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100 metres, Men

Date20 – 21 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants72 from 33 countries

At the beginning of the Olympic year, there were three favorites among the Americans – Andy Stanfield, Art Bragg, and Jim Golliday. But Golliday was injured early in the year and did not make the Olympic team. Stanfield opted out of the 100, although he would make the team and win a gold medal in the 200. Bragg was joined on the US team by outsiders Lindy Remigino and Dean Smith. Their biggest opposition was felt to come from Jamaica’s Herb McKenley and Britain’s McDonald Bailey. The final in Helsinki is probably the closest mass finish in Olympic 100 metre history. Bragg did not make the final, but Smith, Remigino, McKenley, and Bailey were joined by Vladimir Sukharev of the USSR, and John Treloar of Australia. Remigino got out to an early lead but McKenley came on strong at the end and it was difficult to tell who had won. But McKenley’s fast finish saw him pass Remigino in the metres after the line, leading many observers to think the Jamaican had won. The photo finish was necessary to separate the runners, with Remigino winning gold, McKenley silver, and Bailey bronze. Smith, Sukharyev, and Treloar finished 4-6. The first four finishers were credited with 10.4 and Sukharyev and Treloar 10.5, but the auto times showed a margin of only 0.12 seconds between 1st (10.79) and last (10.91).

