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Bantamweight (≤54 kilograms), Men

Date7 – 13 August 1948
LocationEmpress Hall, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Kensington, London / Wembley Arena, Wembley, London
Participants30 from 30 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Arnoldo Pares of Argentina was considered by many as the favourite, having lost just five of his 195 amateur bouts. Future world professional champion, Vic Toweel of South Africa, lost to Pares in the opening match, but Pares was not to match the achievements of his flyweight and heavyweight team-mates and was defeated by Australia’s Jimmy Carruthers in the second round. Carruthers was unfortunate to sustain an eye injury in that match and had to withdraw from the tournament.

The beneficiary of Carruthers’ misfortune was the Hungarian boxer Tibor Csik and he proved able to maximize his opportunity. The Hungarian used his speed and mobility to outscore Italy’s Gianni Zuddas in the final.

Csik left Hungary and lived in Australia until his death in 1976. Juan Venegas became the first Puerto Rican to stand on the Olympic podium when he defeated his Spanish opponent in the bronze medal match.

In 1950, Vic Towell became the first South African to hold a universally recognised world professional title after defeating Manuel Ortiz. After four defences, he lost to Jimmy Carruthers on a first round knockout in a bout refereed by 1924 Olympic bantamweight champion, Willy Smith. Carruthers had an unusual ally helping him to weigh inside the bantamweight limit – after his retirement he was found to have been carrying a 30 foot long tapeworm inside him.

1Tibor CsíkHUNGold
2Gianni ZuddasITASilver
3Juan VenegasPURBronze
4Álvaro VicenteESP
=5Albert PereraSRI
=5Jimmy CarruthersAUS
=5Celestino GonzálezCHI
=5Willie LenihanIRL
=9Saw HardyMYA
=9Bob LallIND
=9Salvador RiveraPER
=9Arnoldo ParésARG
=9Edel OjedaMEX
=9Pedro CarrizoURU
=9Olavi OuvinenFIN
=9Jean-Marie GrenotFRA
=17Louis CaleboutBEL
=17Allan MonteiroPAK
=17Bertil AhlinSWE
=17Manoel do NascimentoBRA
=17Vic ToweelRSA
=17Fred DaigleCAN
=17Tommy ProffittGBR
=17Emanoul AghasiIRI
=17Hermann MazurkiewitschAUT
=17Wawrzyniec BazarnikPOL
=17Roger BehmLUX
=17Erik ThastumDEN
=17Bonifacio ZarcalPHI
=17Bill BossioUSA
DNSAndré PiensBEL
DNSGeorge KearnsIRL
DNSJimmy MitchellUSA
DNSJosé HernándezESP
DNSLászló BogácsHUN
DNSLuigi BevilacquaITA
DNSPierre Le GuillouFRA
DNSTommy MillerGBR
DNSKaare GundersenNOR
DNSBob GoslinNZL
DNSFranz DymaAUT

Round One

Date7 August 1948
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #107 AugAlbert PereraSRI
Match #207 AugSaw HardyMYA
Match #307 AugJuan VenegasPURDecisionLouis CaleboutBEL
Match #407 AugBob LallINDReferee stops contestAllan MonteiroPAK
Match #507 AugSalvador RiveraPERDecisionBertil AhlinSWE
Match #607 AugTibor CsíkHUNDisqualifiedManoel do NascimentoBRA
Match #707 AugArnoldo ParésARGDecisionVic ToweelRSA
Match #807 AugJimmy CarruthersAUSDisqualifiedFred DaigleCAN
Match #907 AugEdel OjedaMEXDecisionTommy ProffittGBR
Match #1007 AugÁlvaro VicenteESPDecisionEmanoul AghasiIRI
Match #1107 AugPedro CarrizoURUDecisionHermann MazurkiewitschAUT
Match #1207 AugCelestino GonzálezCHIDecisionWawrzyniec BazarnikPOL
Match #1307 AugWillie LenihanIRLDecisionRoger BehmLUX
Match #1407 AugOlavi OuvinenFINDecisionErik ThastumDEN
Match #1507 AugGianni ZuddasITADecisionBonifacio ZarcalPHI
Match #1607 AugJean-Marie GrenotFRADecisionBill BossioUSA

Round Two

Date10 August 1948
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #110 AugAlbert PereraSRIReferee stops contestSaw HardyMYA
Match #210 AugJuan VenegasPURDecisionBob LallIND
Match #310 AugTibor CsíkHUNDecisionSalvador RiveraPER
Match #410 AugJimmy CarruthersAUSDecisionArnoldo ParésARG
Match #510 AugÁlvaro VicenteESPDisqualifiedEdel OjedaMEX
Match #610 AugCelestino GonzálezCHIDecisionPedro CarrizoURU
Match #710 AugWillie LenihanIRLDecisionOlavi OuvinenFIN
Match #810 AugGianni ZuddasITAKnock-outJean-Marie GrenotFRA


Date11 August 1948
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #111 AugJuan VenegasPURDecisionAlbert PereraSRI
Match #211 AugTibor CsíkHUNWalkoverJimmy CarruthersAUS
Match #311 AugÁlvaro VicenteESPDisqualifiedCelestino GonzálezCHI
Match #411 AugGianni ZuddasITAReferee stops contestWillie LenihanIRL


Date12 August 1948
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #112 AugTibor CsíkHUNDecisionJuan VenegasPUR
Match #212 AugGianni ZuddasITADecisionÁlvaro VicenteESP

Final Round

Date13 August 1948
Match 1/213 AugTibor CsíkHUNDecisionGianni ZuddasITA
Match 3/413 AugJuan VenegasPURDecisionÁlvaro VicenteESP