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Sprint, Freestyle, Men

Date19 February 2002
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants71 from 36 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
Venue detailsCourse Length: 1,480 m
Height Differential: 32 m
Maximum Climb: 14 m
Total Climbing: 50 m

The sprint event was new to the Olympic Program in 2002, having first been contested at the 2001 World Championships. It consisted of approximately a 1,500 metre course, with a qualifying round in which the 16 fastest skiers advanced to match racing. Match racing began with four quarter-finals of four racers each, with the top two races in each heat advancing in each round, to get to a final of four racers. The favorites were Italy’s Cristian Zorzi, the leader in the event in the 2001-02 World Cup season and runner-up at the 2001 World Championships, and Norwegian Tor-Arne Hetland, the 2001 World Champion, who had twice finished second to Zorzi in the current World Cup chase. Both qualified easily for match racing, with Zorzi second and Hetland sixth, as the qualifying leader was Norway’s Håvard Bjerkeli. Bjerkeli finished last in his quarter-final, but Zorzi and Hetland both advanced. In the semis, they were matched together, with Zorzi narrowly winning, as both recorded 2:59.9. The final was a close race between the two and Germany’s Peter Schlickenrieder. Hetland sat on their tails for most of the race, but sprinted ahead 100 metres from the line to win the gold medal, Schlickenrieder edging Zorzi for the silver. Zorzi’s nickname was Zorro and he wore a Zorro outfit on the podium for the medal ceremony.

1Tor-Arne HetlandNOR2:51.19 (6)2:57.2 (1 h4)2:59.9 (2 h2)2:56.9 (1 h2)Gold
2Peter SchlickenriederGER2:51.12 (5)2:55.0 (1 h2)3:09.9 (1 h1)2:57.0 (2 h2)Silver
3Cristian ZorziITA2:50.34 (2)2:52.1 (2 h3)2:59.9 (1 h2)2:57.2 (3 h2)Bronze
4Björn LindSWE2:52.17 (9)3:02.2 (1 h1)3:10.4 (2 h1)2:58.1 (4 h2)
5Freddy SchwienbacherITA2:53.03 (11)2:57.7 (2 h4)3:00.2 (3 h2)2:56.1 (1 h1)
6Trond IversenNOR2:51.09 (4)2:56.8 (2 h2)3:10.5 (3 h1)2:56.6 (2 h1)
7Tobias AngererGER2:52.31 (10)2:51.4 (1 h3)3:00.4 (4 h2)2:58.0 (3 h1)
8Hannu ManninenFIN2:53.87 (16)3:02.4 (2 h1)3:14.1 (4 h1)2:59.5 (4 h1)
