheCAN28:25.01
3817Natallia PermiakovaBLR28:26.94
3925Luiza NoskovaRUS28:27.85
4029Sandra PaintinAUS28:31.11
4137Wang JinfenCHN28:36.15
427Lyubov BelyakovaRUS28:37.02
4311Ileana Ianoşiu-HanganROU28:37.12
4434Yoshiko HondaJPN28:37.32
4518Gillian HamiltonCAN28:43.02
4645Anna BozsikHUN29:04.42
4739Hildegunn FossenNOR29:16.24
4854Kazimiera StrolienėLTU29:16.64
4915Jiřína PelcováCZE29:23.03
501Liudmila LysenkaBLR29:23.93
5161Beth CoatsUSA29:24.33
=5214Mariya ManolovaBUL29:26.72
=5216Joan GuetschowUSA29:26.74
5412María GiroARG29:31.91
5542Adina ŞotropaROU29:34.83
5623Jelena VšivtsevaEST29:35.33
5752Halina PitońPOL29:39.24
5836Krista LepikEST29:40.15
5951Catarina EklundSWE29:44.62
6019Eva-Karin WestinSWE29:50.42
613Pirjo AaltoFIN29:59.23
6221Anna SteraPOL30:04.53
638Gabriela SůvováCZE30:25.84
642Mary OstergrenUSA30:35.64
6560Brigitta BereczkiHUN30:42.44
6668Yevgeniya RoppelKGZ31:08.03
6732Christina EklundSWE31:10.05
6828Zofia KiełpińskaPOL31:11.17
6940Elena GorohovaMDA35:04.17