1981Lindy RemiginoUSA10.4 (1 h11)10.4 (1 h2)10.5 (2 h2)10.4 (1)Gold
2295Herb McKenleyJAM10.7 (1 h5)10.5 (1 h4)10.4 (1 h2)10.4 (2)Silver
3166McDonald BaileyGBR10.4 (1 h3)10.5 (1 h1)10.5 (1 h1)10.4 (3)Bronze
4982Dean SmithUSA10.6 (1 h12)10.4 (1 h3)10.6 (2 h1)10.4 (4)
5414Vladimir SukharevURS10.7 (1 h7)10.7 (3 h4)10.6 (3 h1)10.5 (5)
618John TreloarAUS10.7 (1 h1)10.7 (2 h1)10.6 (3 h2)10.5 (6)
4 h1 r3/4137Lavy PintoIND10.9 (2 h11)10.7 (3 h2)10.7 (4 h1)
4 h2 r3/4397Rafael FortúnCUB10.5 (1 h8)10.7 (2 h3)10.7 (4 h2)
5 h1 r3/4597Alain PorthaultFRA10.7 (2 h12)10.7 (3 h1)10.8 (5 h1)
5 h2 r3/4167Willie JackGBR10.8 (1 h4)10.8 (3 h3)10.7 (5 h2)
6 h1 r3/4980Art BraggUSA10.5 (1 h10)10.5 (2 h4)10.9 (6 h1)
6 h2 r3/4126Theo SaatNED10.9 (2 h7)10.6 (2 h2)10.8 (6 h2)
4 h1 r2/4523Muhammad AslamPAK10.9 (2 h9)10.9 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/4595Étienne BallyFRA10.7 (1 h2)10.8 (4 h2)
4 h3 r2/4727Werner ZandtGER10.7 (1 h9)10.8 (4 h3)
4 h4 r2/4300Tomio HosodaJPN11.0 (2 h6)10.8 (4 h4)
5 h1 r2/4293Byron LaBeachJAM10.9 (2 h8)11.0 (5 h1)
5 h2 r2/4842Hans WehrliSUI10.8 (2 h10)10.8 (5 h2)
5 h3 r2/43Romeo GalánARG11.0 (2 h4)10.9 (5 h3)
5 h4 r2/4930György CsányiHUN10.9 (2 h5)10.9 (5 h4)
6 h2 r2/4168Alan LillingtonGBR10.8 (2 h1)10.9 (6 h2)
6 h3 r2/4232David TabakISR10.9 (1 h6)10.9 (6 h3)
6 h4 r2/4240Carlo VittoriITA10.9 (2 h3)10.9 (6 h4)
AC h1 r2/468Angel KolevBUL10.9 (2 h2)– (DQ h1)
3 h1 r1/4388Gabriel LaryeaGHA11.1 (3 h1)
3 h2 r1/4146Paul DolanIRL11.0 (3 h2)
3 h3 r1/4412Mikhail KazantsevURS11.0 (3 h3)
3 h4 r1/4413Levan SanadzeURS11.0 (3 h4)
3 h5 r1/4562Emil KiszkaPOL10.9 (3 h5)
3 h6 r1/4841Willy SchneiderSUI11.1 (3 h6)
3 h7 r1/4525Sharif ButtPAK11.0 (3 h7)
3 h8 r1/4242Franco LecceseITA10.9 (3 h8)
3 h9 r1/4346Don McFarlaneCAN11.0 (3 h9)
3 h10 r1/4496Titus ErinleNGR10.9 (3 h10)
3 h11 r1/4596René BoninoFRA10.9 (3 h11)
3 h12 r1/4729Erich FuchsGER10.8 (3 h12)
4 h1 r1/4894Miroslav HorčicTCH11.1 (4 h1)
4 h2 r1/4398Raúl MazorraCUB11.0 (4 h2)
4 h3 r1/4155Hörður HaraldssonISL11.0 (4 h3)
4 h4 r1/492Emad ShafeiEGY11.2 (4 h4)
4 h5 r1/4773Pauli TavisaloFIN11.0 (4 h5)
4 h6 r1/470Angel GavrilovBUL11.1 (4 h6)
4 h7 r1/4772Voitto HellsténFIN11.1 (4 h7)
4 h8 r1/4771Issi BaranFIN11.0 (4 h8)
4 h9 r1/4895Zdeněk PospíšilTCH11.0 (4 h9)
4 h10 r1/4929László ZarándiHUN10.9 (4 h10)
4 h11 r1/4893František BrožTCH11.0 (4 h11)
4 h12 r1/4497Karim OlowuNGR11.0 (4 h12)
5 h1 r1/4154Ásmundur BjarnasonISL11.1 (5 h1)
5 h2 r1/4345Bob HutchisonCAN11.0 (5 h2)
5 h3 r1/4409Javier SouzaMEX11.1 (5 h3)
5 h4 r1/4972Guillermo GutiérrezVEN11.2 (5 h4)
5 h5 r1/4553Tomás PaquetePOR11.2 (5 h5)
5 h6 r1/4973Juan LeivaVEN11.2 (5 h6)
5 h7 r1/4389George AcquaahGHA11.2 (5 h7)
5 h8 r1/4840Fritz GriesserSUI11.1 (5 h8)
5 h9 r1/4495Edward AjadoNGR11.0 (5 h9)
5 h10 r1/4156Pétur SigurðssonISL11.3 (5 h10)
5 h11 r1/4524Abdul AzizPAK11.2 (5 h11)
6 h1 r1/491Youssef OmarEGY11.3 (6 h1)
6 h2 r1/4301Masaji TajimaJPN11.1 (6 h2)
6 h3 r1/4374Stefanos PetrakisGRE11.2 (6 h3)
6 h4 r1/4886Boonterm PakpuangTHA11.7 (6 h4)
6 h5 r1/4344Pete SuttonCAN11.2 (6 h5)
6 h7 r1/41Mariano AcostaARG11.4 (6 h7)
6 h9 r1/490Fawzi ChaabanEGY11.4 (6 h9)
6 h10 r1/4887Arun SankosikTHA11.5 (6 h10)
6 h11 r1/4554Rui MaiaPOR11.5 (6 h11)
7 h1 r1/4118José Julio BarillasGUA11.3 (7 h1)
7 h2 r1/4885Adul WanasatithTHA11.2 (7 h2)
7 h7 r1/4241Wolfango MontanariITA11.8 (7 h7)
AC h9 r1/42Enrique BecklesARG– (DQ h9)
DNS147Noel FlanaganIRL– (DNS h5)
DNS390K. K. KorsahGHA– (DNS h8)
DNS668Bo ÅhlenSWE– (DNS h9)
DNS319Radovan PejinYUG– (DNS h10)
DNS150Louis CroweIRL– (DNS h12)
DNS119Roy FearonGUA– (DNS h12)
DNS17Morris CurottaAUS– (DNS h8)
DNS19Ray WeinbergAUS– (DNS h3)
DNS728Heinz FüttererGER– (DNS h4)
DNS294Les LaingJAM– (DNS h6)
DNS104Neville PriceRSA– (DNS h12)

Round One (20 July 1952 — 15:00)

Top two in each heat advanced to the quarter-finals.

Heat One

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
16John TreloarAUS10.710.92Q
22Alan LillingtonGBR10.811.06Q
33Gabriel LaryeaGHA11.111.18
44Miroslav HorčicTCH11.111.23
55Ásmundur BjarnasonISL11.111.40
61Youssef OmarEGY11.311.53
77José Julio BarillasGUA11.311.56

Heat Two

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
15Étienne BallyFRA10.710.97Q
27Angel KolevBUL10.911.01Q
36Paul DolanIRL11.011.12
41Raúl MazorraCUB11.011.19
54Bob HutchisonCAN11.011.26
63Masaji TajimaJPN11.111.29
72Adul WanasatithTHA11.211.61

Heat Three

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11McDonald BaileyGBR10.410.65Q
23Carlo VittoriITA10.910.98Q
36Mikhail KazantsevURS11.011.16
42Hörður HaraldssonISL11.011.32
57Javier SouzaMEX11.111.31
65Stefanos PetrakisGRE11.211.33
DNS4Ray WeinbergAUS