9Janusz KrężelokPOL2:50.67 (3)3:00.7 (3 h4)3:00.6 (5 h2)
10Martin KoukalCZE2:52.09 (8)3:02.6 (3 h1)
11Matej SokličSLO2:53.42 (13)2:57.1 (3 h2)
12Markus HaslerLIE2:53.74 (15)2:53.3 (3 h3)
13Håvard BjerkeliNOR2:50.07 (1)3:05.8 (4 h1)
14Silvio FaunerITA2:51.51 (7)2:53.9 (4 h3)
15Trond Einar EldenNOR2:53.31 (12)2:58.1 (4 h2)
16Sergey NovikovRUS2:54.35 (17)
17Thobias FredrikssonSWE2:54.45 (18)
18Christoph EigenmannSUI2:54.76 (19)
19René SommerfeldtGER2:54.87 (20)
20Ari PalolahtiFIN2:55.28 (21)
21Sami RepoFIN2:55.47 (22)
22Stephan KunzLIE2:55.91 (23)
23Reinhard NeunerAUT2:56.20 (24)
24Jörgen BrinkSWE2:56.84 (25)
25Keijo KurttilaFIN2:56.91 (26)
26Raman ViralaynenBLR2:57.48 (27)
27Fulvio ValbusaITA2:57.60 (28)
28Vasily RochevRUS2:57.76 (29)
29Carl SwensonUSA2:58.56 (30)
30Vitaly DenisovRUS2:59.21 (31)
31Dmitry TishkinRUS2:59.40 (32)
32Indrek TobrelutsEST3:00.02 (33)
33Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:00.31 (34)
34Pavo RaudseppEST3:01.04 (35)
35Torin KoosUSA3:01.32 (36)
36Lars FloraUSA3:01.41 (37)
37Daichi AzegamiJPN3:01.47 (38)
38Priit NaruskEST3:01.75 (39)
39Zoltán TagschererHUN3:01.90 (40)
40Lefteris FafalisGRE3:01.98 (41)
41Kris FreemanUSA3:02.68 (42)
42Denis KrivushkinKAZ3:02.73 (43)
43Donald FarleyCAN3:03.02 (44)
44Roman LeibiukUKR3:03.21 (45)
45Zsolt AntalROU3:05.24 (46)
46Masaaki KozuJPN3:05.90 (=47)
47Damir JurčevićCRO3:05.90 (=47)
48Imre TagschererHUN3:05.98 (49)
49Vladimir BortsovKAZ3:06.03 (50)
50Maksim OdnodvortsevKAZ3:06.83 (51)
51Han DaweiCHN3:07.00 (52)
52Vadim GusevasLTU3:07.25 (=53)
53Vladislavas ZybailaLTU3:07.25 (=53)
54Aliaksei TrehurouBLR3:08.05 (55)
55Dzianis VarabiouBLR3:08.79 (56)
56Shin Doo-SunKOR3:11.89 (57)
57Aliaksandr ShalakBLR3:13.63 (58)
58Slavcho BatinkovBUL3:14.21 (59)
59Matyás HollóHUN3:15.11 (60)
60Sabahattin OğlagoTUR3:18.24 (61)
61Ivan BayrakovBUL3:18.97 (62)
62Aram HadzhiyanARM3:24.89 (63)
63Gjoko DineskiMKD3:29.29 (64)
64Philip BoitKEN3:51.49 (65)
65Isaac MenyoliCMR4:10.07 (66)
66Prawat NagvajaraTHA4:14.55 (67)
67Arturo KinchCRC4:22.72 (68)
68Paul O'ConnorIRL4:33.82 (69)
69Jay KhadkaNEP4:48.42 (70)
ACMarc MayerAUT2:54.96 (AC)DQ1
ACPeter LarssonSWE2:53.55 (14)2:57.7 (AC h4)DQ
DNSAxel TeichmannGER– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (19 February 2002 — 9:30)

