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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date31 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants56 from 41 countries

In the first five days in Barcelona, eight world record holders had been upset in their specialities. Hungary’s Tamás Darnyi was a huge favorite in both IMs, and was the defending champion, world record holder, and 1991 World Champion in both events. He had not lost an individual medley since 1984, had already defended his 400 IM four days earlier, and was hoping not to become the ninth victim of the record holder curse. And he did not, winning the 200 IM, although it was somewhat closer than expected. Darnyi won in 2:00.76, only 0.21 seconds ahead of American Greg Burgess. Darnyi was only fourth after three legs, and the curse appeared real, but he powered home to defend his gold medal.

American Ron Karnaugh finished sixth in the final, which was a difficult swim for him emotionally. His father, Peter, came to the Opening Ceremony, and then died of a heart attack after leaving the stadium. Ron Karnaugh did not know this until later that night when USOC Executive Director Harvey Schiller and USOC Board member George Steinbrenner came to his room in the Olympic Village to tell him. Steinbrenner, well-known as the owner of the New York Yankees, learned that his mother was concerned about how they would pay for Ron’s medical school, which he planned to start that fall, but Steinbrenner told them not to worry, and financed the schooling of the man he would later call “Doctor Ron.” Karnaugh later became a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Tamás DarnyiHUN2:01.29 (1 h8)2:00.76 (1)Gold
2Greg BurgessUSA2:01.35 (2 h8)2:00.97 (2)Silver
3Attila CzeneHUN2:02.05 (1 h6)2:01.00 (3)Bronze
4Jani SievinenFIN2:01.18 (1 h7)2:01.28 (4)
5Christian GeßnerGER2:02.43 (3 h7)2:01.97 (5)
6Ron KarnaughUSA2:01.64 (2 h7)2:02.18 (6)
7Matt DunnAUS2:02.75 (3 h8)2:02.79 (7)
8Gary AndersonCAN2:02.63 (2 h6)2:04.30 (8)
9Martín López-ZuberoESP2:03.07 (3 h6)2:03.34 (1)
10Serghei MariniucEUN2:04.23 (5 h7)2:03.72 (2)
11Lars SørensenDEN2:04.65 (6 h8)2:03.81 (3)
12Frédéric LefèvreFRA2:03.82 (4 h7)2:04.05 (4)
13Tatsuya KinugasaJPN2:03.32 (4 h8)2:04.29 (5)
14Darren WardCAN2:03.71 (5 h8)2:05.09 (6)
15Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:04.89 (5 h6)2:07.74 (7)
16Luca SacchiITA2:03.54 (4 h6)1
17Manuel GuzmánPUR2:04.95 (6 h7)– (DNS)
18John DaveyGBR2:05.07 (7 h8)
19Aleksandr SavitskyEUN2:05.09 (1 h5)
20Marcin MalińskiPOL2:05.32 (1 h4)
21Petteri LehtinenFIN2:05.65 (2 h5)
22Marcel WoudaNED2:05.95 (6 h6)
23Joaquín FernándezESP2:06.09 (7 h6)
24Stefaan MaeneBEL2:06.16 (3 h5)
25Marian SatnoianuROU2:06.45 (2 h4)
26Denislav KalchevBUL2:06.51 (3 h4)
27Clifford LyneRSA2:06.62 (1 h1)
28Simon PercyNZL2:06.76 (4 h5)
29Igor ŁuczakPOL2:07.08 (1 h3)
30José Carlos SouzaBRA2:07.09 (4 h4)
31Desmond KohSGP2:07.16 (5 h4)
32Josef HladkyGER2:07.18 (7 h7)
33Diogo MadeiraPOR2:07.38 (2 h3)
34Gary O'TooleIRL2:07.67 (5 h5)
35Renato RamalhoBRA2:07.78 (6 h5)
36Andy RolleyGBR2:09.22 (3 h3)
37Arthur LiHKG2:09.32 (4 h3)
38Eric BuhainPHI2:09.33 (6 h4)
39Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:11.02 (1 h2)
40Gary TanSGP2:11.14 (5 h3)
41Ricardo TorresPAN2:12.01 (6 h3)
42Duncan ToddHKG2:12.29 (2 h2)
43Christophe VerdinoMON2:12.46 (3 h2)
44Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:13.68 (7 h4)
45Alejandro AlvizuriPER2:15.10 (4 h2)
46Plutarco CastellanosHON2:15.50 (5 h2)
47Émile LahoudLBN2:22.08 (6 h2)
48Carl ProbertFIJ2:22.09 (2 h1)
49Mohamed Bin AbidUAE2:22.95 (3 h1)
50Mouhamed DiopSEN2:23.92 (4 h1)
51Kenny RobertsSEY2:30.35 (5 h1)
52Jean-Paul AdamSEY2:35.35 (6 h1)
DQMartin RobertsAUS– (DQ h8)
DQRoberto BonillaGUA– (DQ h2)
DQRodrigo GonzálezMEX– (DQ h5)
DQJan BidrmanSWE– (DQ h7)
DNSEran GroumiISR– (DNS h3)
DNSStefano BattistelliITA– (DNS h6)
DNSZiyad KashmiriKSA– (DNS h1)
DNSBruno N'DiayeSEN– (DNS h1)

