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Balance Beam, Women

Date29 July – 6 August 2012
LocationNorth Greenwich Arena, Greenwich, London
Participants83 from 46 countries

Sui Lu of China was the reigning World and Asian Games Champion and a favorite to continue her streak in the women’s balance beam at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Her closest challenger was probably her compatriot Deng Linlin, 2009 World Champion and runner-up at both the 2010 World Championships and the 2010 Asian Games. The reigning European Champion was Cătălina Ponor of Romania, who had also won the title from 2004 through 2006 and was a three time Olympic gold medalist from the 2004 Games (including the balance beam). Her compatriot Larisa Iordache was also a contender, having come in second at the most recent European Championships. Many eyes were also on the Americans as potential podium finishers, after they had won gold and silver at the 2008 Olympics.

Sui finished first in the qualifying rounds, bolstering her status as a favorite to win the gold medal. Viktoriya Komova of Russia, the reigning World and European Champion in the uneven bars, finished a surprising second in the event, tied in score with American Gabby Douglas. Deng finished in fourth, Ponor in seventh, and Iordache in eleventh, but Diana Boulimar, who finished eighth, fell from the beam and injured herself, which gave her spot to team reserve Iordache. In the final Sui went first and set the bar with a score of 15.500 after an excellent routine of high difficulty. Ponor went next and finished nearly half a point behind, after several mistakes, at 15.066. After a fantastic routine by Deng, with an even higher difficulty than Sui’s, the reigning World Champion was bumped down on the podium and it seemed as if Ponor was all but out of medal contention. After falls from Iordache, Douglas, Komova, and a low-difficulty routine from Kseniya Afanasyeva of Russia, however, Ponor remained in third place with only one gymnast remaining, Aly Raisman of the United States. Raisman completed her routine and initially received a score of 14.966, just below Ponor. Her coach appealed the difficulty score of 6.200, however, which seemed far too low for what she had performed. He was successful in this attempt, raising the difficulty by 0.1, which was sufficient to tie her with Ponor. By virtue of Raisman’s superior execution points, the appeal gave her the final podium spot, ending a gymnastics event in somewhat controversial circumstances for the second time in the Games. Earlier, in the men’s team all-around, a similar last minute appeal lowered the penalty for an error committed by Japan’s Kohei Uchimura, which raised his nation’s standing from fourth to second place.