Top 16 finishers advance to quarter-finals.

19Håvard BjerkeliNOR2:50.07Q
214Cristian ZorziITA2:50.34Q
324Janusz KrężelokPOL2:50.67Q
45Trond IversenNOR2:51.09Q
515Peter SchlickenriederGER2:51.12Q
62Tor-Arne HetlandNOR2:51.19Q
71Silvio FaunerITA2:51.51Q
812Martin KoukalCZE2:52.09Q
916Björn LindSWE2:52.17Q
1013Tobias AngererGER2:52.31Q
1110Freddy SchwienbacherITA2:53.03Q
124Trond Einar EldenNOR2:53.31Q
1328Matej SokličSLO2:53.42Q
1411Peter LarssonSWE2:53.55Q
156Markus HaslerLIE2:53.74Q
1662Hannu ManninenFIN2:53.87Q
1758Sergey NovikovRUS2:54.35
183Thobias FredrikssonSWE2:54.45
1930Christoph EigenmannSUI2:54.76
2017René SommerfeldtGER2:54.87
217Ari PalolahtiFIN2:55.28
2222Sami RepoFIN2:55.47
2326Stephan KunzLIE2:55.91
2433Reinhard NeunerAUT2:56.20
2523Jörgen BrinkSWE2:56.84
2618Keijo KurttilaFIN2:56.91
2740Raman ViralaynenBLR2:57.48
2821Fulvio ValbusaITA2:57.60
2919Vasily RochevRUS2:57.76
3032Carl SwensonUSA2:58.56
3120Vitaly DenisovRUS2:59.21
3231Dmitry TishkinRUS2:59.40
3357Indrek TobrelutsEST3:00.02
3446Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:00.31
3529Pavo RaudseppEST3:01.04
3634Torin KoosUSA3:01.32
3742Lars FloraUSA3:01.41
3835Daichi AzegamiJPN3:01.47
3927Priit NaruskEST3:01.75
4047Zoltán TagschererHUN3:01.90
4138Lefteris FafalisGRE3:01.98
4241Kris FreemanUSA3:02.68
4360Denis KrivushkinKAZ3:02.73
4444Donald FarleyCAN3:03.02
4536Roman LeibiukUKR3:03.21
4643Zsolt AntalROU3:05.24
=4737Masaaki KozuJPN3:05.90
=4753Damir JurčevićCRO3:05.90
4964Imre TagschererHUN3:05.98
5045Vladimir BortsovKAZ3:06.03
5159Maksim OdnodvortsevKAZ3:06.83
5254Han DaweiCHN3:07.00
=5352Vadim GusevasLTU3:07.25
=5361Vladislavas ZybailaLTU3:07.25
5539Aliaksei TrehurouBLR3:08.05
5648Dzianis VarabiouBLR3:08.79
5763Shin Doo-SunKOR3:11.89
5850Aliaksandr ShalakBLR3:13.63
5951Slavcho BatinkovBUL3:14.21
6055Matyás HollóHUN3:15.11
6165Sabahattin OğlagoTUR3:18.24
6256Ivan BayrakovBUL3:18.97
6349Aram HadzhiyanARM3:24.89
6466Gjoko DineskiMKD3:29.29
6567Philip BoitKEN3:51.49
6668Isaac MenyoliCMR4:10.07
6771Prawat NagvajaraTHA4:14.55
6869Arturo KinchCRC4:22.72
6970Paul O'ConnorIRL4:33.82
7072Jay KhadkaNEP4:48.42
AC8Marc MayerAUT2:54.96DQ2
DNS25Axel TeichmannGER

Quarter-Finals (19 February 2002 — 12:55)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (12:55)

19Björn LindSWE3:02.2Q
216Hannu ManninenFIN3:02.4Q
38Martin KoukalCZE3:02.6
41Håvard BjerkeliNOR3:05.8

Heat 2 (13:00)

15Peter SchlickenriederGER2:55.0Q
24Trond IversenNOR2:56.8Q
313Matej SokličSLO2:57.1
412Trond Einar EldenNOR2:58.1

Heat 3 (13:05)

110Tobias AngererGER2:51.4Q
22Cristian ZorziITA2:52.1Q
315Markus HaslerLIE2:53.3
47Silvio FaunerITA2:53.9

Heat 4 (13:10)

16Tor-Arne HetlandNOR2:57.2Q
23Freddy SchwienbacherITA2:57.7Q
311Janusz KrężelokPOL3:00.7ADV
AC14Peter LarssonSWE2:57.7DQ

Semi-Finals (19 February 2002 — 13:35)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to final. Next two finishers advance to B final.

Heat 1 (13:35)

15Peter SchlickenriederGER3:09.9Q
29Björn LindSWE3:10.4Q
34Trond IversenNOR3:10.5QB
416Hannu ManninenFIN3:14.1QB

Heat 2 (13:40)

12Cristian ZorziITA2:59.9Q
26Tor-Arne HetlandNOR2:59.9Q
311Freddy SchwienbacherITA3:00.2QB
410Tobias AngererGER3:00.4QB
53Janusz KrężelokPOL3:00.6

Final Round (19 February 2002 — 14:00)

B Final (14:07)

111Freddy SchwienbacherITA2:56.1
24Trond IversenNOR2:56.6
310Tobias AngererGER2:58.0
416Hannu ManninenFIN2:59.5

Final (14:15)

16Tor-Arne HetlandNOR2:56.9
25Peter SchlickenriederGER2:57.0
32Cristian ZorziITA2:57.2
49Björn LindSWE2:58.1