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Welterweight, Freestyle (≤74 kilograms), Men

Date8 – 10 August 1984 — 12:00-15:00-18:00-20:30 (all days)
LocationAnaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA
Participants22 from 22 countries
FormatTwo groups of competitors. Placement within each group decided by a series of matches with positive points awarded for each result, from 4.0 for victory by fall, to 0.0 for defeat by fall. When three wrestlers remained within a group, they wrestled a round-robin series to determine the top three placements within the group. The winners of each group then wrestled for 1st and 2nd place. Runners-up in each group wrestled for 3rd and 4th place. Third-place finishers within each group wrestled for 5th and 6th place..

This was the only freestyle wrestling class in Los Angeles in which the 1983 World Champion competed, which was American Dave Schultz. Likely the most competitive class in 1984, other top competitors present were Yugoslav Macedonian Šaban Sejdi, Olympic bronze medalist in 1980 as a lightweight and the 1984 European welterweight champion, and West German Martin Knosp, 1982 European champion and bronze medalist at the 1983 Worlds. Schultz crushed all his opponents in Group A, advancing to the final against Knosp, who put up a close match, Schultz winning the gold on decision, 4-1. Sejdi won the bronze medal after he had lost out in Group A to Schultz. The day after this event ended, Mark Schultz, Dave’s brother, won a gold medal in the middleweight division.

Schultz won silver and bronze medals at the 1985-87 World Championships and then retired, but he came back in 1993, winning another World silver medal. He began training in Wilmington, Delaware at a club called Team Foxcatcher, which was sponsored by DuPont Chemical heir, John Eleuthère du Pont. In January 1996, with Schultz in full Olympic training mode, he was shot and killed by du Pont, who had become mentally unstable.

1Dave SchultzUSAGold
2Martin KnospFRGSilver
3Šaban SejdiYUGBronze
4Rajinder SinghIND
5Naomi HiguchiJPN
6Han Myeong-UKOR
7Marc MongeonCAN
8Pekka RauhalaFIN
ACSelahattin SağanTUREliminated r5/5 Group A8,5
ACAli Hussain FarisIRQEliminated r3/5 Group A4,5
ACRomelio SalasCOLEliminated r3/5 Group A4,0
ACMuhammad GulPAKEliminated r3/5 Group A0,0
ACMohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGYEliminated r2/5 Group A4,0
ACIgnacio OrdóñezESPEliminated r2/5 Group A0,0
ACZane ColemanNZLEliminated r2/5 Group A0,0
ACHoukreo BambeCMREliminated r4/5 Group B6,0
ACKyriakos BogiatzisGREEliminated r4/5 Group B3,0
ACSeidu OlawaleNGREliminated r3/5 Group B4,5
ACCraig GreenAUSEliminated r3/5 Group B2,0
ACFitz WalkerGBREliminated r2/5 Group B1,0
ACMohamed ZayarSYREliminated r2/5 Group B1,0
ACÓscar StráticoARGEliminated r2/5 Group B0,0

Group A - Round One (8 August 1984)

=1Ali Hussain FarisIRQ4,0
=1Selahattin SağanTUR4,0
=1Šaban SejdiYUG4,0
4Dave SchultzUSA3,5
5Romelio SalasCOL3,0
6Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY1,0
7Pekka RauhalaFIN0,5
=8Ignacio OrdóñezESP0,0
=8Han Myeong-UKOR0,0
=8Zane ColemanNZL0,0
=8Muhammad GulPAK0,0

Match #1 Romelio SalasCOL
decision (8-5)
Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY
Match #2 Dave SchultzUSA
decision (9-1)
Pekka RauhalaFIN
Match #3 Šaban SejdiYUG
fall (5:03)
Zane ColemanNZL
Match #4 Selahattin SağanTUR
decision (14-0)
Ignacio OrdóñezESP
Match #5 Ali Hussain FarisIRQ
fall (1:05)
Muhammad GulPAK
Match #6 Han Myeong-UKOR bye

Group A - Round Two (8 August 1984)

1Šaban SejdiYUG8,0
=2Selahattin SağanTUR7,5
=2Dave SchultzUSA7,5
=4Pekka RauhalaFIN4,5
=4Ali Hussain FarisIRQ4,5
=6Romelio SalasCOL4,0
=6Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY4,0eliminated
=6Han Myeong-UKOR4,0
=9Ignacio OrdóñezESP0,0eliminated
=9Zane ColemanNZL0,0eliminated
=9Muhammad GulPAK0,0

Match #1 Han Myeong-UKOR
fall (2:00)
Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY
Match #2 Pekka RauhalaFIN
fall (2:50)
Romelio SalasCOL
Match #3 Dave SchultzUSA
decision (12-0) (3:16)
Zane ColemanNZL
Match #4 Šaban SejdiYUG
decision (12-0) (1:45)
Ignacio OrdóñezESP
Match #5 Selahattin SağanTUR
decision (9-1)
Ali Hussain FarisIRQ
Match #6 Muhammad GulPAK bye

Group A - Round Three (8 August 1984)

1Šaban SejdiYUG12,0
2Dave SchultzUSA11,5
3Selahattin SağanTUR8,5
4Han Myeong-UKOR8,0
5Pekka RauhalaFIN7,5
6Ali Hussain FarisIRQ4,5eliminated
7Romelio SalasCOL4,0eliminated
8Muhammad GulPAK0,0eliminated