Round One (31 July 1992 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

18Clifford LyneRSA2:06.62
24Carl ProbertFIJ2:22.09
33Mohamed Bin AbidUAE2:22.95
41Mouhamed DiopSEN2:23.92
56Kenny RobertsSEY2:30.35
62Jean-Paul AdamSEY2:35.35
DNS5Ziyad KashmiriKSA
DNS7Bruno N'DiayeSEN

Heat Two

14Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:11.02
22Duncan ToddHKG2:12.29
36Christophe VerdinoMON2:12.46
45Alejandro AlvizuriPER2:15.10
57Plutarco CastellanosHON2:15.50
61Émile LahoudLBN2:22.08
DQ3Roberto BonillaGUA

Heat Three

16Igor ŁuczakPOL2:07.08
24Diogo MadeiraPOR2:07.38
35Andy RolleyGBR2:09.22
47Arthur LiHKG2:09.32
52Gary TanSGP2:11.14
61Ricardo TorresPAN2:12.01
DNS3Eran GroumiISR

Heat Four

15Marcin MalińskiPOL2:05.32
24Marian SatnoianuROU2:06.45
32Denislav KalchevBUL2:06.51
46José Carlos SouzaBRA2:07.09
57Desmond KohSGP2:07.16
63Eric BuhainPHI2:09.33
71Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:13.68

Heat Five

12Aleksandr SavitskyEUN2:05.09
24Petteri LehtinenFIN2:05.65
35Stefaan MaeneBEL2:06.16
47Simon PercyNZL2:06.76
56Gary O'TooleIRL2:07.67
63Renato RamalhoBRA2:07.78
DQ1Rodrigo GonzálezMEX

Heat Six

15Attila CzeneHUN2:02.05Q
23Gary AndersonCAN2:02.63Q
34Martín López-ZuberoESP2:03.07q
46Luca SacchiITA2:03.54q
52Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:04.89q
67Marcel WoudaNED2:05.95
71Joaquín FernándezESP2:06.09
DNS8Stefano BattistelliITA

Heat Seven

15Jani SievinenFIN2:01.18Q
24Ron KarnaughUSA2:01.64Q
33Christian GeßnerGER2:02.43Q
46Frédéric LefèvreFRA2:03.82q
58Serghei MariniucEUN2:04.23q
67Manuel GuzmánPUR2:04.95
72Josef HladkyGER2:07.18
DQ1Jan BidrmanSWE

Heat Eight

14Tamás DarnyiHUN2:01.29Q
25Greg BurgessUSA2:01.35Q
37Matt DunnAUS2:02.75Q
42Tatsuya KinugasaJPN2:03.32q
56Darren WardCAN2:03.71q
63Lars SørensenDEN2:04.65q
78John DaveyGBR2:05.07
DQ1Martin RobertsAUS

B Final (31 July 1992 — 19:00)

14Martín López-ZuberoESP2:03.34
22Serghei MariniucEUN2:03.72
37Lars SørensenDEN2:03.81
46Frédéric LefèvreFRA2:04.05
55Tatsuya KinugasaJPN2:04.29
63Darren WardCAN2:05.09
71Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:07.74
DNS8Manuel GuzmánPUR

Final (31 July 1992 — 19:00)

15Tamás DarnyiHUN2:00.76
23Greg BurgessUSA2:00.97
32Attila CzeneHUN2:01.00
44Jani SievinenFIN2:01.28
57Christian GeßnerGER2:01.97
66Ron KarnaughUSA2:02.18
78Matt DunnAUS2:02.79
81Gary AndersonCAN2:04.30