Heat Four

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11Willie JackGBR10.811.05Q
24Romeo GalánARG11.011.11Q
36Levan SanadzeURS11.011.13
47Emad ShafeiEGY11.211.40
55Guillermo GutiérrezVEN11.211.42
63Boonterm PakpuangTHA11.711.85
DNS2Heinz FüttererGER

Heat Five

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
12Herb McKenleyJAM10.710.88Q
21György CsányiHUN10.911.09Q
37Emil KiszkaPOL10.911.13
46Pauli TavisaloFIN11.011.30
54Tomás PaquetePOR11.211.45
65Pete SuttonCAN11.211.45
DNS3Noel FlanaganIRL

Heat Six

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
13David TabakISR10.911.12Q
25Tomio HosodaJPN11.011.14Q
31Willy SchneiderSUI11.111.22
44Angel GavrilovBUL11.111.29
52Juan LeivaVEN11.211.31
DNS6Les LaingJAM

Heat Seven

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
13Vladimir SukharevURS10.710.93Q
27Theo SaatNED10.911.02Q
36Sharif ButtPAK11.011.17
45Voitto HellsténFIN11.111.36
52George AcquaahGHA11.211.47
61Mariano AcostaARG11.411.58
74Wolfango MontanariITA11.812.25

Heat Eight

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
16Rafael FortúnCUB10.510.93Q
24Byron LaBeachJAM10.911.09Q
37Franco LecceseITA10.911.18
43Issi BaranFIN11.011.32
51Fritz GriesserSUI11.111.54
DNS2K. K. KorsahGHA
DNS5Morris CurottaAUS

Heat Nine

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
14Werner ZandtGER10.711.03Q
21Muhammad AslamPAK10.911.18Q
33Don McFarlaneCAN11.011.25
46Zdeněk PospíšilTCH11.011.25
52Edward AjadoNGR11.011.25
67Fawzi ChaabanEGY11.411.51
DQ5Enrique BecklesARG

Heat Ten

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11Art BraggUSA10.510.73Q
22Hans WehrliSUI10.811.00Q
36Titus ErinleNGR10.911.12
45László ZarándiHUN10.911.26
54Pétur SigurðssonISL11.311.55
67Arun SankosikTHA11.511.76
DNS3Radovan PejinYUG

Heat Eleven

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
12Lindy RemiginoUSA10.410.73Q
21Lavy PintoIND10.911.00Q
33René BoninoFRA10.911.00
44František BrožTCH11.011.32
56Abdul AzizPAK11.211.48
65Rui MaiaPOR11.511.79

Heat Twelve

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
14Dean SmithUSA10.610.90Q
27Alain PorthaultFRA10.711.04Q
36Erich FuchsGER10.811.19
41Karim OlowuNGR11.011.27
DNS3Louis CroweIRL
DNS5Roy FearonGUA
DNS2Neville PriceRSA

Quarter-Finals (20 July 1952 — 18:50)

Top three in each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1166McDonald BaileyGBR10.510.73Q
218John TreloarAUS10.710.84Q
3597Alain PorthaultFRA10.710.99Q
4523Muhammad AslamPAK10.911.02
5293Byron LaBeachJAM11.011.05
DQ68Angel KolevBUL

Heat Two

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1981Lindy RemiginoUSA10.410.68Q
2126Theo SaatNED10.610.93Q
3137Lavy PintoIND10.710.98Q
4595Étienne BallyFRA10.810.98
5842Hans WehrliSUI10.811.05
6168Alan LillingtonGBR10.911.26

Heat Three

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1982Dean SmithUSA10.410.69Q
2397Rafael FortúnCUB10.710.90Q
3167Willie JackGBR10.810.94Q
4727Werner ZandtGER10.810.98
53Romeo GalánARG10.911.08
6232David TabakISR10.911.10

Heat Four

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1295Herb McKenleyJAM10.510.72Q
2980Art BraggUSA10.510.75Q
3414Vladimir SukharevURS10.710.92Q
4300Tomio HosodaJPN10.811.03
5930György CsányiHUN10.911.07
6240Carlo VittoriITA10.911.19

Semi-Finals (21 July 1952 — 15:15)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11McDonald BaileyGBR10.510.74Q
22Dean SmithUSA10.610.78Q
34Vladimir SukharevURS10.610.86Q
45Lavy PintoIND10.710.94
56Alain PorthaultFRA10.811.04
63Art BraggUSA10.911.43

Heat Two

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
12Herb McKenleyJAM10.410.74Q
21Lindy RemiginoUSA10.510.74Q
34John TreloarAUS10.610.76Q
45Rafael FortúnCUB10.710.92
56Willie JackGBR10.711.01
63Theo SaatNED10.811.12

Final (21 July 1952 — 17:20)

PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
13Lindy RemiginoUSA10.410.79
22Herb McKenleyJAM10.410.80
35McDonald BaileyGBR10.410.83
44Dean SmithUSA10.410.84
51Vladimir SukharevURS10.510.88
66John TreloarAUS10.510.91