1331Deng LinlinCHN15.166 (4)15.600 (1)Gold
2334Sui LuCHN15.400 (1)15.500 (2)Silver
3413Aly RaismanUSA15.100 (5)15.066 (3)Bronze
4395Cătălina PonorROU15.033 (8)15.066 (4)
5401Kseniya AfanasyevaRUS15.066 (7)14.583 (5)
6393Larisa IordacheROU14.800 (11)14.200 (6)
7411Gabby DouglasUSA15.266 (3)13.633 (7)
8403Viktoriya KomovaRUS15.266 (2)13.166 (8)
6 r1/2414Kyla RossUSA15.075 (6)
9 r1/2402Anastasiya GrishinaRUS14.900 (9)
10 r1/2393Diana BulimarROU14.866 (10)
=12 r1/2404Aliya MustafinaRUS14.700 (=12)
=12 r1/2415Jordyn WieberUSA14.700 (=12)
14 r1/2394Sandra IzbașaROU14.600 (14)
15 r1/2384Asuka TeramotoJPN14.466 (15)
16 r1/2374Vanessa FerrariITA14.433 (16)
17 r1/2373Carlotta FerlitoITA14.425 (17)
18 r1/2446Vasiliki MillousiGRE14.366 (18)
19 r1/2425Ana Sofía GómezGUA14.333 (19)
20 r1/2305Lauren MitchellAUS14.300 (20)
21 r1/2342Youna DufournetFRA14.200 (21)
22 r1/2382Yuko ShintakeJPN14.166 (22)
23 r1/2314Daniele HypólitoBRA14.166 (23)
24 r1/2381Yu MinobeJPN14.133 (24)
25 r1/2441Céline van GernerNED14.100 (25)
26 r1/2321Ellie BlackCAN13.966 (26)
27 r1/2453Jessica LópezVEN13.933 (27)
28 r1/2333Huang QiushuangCHN13.866 (28)
29 r1/2433Giulia SteingruberSUI13.766 (29)
30 r1/2429Gaëlle MysBEL13.733 (30)
31 r1/2363Oksana ChusovitinaGER13.700 (31)
32 r1/2344Aurélie MalaussenaFRA13.700 (32)
33 r1/2303Emily LittleAUS13.633 (33)
34 r1/2323Dominique PeggCAN13.566 (34)
35 r1/2450Nastassia MarachkouskayaBLR13.558 (35)
36 r1/2383Rie TanakaJPN13.400 (36)
37 r1/2351Imogen CairnsGBR13.366 (37)
38 r1/2375Elisabetta PreziosaITA13.266 (38)
39 r1/2353Rebecca TunneyGBR13.166 (39)
40 r1/2432Lorena QuiñonesPUR13.133 (40)
41 r1/2352Jennifer PinchesGBR13.100 (41)
42 r1/2440Salma El-SaidEGY13.066 (42)
=43 r1/2301Georgia BonoraAUS13.066 (=43)
=43 r1/2302Ashleigh BrennanAUS13.066 (=43)
=43 r1/2355Hannah WhelanGBR13.066 (=43)
46 r1/2454Lim Heem WeiSGP13.033 (46)
47 r1/2442Saša GolobSLO13.033 (47)
48 r1/2312Ethiene FrancoBRA13.000 (48)
49 r1/2341Mira BoumejmajenFRA12.966 (49)
50 r1/2364Nadine JaroschGER12.933 (50)
51 r1/2335Yao JinnanCHN12.833 (51)
52 r1/2313Bruna LealBRA12.800 (52)
53 r1/2438Sherine El-ZeinyEGY12.733 (53)
54 r1/2365Elisabeth SeitzGER12.700 (54)
55 r1/2343Anne KuhmFRA12.566 (55)
56 r1/2362Kim BuiGER12.433 (56)
57 r1/2439Simona CastroCHI12.400 (57)
58 r1/2427Elsa GarcíaMEX12.400 (58)
59 r1/2436Zoi LimaPOR12.266 (59)
60 r1/2430Tina ErcegCRO12.266 (60)
61 r1/2451Jessica GilCOL12.266 (61)
62 r1/2372Erika FasanaITA12.266 (62)
63 r1/2444Jonna AdlertegSWE12.200 (63)
64 r1/2431Marta Pihan-KuleszaPOL12.166 (64)
65 r1/2458Ralitsa MilevaBUL12.066 (65)
66 r1/2435Nataliya KononenkoUKR12.066 (66)
67 r1/2315Harumi de FreitasBRA12.033 (67)
68 r1/2449Barbara GasserAUT12.000 (68)
69 r1/2457Ana María IzurietaESP12.000 (69)
70 r1/2443Đỗ Thị Ngân ThươngVIE11.966 (70)
71 r1/2456Laura ŠvilpaitėLTU11.900 (71)
72 r1/2434Mária HomolováSVK11.733 (72)
73 r1/2424Dorina BöczögőHUN11.600 (73)
74 r1/2426Moldir AzimbayKAZ11.566 (74)
75 r1/2423Angel WongHKG11.466 (75)
76 r1/2445Heo Seon-MiKOR11.400 (76)
77 r1/2428Göksu ÜçtaşTUR11.333 (77)
78 r1/2325Kristina VaculikCAN11.300 (78)
79 r1/2322Victoria MoorsCAN11.266 (79)
80 r1/2447Annika UrvikkoFIN10.933 (80)
81 r1/2448Valeria PereyraARG10.566 (81)
82 r1/2437Valeriia MaksiutaISR10.533 (82)
83 r1/2421Kristýna PálešováCZE9.700 (83)

Qualification (29 July 2012 — 09:30)

Top twenty-four (maximum two per nation) qualified for the final.

