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Light-Flyweight (≤48 kilograms), Men

Date17 September – 1 October 1988
LocationJam-sil Hak-saeng Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants34 from 34 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Although world champion Juan Torres Odelin was missing due to the boycott it still appeared that North American fighters would be difficult to beat in Seoul, notably Luis Rolón of Puerto Rico and American Michael Carbajal. Both men drew tough Asian opponents in the first round and, while Carbajal survived a close contest with Oh Gwang-Su, a Korean fighter of whom of the host nation had high hopes, Rolón was eliminated in an equally close match with Chatchai Sasakul of Thailand.

The American had little difficulty with his next three opponents and found himself facing Ivaylo Hristov of Bulgaria for the gold medal. Hristov was a former World and European but at 28 was considered ancient for a light-flyweight and passed his best. The Bulgarian successfully boxed on the retreat in round one but Carbajal upped his work rate and won the second clearly. The final round was close but all five judges gave it, and the Olympic title to Hristov.

Ivaylo Hristov was a member of the Turkish minority and as such had been forced to change his name under the policies brought in by the regime of Todor Zhivkov. He competed at the 1980 Olympics under his birth name of Ismail Mustafov. Carbajal went on to a lucrative career as a professional in which he had three separate reigns as world light-flyweight champion.

1Ivaylo HristovBULGold
2Michael CarbajalUSASilver
=3Róbert IsaszegiHUNBronze
=3Leopoldo SerantesPHIBronze
=5Scotty OlsonCAN
=5Chatchai SasakulTHA
=5Mahjoub M'jirihMAR
=5Aleksandr MakhmutovURS
=9Ðặng Hiếu HiềnVIE
=9Wayne McCulloughIRL
=9Maurice MainaKEN
=9Sadoon Mohamed AboubIRQ
=9Sammy StewartLBR
=9Tom ChisengaZAM
=9Manuel HerreraDOM
=9Donald MartínezESA
=17Oh Gwang-SuKOR
=17Antonio CaballeroESP
=17Fred MutewetaUGA
=17Washington BanianPNG
=17Luis RolónPUR
=17Mohamed HaddadSYR
=17Colin MooreGUY
=17Bounmy ThephavongLAO
=17Moustafa Al-QaliniEGY
=17Darwin ÁngelesHON
=17Liu Hsin-HungTPE
=17Ochiryn DemberelMGL
=17Marcelino BolívarVEN
=17Carlos EluaizaARG
=17Mark EptonGBR
=32Damber Dutta BhattaNEP
=32Yacine SheikhALG
=32Mamoru KuroiwaJPN
DNSYehuda Ben HaimISR

Round One

Date17 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #117 SepMichael CarbajalUSA
Match #217 SepOh Gwang-SuKOR
Match #317 SepÐặng Hiếu HiềnVIE
Match #417 SepAntonio CaballeroESP
Match #517 SepWayne McCulloughIRL
Match #617 SepFred MutewetaUGA
Match #717 SepWashington BanianPNG
Match #817 SepScotty OlsonCAN
Match #917 SepLuis RolónPUR
Match #1017 SepChatchai SasakulTHA
Match #1117 SepMaurice MainaKEN
Match #1217 SepMohamed HaddadSYR
Match #1317 SepColin MooreGUY
Match #1417 SepRóbert IsaszegiHUN
Match #1517 SepBounmy ThephavongLAO
Match #1617 SepSadoon Mohamed AboubIRQ
Match #1717 SepMoustafa Al-QaliniEGY
Match #1817 SepLeopoldo SerantesPHI
Match #1917 SepDarwin ÁngelesHON
Match #2017 SepSammy StewartLBR
Match #2117 SepTom ChisengaZAM
Match #2217 SepLiu Hsin-HungTPE
Match #2317 SepMahjoub M'jirihMAR
Match #2417 SepYehuda Ben HaimISR
Match #2517 SepManuel HerreraDOM
Match #2617 SepMarcelino BolívarVEN
Match #2717 SepCarlos EluaizaARG
Match #2817 SepAleksandr MakhmutovURS
Match #2917 SepIvaylo HristovBUL
Match #3017 SepMark EptonGBRDecisionDamber Dutta BhattaNEP
Match #3117 SepDonald MartínezESADecisionYacine SheikhALG
Match #3217 SepOchiryn DemberelMGLKnock-outMamoru KuroiwaJPN

Round Two

Date21 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #121 SepMichael CarbajalUSADecisionOh Gwang-SuKOR
Match #221 SepÐặng Hiếu HiềnVIEReferee stops contest (head blow)Antonio CaballeroESP
Match #321 SepWayne McCulloughIRLDecisionFred MutewetaUGA
Match #421 SepScotty OlsonCANKnock-outWashington BanianPNG
Match #521 SepChatchai SasakulTHADecisionLuis RolónPUR
Match #621 SepMaurice MainaKENDecisionMohamed HaddadSYR
Match #721 SepRóbert IsaszegiHUNDecisionColin MooreGUY
Match #821 SepSadoon Mohamed AboubIRQReferee stops contest (head blow)Bounmy ThephavongLAO
Match #921 SepLeopoldo SerantesPHIReferee stops contest (head blow)Moustafa Al-QaliniEGY
Match #1021 SepSammy StewartLBRDecisionDarwin ÁngelesHON
Match #1121 SepTom ChisengaZAMDecisionLiu Hsin-HungTPE
Match #1221 SepMahjoub M'jirihMARDecisionOchiryn DemberelMGL
Match #1321 SepManuel HerreraDOMDecisionMarcelino BolívarVEN
Match #1421 SepAleksandr MakhmutovURSDecisionCarlos EluaizaARG
Match #1521 SepIvaylo HristovBULDecisionMark EptonGBR
Match #1621 SepDonald MartínezESAWalkoverYehuda Ben HaimISR

Round Three

Date25 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #125 SepMichael CarbajalUSAReferee stops contest (outclassed)Ðặng Hiếu HiềnVIE
Match #225 SepScotty OlsonCANDecisionWayne McCulloughIRL
Match #325 SepChatchai SasakulTHADecisionMaurice MainaKEN
Match #425 SepRóbert IsaszegiHUNReferee stops contest (outclassed)Sadoon Mohamed AboubIRQ
Match #525 SepLeopoldo SerantesPHIDecisionSammy StewartLBR
Match #625 SepMahjoub M'jirihMARDecisionTom ChisengaZAM
Match #725 SepAleksandr MakhmutovURSDecisionManuel HerreraDOM
Match #825 SepIvaylo HristovBULDecisionDonald MartínezESA


Date27 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #127 SepMichael CarbajalUSADecisionScotty OlsonCAN
Match #227 SepRóbert IsaszegiHUNDecisionChatchai SasakulTHA
Match #327 SepLeopoldo SerantesPHIReferee stops contest (head blow)Mahjoub M'jirihMAR
Match #427 SepIvaylo HristovBULDecisionAleksandr MakhmutovURS


Date29 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #129 SepMichael CarbajalUSADecisionRóbert IsaszegiHUN
Match #229 SepIvaylo HristovBULDecisionLeopoldo SerantesPHI

Final Round

Date1 October 1988
Match 1/201 OctIvaylo HristovBULDecisionMichael CarbajalUSA