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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date31 July – 1 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants56 from 49 countries

The favorite in this event was Australian James Magnussen, who earlier in the year had recorded a textile world best of 47.10, and was the defending World Champion. His challengers were felt to be Brazilian César Cielo Filho, the skinsuit world record holder and 2008 gold medalist in the 50 free, and Canadian Brent Hayden, who was runner-up to Magnussen at the 2011 Worlds, and was co-champion at the 2007 Worlds. France’s Yannick Agnel, who had dominated the anchor leg of the 4×100 freestyle relay to secure the French gold medal in that event, was also highly considered.

In the final Cielo went out ahead, leading at 50 in 22.60, with Hayden second and Magnussen well behind in fifth. American Nathan Adrian was in third place at the turn. But Magnussen had the fastest finish and at 75 metres had pulled even with Adrian, as they took the lead. The finish was as close as could be, without a tie, Adrian out-touching Magnussen for the gold, 47.52 to 47.53 seconds. Hayden held on for the bronze medal, with Agnel just missing out in fourth. Cielo could not finish and dropped back to sixth.

1Nathan AdrianUSA48.19 (1 h6)47.97 (1 h2)47.52 (1)Gold
2James MagnussenAUS48.38 (2 h8)47.63 (1 h1)47.53 (2)Silver
3Brent HaydenCAN48.53 (3 h8)48.21 (4 h2)47.80 (3)Bronze
4Yannick AgnelFRA48.93 (=3 h7)48.23 (5 h2)47.84 (4)
5Sebastiaan VerschurenNED48.37 (1 h8)48.13 (3 h2)47.88 (5)
6César Cielo FilhoBRA48.67 (5 h6)48.17 (2 h1)47.92 (6)
7Hanser GarcíaCUB48.97 (5 h7)48.04 (2 h2)48.04 (7)
8Nikita LobintsevRUS48.60 (4 h6)48.38 (3 h1)48.44 (8)
=9Gideon LouwRSA48.29 (2 h6)48.44 (4 h1)
=9Konrad CzerniakPOL48.67 (2 h7)48.44 (6 h2)
11Fabien GilotFRA48.95 (5 h8)48.49 (5 h1)
=12Pieter TimmersBEL48.54 (1 h7)48.57 (7 h2)
=12James RobertsAUS48.93 (=3 h7)48.57 (6 h1)
14Cullen JonesUSA48.61 (4 h8)48.60 (8 h2)
15Brett FraserCAY48.54 (3 h6)48.92 (7 h1)
16Shaune FraserCAY48.99 (6 h8)49.07 (8 h1)
17Norbert TrandafirROU49.02 (1 h5)
18Marco di CarliGER49.03 (6 h7)
19Filippo MagniniITA49.18 (6 h6)
20Adam BrownGBR49.20 (7 h6)
21Graeme MooreRSA49.29 (7 h7)
22Luca DottoITA49.43 (7 h8)
23Martin VernerCZE49.49 (2 h5)
24Nicolas OliveiraBRA49.51 (8 h7)
25Stefan NystrandSWE49.55 (8 h8)
26David DunfordKEN49.60 (3 h5)
27Kemal Arda GürdalTUR49.71 (1 h4)
28Mindaugas SadauskasLTU49.78 (4 h5)
29Dominik MeichtrySUI49.95 (5 h5)
30Uvis KalniņšLAT49.96 (2 h4)
31Kristian GkolomeevGRE50.08 (6 h5)
32Ben HockinPAR50.12 (3 h4)
33Nabil KebbabALG50.37 (4 h4)
34Yauhen TsurkinBLR50.53 (5 h4)
35Gabriel MelconianURU50.68 (6 h4)
36Branden WhitehurstISV51.04 (7 h4)
37Sidni HoxhaALB51.11 (1 h3)
38Kevin ÁvilaGUA51.44 (2 h3)
39Andrew ChetcutiMLT51.67 (3 h3)
40Jemal le GrandARU51.86 (4 h3)
41Andrew RutherfurdBOL52.57 (5 h3)
42Mohammad BidarianIRI52.93 (6 h3)
43Esau SimpsonGRN53.26 (1 h2)
44Christopher DuenasGUM53.37 (7 h3)
45Mikayel KoloyanARM53.82 (8 h3)
46Sergeý KrowýakowTKM54.43 (2 h2)
47Paul ElaisaFIJ54.87 (3 h2)
48Niall RobertsGUY55.66 (4 h2)
49Andrein TamirMGL56.37 (5 h2)
50Shane MangrooSEY56.46 (6 h2)
51Yasser NúñezNCA57.11 (7 h2)
52Mamadou SoumaréMLI57.32 (1 h1)
53Ahmed HusamMDV57.53 (2 h1)
54Israr HussainPAK57.86 (8 h2)
55Ammaar GhadiyaliTAN1:01.07 (3 h1)
56Beni BinobagiraBDI1:04.57 (4 h1)
DNSLu ZhiwuCHN– (DNS h5)
DNSDan IzotovRUS– (DNS h6)
DNSGeorge BovellTTO– (DNS h4)
DNSDominik KozmaHUN– (DNS h5)