Difficulty Judge 1Patricia GiralFRA
Difficulty Judge 2Hana LiškařováCZE
Execution Judge 1Antanina KoshalBLR
Execution Judge 2Hélène LalibertéCAN
Execution Judge 3Vera KiryashovaRUS
Execution Judge 4Yumi YamamotoBRA
Execution Judge 5Rieko SakuraiJPN
Execution Reference Judge 1Andrea GómezMEX
Execution Reference Judge 2Christina FrauenknechtSUI
Time Judge 1Pauline SmithGBR
Time Judge 2Glynis ToveyGBR
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScoreLine PenaltyTime PenaltyOther PenaltyTime
1Sui LuCHN15.4006.4009.
2Viktoriya KomovaRUS15.2666.4008.
3Gabby DouglasUSA15.2666.5008.
4Deng LinlinCHN15.1666.5008.
5Aly RaismanUSA15.1006.4008.
6Kyla RossUSA15.0756.1008.
7Kseniya AfanasyevaRUS15.0665.9009.
8Cătălina PonorROU15.0336.4008.
9Anastasiya GrishinaRUS14.9006.0008.
10Diana BulimarROU14.8666.1008.
11Larisa IordacheROU14.8006.4008.
=12Aliya MustafinaRUS14.7006.0008.
=12Jordyn WieberUSA14.7006.0008.
14Sandra IzbașaROU14.6005.8008.
15Asuka TeramotoJPN14.4665.7008.
16Vanessa FerrariITA14.4336.1008.
17Carlotta FerlitoITA14.4256.0008.
18Vasiliki MillousiGRE14.3666.0008.
19Ana Sofía GómezGUA14.3336.1008.
20Lauren MitchellAUS14.3006.5007.
21Youna DufournetFRA14.2006.0008.
22Yuko ShintakeJPN14.1665.9008.
23Daniele HypólitoBRA14.1666.0008.
24Yu MinobeJPN14.1336.2007.
25Céline van GernerNED14.1005.9008.
26Ellie BlackCAN13.9665.9007.
27Jessica LópezVEN13.9335.6008.
28Huang QiushuangCHN13.8665.9007.
29Giulia SteingruberSUI13.7665.8008.
30Gaëlle MysBEL13.7335.6008.
31Oksana ChusovitinaGER13.7005.4008.
32Aurélie MalaussenaFRA13.7005.9007.
33Emily LittleAUS13.6335.5007.
34Dominique PeggCAN13.5665.4008.
35Nastassia MarachkouskayaBLR13.5585.3008.
36Rie TanakaJPN13.4005.5007.
37Imogen CairnsGBR13.3665.4007.
38Elisabetta PreziosaITA13.2665.7007.
39Rebecca TunneyGBR13.1665.1008.
40Lorena QuiñonesPUR13.1335.3007.
41Jennifer PinchesGBR13.1005.8007.
42Salma El-SaidEGY13.0665.2007.
=43Georgia BonoraAUS13.0666.0006.
=43Ashleigh BrennanAUS13.0666.0006.
=43Hannah WhelanGBR13.0666.0007.
46Lim Heem WeiSGP13.0335.0008.
47Saša GolobSLO13.0335.4007.
48Ethiene FrancoBRA13.0004.9007.
49Mira BoumejmajenFRA12.9665.7007.
50Nadine JaroschGER12.9335.5007.
51Yao JinnanCHN12.8335.5007.
52Bruna LealBRA12.8005.1007.
53Sherine El-ZeinyEGY12.7335.1007.
54Elisabeth SeitzGER12.7005.6006.
55Anne KuhmFRA12.5665.9007.
56Kim BuiGER12.4335.3006.
57Simona CastroCHI12.4004.8007.
58Elsa GarcíaMEX12.4005.0007.
59Zoi LimaPOR12.2664.6007.
60Tina ErcegCRO12.2665.0006.
61Jessica GilCOL12.2665.4006.
62Erika FasanaITA12.2665.6006.
63Jonna AdlertegSWE12.2005.0007.
64Marta Pihan-KuleszaPOL12.1665.9006.
65Ralitsa MilevaBUL12.0665.3006.
66Nataliya KononenkoUKR12.0665.5006.
67Harumi de FreitasBRA12.0334.9007.
68Barbara GasserAUT12.0005.0006.
69Ana María IzurietaESP12.0005.9006.
70Đỗ Thị Ngân ThươngVIE11.9664.2007.
71Laura ŠvilpaitėLTU11.9004.8007.
72Mária HomolováSVK11.7334.4007.
73Dorina BöczögőHUN11.6005.0006.
74Moldir AzimbayKAZ11.5665.3005.
75Angel WongHKG11.4664.8006.
76Heo Seon-MiKOR11.4005.6005.
77Göksu ÜçtaşTUR11.3333.3008.
78Kristina VaculikCAN11.3005.5005.
79Victoria MoorsCAN11.2665.6005.
80Annika UrvikkoFIN10.9334.4006.
81Valeria PereyraARG10.5664.6005.
82Valeriia MaksiutaISR10.5335.6004.
83Kristýna PálešováCZE9.7005.3004.

Final (6 August 2012 — 14:47)

Difficulty Judge 1Patricia GiralFRA
Difficulty Judge 2Hana LiškařováCZE
Execution Judge 1Isabel LazoCHI
Execution Judge 2Maria Ratyńska-BuryPOL
Execution Judge 3Yumi YamamotoBRA
Execution Judge 4Olyvia DontiGRE
Execution Judge 5Sabrina KläsbergGER
Execution Reference Judge 1Galina BarkovaKAZ
Execution Reference Judge 2Zsuzsanna KalmárHUN
Time Judge 1Pauline SmithGBR
Time Judge 2Glynis ToveyGBR
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScoreLine PenaltyTime PenaltyOther PenaltyTime
1Deng LinlinCHN15.6006.6008.
2Sui LuCHN15.5006.5009.
3Aly RaismanUSA15.0666.3008.
4Cătălina PonorROU15.0666.6008.
5Kseniya AfanasyevaRUS14.5835.8008.
6Larisa IordacheROU14.2006.4007.
7Gabby DouglasUSA13.6336.0007.
8Viktoriya KomovaRUS13.1666.2007.