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10 kilometres Pursuit, Women

Date16 February 2010 — 10:30
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants60 from 24 countries
FormatStarting margin based on results of 7.5 kilometer. Penalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
Venue detailsCourse Length: 10,480 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.1 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 4.2 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 6.6 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 8.5 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 330 m

With the positions of the biathletes from the 7.5 kilometre event determining the starting places and times, this turned into a contest between [Anastasia Kuzmina] of Slovakia starting first and German Magdalena Neuner starting just 2 seconds behind. As the race progressed, Neuner overtook Kuzmina and stayed there to win by 12.3 seconds in a time of 30:16.0. The contest for third place was just as interesting, with Marie Dorin of France who started in that position, fading to finish 17th. It was her compatriot, Marie Laure Brunet, who gradually moved up from 6th place at the start into third place, half way around the course, and remain there for the rest of the race, taking the bronze medal, some 28.3 seconds behind Neuner. Remarkable runs from Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek and Tora Berger of Norway saw them move from 20th and 33rd up to 4th and 5th place respectively. Neuner was known for her erratic shooting but arrived in Vancouver with a run of victories in World Cup events. Olofsson-Zidek was a little unfortunate as race officials made a mistake and held her for an extra 14 seconds at the start. She finished 25 seconds behind Brunet at the finish but then had the missing seconds subtracted from her time. Whether having the Frenchwoman as a closer target to chase on the course would have spurred the Swede on to greater efforts is impossible to tell. The Swedish team lodged a protest but later withdrew it.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
12Magdalena NeunerGER30:16.02+0:0230:14.0 (4)Gold
21Anastasia KuzminaSVK30:28.3230:28.3 (7)Silver
36Marie-Laure BrunetFRA30:44.30+0:2830:16.3 (5)Bronze
420Anna-Carin Olofsson-ZidekSWE30:55.41+0:5829:57.4 (2)1
533Tora BergerNOR31:07.20+1:4729:20.2 (1)
64Anna BulyginaRUS31:08.11+0:1230:56.1 (10)
77Olga ZaytsevaRUS31:20.32+0:2830:52.3 (9)
810Ann Kristin FlatlandNOR31:33.31+0:3430:59.3 (12)
927Andrea HenkelGER31:40.53+1:2030:20.5 (6)
105Yelena KhrustalyovaKAZ31:42.13+0:2531:17.1 (16)
1130Kati WilhelmGER31:43.31+1:3230:11.3 (3)
1217Liudmila KalinchykBLR31:48.22+0:5130:57.2 (11)
1312Helena JonssonSWE31:53.82+0:4731:06.8 (14)
148Daria DomrachavaBLR31:57.24+0:3231:25.2 (19)
1526Simone HauswaldGER31:58.64+1:1930:39.6 (8)2
163Marie DorinFRA32:03.22+0:1131:52.2 (29)
1713Svetlana SleptsovaRUS32:06.93+0:4831:18.9 (17)
1814Eva TofalviROU32:26.32+0:5031:36.3 (23)
1922Olga MedvedtsevaRUS32:31.93+1:0631:25.9 (20)
2018Olena PidhrushnaUKR32:34.02+0:5231:42.0 (24)
2111Oksana KhvostenkoUKR32:54.31+0:4332:11.3 (34)
2223Valj SemerenkoUKR32:57.63+1:1331:44.6 (26)3
2321Krystyna PałkaPOL33:07.62+0:5932:08.6 (32)
2442Agnieszka CylPOL33:08.41+2:0031:08.4 (15)
2528Nadzeya SkardsinaBLR33:11.02+1:2231:49.0 (27)
2615Sandrine BaillyFRA33:15.05+0:5032:25.0 (39)
2736Weronika NowakowskaPOL33:24.22+1:5431:30.2 (21)
2829Sylvie BecaertFRA33:34.83+1:2632:08.8 (33)
2951Liu XianyingCHN33:41.22+2:1931:22.2 (18)
3035Magdalena GwizdońPOL33:45.82+1:5331:52.8 (30)
3119Magda RezlerováCZE33:46.95+0:5532:51.9 (45)
3231Andreja MaliSLO33:53.92+1:3732:16.9 (35)
3325Diana RasimovičiūtėLTU33:58.45+1:1632:42.4 (42)
3450Wang ChunliCHN34:01.82+2:1831:43.8 (25)
3546Megan TandyCAN34:02.21+2:1231:50.2 (28)
3624Veronika VítkováCZE34:02.53+1:1532:47.5 (43)
3757Madara LīdumaLAT34:02.63+2:2831:34.6 (22)
3837Dijana RavnikarSLO34:02.71+1:5432:08.7 (31)
3940Janka GerekováSVK34:20.14+1:5832:22.1 (37)
4041Sofia DomeijSWE34:23.82+1:5932:24.8 (38)
4134Vita SemerenkoUKR34:26.45+1:4732:39.4 (41)
4232Song ChaoqingCHN34:46.65+1:4333:03.6 (46)
4352Anna LebedevaKAZ34:49.82+2:2032:29.8 (40)
4459Kaisa MäkäräinenFIN34:50.02+2:3232:18.0 (36)
4545Sara StudebakerUSA35:00.12+2:1032:50.1 (44)
4616Anna-Maria NilssonSWE35:16.96+0:5034:26.9 (52)
4756Selina GasparinSUI35:53.55+2:2833:25.5 (47)
4839Mihaela PurdeaROU36:08.54+1:5734:11.5 (49)
4943Michela PonzaITA36:11.91+2:0034:11.9 (48)
5038Katja HallerITA36:20.95+1:5534:25.9 (51)
5149Dana PlotogeaROU36:38.83+2:1734:21.8 (50)
5247Karin OberhoferITA36:40.36+2:1334:27.3 (53)
5344Fuyuko SuzukiJPN36:41.91+2:0234:39.9 (54)
5460Zdeňka VejnarováCZE37:30.66+2:3334:57.6 (55)
5553Natalia LevcencovaMDA37:38.54+2:2335:15.5 (56)
5648Gerda KrūmiņaLAT37:58.74+2:1435:44.7 (57)
AC55Eveli SaueEST7+2:28– (–)DNFlapped
AC58Marina LebedevaKAZ5+2:31– (–)DNFlapped
AC54Martina HalinárováSVK6+2:23– (–)DNFlapped
AC9Teja GregorinSLO31:38.62+0:3431:04.6 (13)DQ4