Round One (31 July 2012 — 10:00)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:00)

14Mamadou SoumaréMLI57.320.71
25Ahmed HusamMDV57.530.68
36Ammaar GhadiyaliTAN1:01.070.74
43Beni BinobagiraBDI1:04.570.85

Heat Two (10:03)

14Esau SimpsonGRN53.260.72
22Sergeý KrowýakowTKM54.430.73
33Paul ElaisaFIJ54.870.63
45Niall RobertsGUY55.660.74
51Andrein TamirMGL56.370.69
66Shane MangrooSEY56.460.71
77Yasser NúñezNCA57.110.74
88Israr HussainPAK57.860.83

Heat Three (10:05)

14Sidni HoxhaALB51.110.69
22Kevin ÁvilaGUA51.440.80
35Andrew ChetcutiMLT51.670.61
43Jemal le GrandARU51.860.67
57Andrew RutherfurdBOL52.570.68
66Mohammad BidarianIRI52.930.79
78Christopher DuenasGUM53.370.75
81Mikayel KoloyanARM53.820.76

Heat Four (10:08)

15Kemal Arda GürdalTUR49.710.70
27Uvis KalniņšLAT49.960.65
36Ben HockinPAR50.120.76
43Nabil KebbabALG50.370.70
54Yauhen TsurkinBLR50.530.62
61Gabriel MelconianURU50.680.66
78Branden WhitehurstISV51.040.71
DNS2George BovellTTO

Heat Five (10:11)

14Norbert TrandafirROU49.020.66
22Martin VernerCZE49.490.71
36David DunfordKEN49.600.70
47Mindaugas SadauskasLTU49.780.73
58Dominik MeichtrySUI49.950.66
61Kristian GkolomeevGRE50.080.72
DNS5Dominik KozmaHUN

Heat Six (10:13)

15Nathan AdrianUSA48.190.68Q
21Gideon LouwRSA48.290.78Q
37Brett FraserCAY48.540.62Q
43Nikita LobintsevRUS48.600.73Q
54César Cielo FilhoBRA48.670.66Q
62Filippo MagniniITA49.180.61
78Adam BrownGBR49.200.74
DNS6Dan IzotovRUS

Heat Seven (10:16)

18Pieter TimmersBEL48.540.78Q
27Konrad CzerniakPOL48.670.79Q
=34James RobertsAUS48.930.64Q
=35Yannick AgnelFRA48.930.72Q
52Hanser GarcíaCUB48.970.68Q
66Marco di CarliGER49.030.72
73Graeme MooreRSA49.290.70
81Nicolas OliveiraBRA49.510.68

Heat Eight (10:18)

12Sebastiaan VerschurenNED48.370.70Q
24James MagnussenAUS48.380.70Q
35Brent HaydenCAN48.530.67Q
47Cullen JonesUSA48.610.69Q
53Fabien GilotFRA48.950.71Q
61Shaune FraserCAY48.990.65Q
76Luca DottoITA49.430.70
88Stefan NystrandSWE49.550.64

Semi-Finals (31 July 2012 — 19:30)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (19:30)

15James MagnussenAUS47.630.72Q
22César Cielo FilhoBRA48.170.68Q
36Nikita LobintsevRUS48.380.73Q
44Gideon LouwRSA48.440.76
51Fabien GilotFRA48.490.68
67James RobertsAUS48.570.65
73Brett FraserCAY48.920.64
88Shaune FraserCAY49.070.67

Heat Two (19:37)

14Nathan AdrianUSA47.970.66Q
28Hanser GarcíaCUB48.040.69Q
35Sebastiaan VerschurenNED48.130.69Q
43Brent HaydenCAN48.210.65Q
51Yannick AgnelFRA48.230.69Q
67Konrad CzerniakPOL48.440.76
76Pieter TimmersBEL48.570.75
82Cullen JonesUSA48.600.69

Final (1 August 2012 — 20:20)

15Nathan AdrianUSA47.520.67
24James MagnussenAUS47.530.71
37Brent HaydenCAN47.800.68
41Yannick AgnelFRA47.840.67
56Sebastiaan VerschurenNED47.880.72
62César Cielo FilhoBRA47.920.64
73Hanser GarcíaCUB48.040.68
88Nikita LobintsevRUS48.440.74