Match #1 Han Myeong-UKOR
fall (0:33)
Muhammad GulPAK
Match #2 Dave SchultzUSA
decision (12-0) (1:13)
Romelio SalasCOL
Match #3 Pekka RauhalaFIN
decision (9-5)
Selahattin SağanTUR
Match #4 Šaban SejdiYUG
decision (13-1) (5:05)
Ali Hussain FarisIRQ

Group A - Round Four (9 August 1984)

1Dave SchultzUSA15,5
2Šaban SejdiYUG12,0
3Pekka RauhalaFIN10,5
4Han Myeong-UKOR9,0
5Selahattin SağanTUR8,5

Match #1 Pekka RauhalaFIN
decision (6-5)
Han Myeong-UKOR
Match #2 Dave SchultzUSA
fall (1:46)
Šaban SejdiYUG
Match #3 Selahattin SağanTUR bye

Group A - Round Five (9 August 1984)

1Dave SchultzUSA15,5
2Šaban SejdiYUG15,0
3Han Myeong-UKOR12,0
4Pekka RauhalaFIN11,5
5Selahattin SağanTUR8,5eliminated

Match #1 Han Myeong-UKOR
decision (6-0)
Selahattin SağanTUR
Match #2 Šaban SejdiYUG
decision (10-7)
Pekka RauhalaFIN
Match #3 Dave SchultzUSA bye

Group A - Final (9 August 1984)

1Dave SchultzUSA7,0
2Šaban SejdiYUG3,5
3Han Myeong-UKOR0,0

Match #1 Dave SchultzUSA
decision (5-0)
Han Myeong-UKOR
Match #2 Dave SchultzUSA Šaban SejdiYUG
Match #3 Šaban SejdiYUG
decision (8-0)
Han Myeong-UKOR

Group B - Round One (8 August 1984)

=1Marc MongeonCAN4,0
=1Martin KnospFRG4,0
3Seidu OlawaleNGR3,5
=4Houkreo BambeCMR3,0
=4Rajinder SinghIND3,0
6Naomi HiguchiJPN1,0
=7Óscar StráticoARG0,0
=7Craig GreenAUS0,0
=7Fitz WalkerGBR0,0
=7Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE0,0
=7Mohamed ZayarSYR0,0

Match #1 Marc MongeonCAN
fall (4:30)
Fitz WalkerGBR
Match #2 Rajinder SinghIND
decision (5-2)
Naomi HiguchiJPN
Match #3 Houkreo BambeCMR
passivity (3:14)
Mohamed ZayarSYR
Match #4 Seidu OlawaleNGR
decision (15-5)
Óscar StráticoARG
Match #5 Martin KnospFRG
fall (1:49)
Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE
Match #6 Craig GreenAUS bye

Group B - Round Two (8 August 1984)

1Martin KnospFRG8,0
2Marc MongeonCAN7,0
=3Houkreo BambeCMR6,0
=3Rajinder SinghIND6,0
5Naomi HiguchiJPN4,0
6Seidu OlawaleNGR3,5
=7Craig GreenAUS1,0
=7Fitz WalkerGBR1,0eliminated
=7Mohamed ZayarSYR1,0eliminated
=10Óscar StráticoARG0,0eliminated
=10Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE0,0

Match #1 Marc MongeonCAN
decision (6-2)
Craig GreenAUS
Match #2 Naomi HiguchiJPN
decision (7-4)
Fitz WalkerGBR
Match #3 Rajinder SinghIND
decision (4-3)
Mohamed ZayarSYR
Match #4 Houkreo BambeCMR
passivity (1:58)
Óscar StráticoARG
Match #5 Martin KnospFRG
fall (2:20)
Seidu OlawaleNGR
Match #6 Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE bye

Group B - Round Three (8 August 1984)

1Martin KnospFRG12,0
2Rajinder SinghIND9,0
=3Marc MongeonCAN7,5
=3Naomi HiguchiJPN7,5
5Houkreo BambeCMR6,0
6Seidu OlawaleNGR4,5eliminated
7Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE3,0
8Craig GreenAUS2,0eliminated

Match #1 Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE
decision (4-2)
Craig GreenAUS
Match #2 Naomi HiguchiJPN
decision (11-3)
Marc MongeonCAN
Match #3 Rajinder SinghIND
decision (6-2)
Seidu OlawaleNGR
Match #4 Martin KnospFRG
fall (1:08)
Houkreo BambeCMR

Group B - Round Four (9 August 1984)

1Martin KnospFRG16,0
=2Marc MongeonCAN11,5
=2Naomi HiguchiJPN11,5
4Rajinder SinghIND9,0
5Houkreo BambeCMR6,0eliminated
6Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE3,0eliminated

Match #1 Marc MongeonCAN
decision (12-0) (3:49)
Kyriakos BogiatzisGRE
Match #2 Naomi HiguchiJPN
fall (1:21)
Houkreo BambeCMR
Match #3 Martin KnospFRG
fall (1:31)
Rajinder SinghIND

Group B - Final (9 August 1984)

1Martin KnospFRG20,0
2Rajinder SinghIND12,5
=3Marc MongeonCAN11,5
=3Naomi HiguchiJPN11,5

Match #1 Rajinder SinghIND
decision (9-0)
Marc MongeonCAN
Match #2 Martin KnospFRG
fall (1:20)
Naomi HiguchiJPN

Final Round (10 August 1984)

Match 1/2 Dave SchultzUSA
decision (4-1)
Martin KnospFRG
Match 3/4 Šaban SejdiYUG
decision (5-1)
Rajinder SinghIND
Match 5/6 Naomi HiguchiJPN
decision (7-3)
Han Myeong-UKOR