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One Person Dinghy (Laser), Men

Date8 – 16 August 2016
LocationMarina da Glória, Glória, Rio de Janeiro
Participants46 from 46 countries
FormatPoints awarded for placement in each race. Best 9 of 10 scores to count for final placement, and advancement to the medal race.. Medal race points count double.

Tom Burton claimed the gold medal in the Laser for Australia for the second Games in a row following Tom Slingsby’s victory in 2012. After the ten preliminary races the field was led by Croatia’s Tonći Stipanović, whose ten-point margin assured him of at least a silver medal. In the medal race, Stipanović tried from the start to outrace Burton, his last remaining pursuer for gold. But he eventually finished at the back of the fleet in ninth place, which added another 18 points to his total. Burton sailed to a third place in the medal race and his six points gave him the top position and the gold medal, two points ahead of the Croatian. Nevertheless, Stipanović, who finished fourth at the London Olympics, won the first ever sailing medal for his country.

In the preliminaries, none of the boats in this close field managed to win two races. However, 43-year-old veteran Robert Scheidt of Brazil was first in the second preliminary race and also won the medal race. But some 20+ rankings dashed all his hopes to do better than fourth. In his six Olympic appearances since 1996, it was the first time Scheidt went home without a medal after two gold, two silver and one bronze. Sam Meech from New-Zealand, who was already third after the preliminaries, held on to the bronze medal position by placing fourth in the medal race.

PosBoatNOCPointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Medal Race
1Tom BurtonAUS73178210914721146Gold
2Tonči StipanovićCRO7515712672897318Silver
3Sam MeechNZL851935614171361218Bronze
4Robert ScheidtBRA892312741124526112
5Jean-Baptiste BernazFRA9011104175473151924
6Nick ThompsonGBR1038179152124762216
7Pavlos KontidesCYP1047311142568149812
8Juan Ignacio MaegliGUA117181437162518173714
9Rutger van SchaardenburgNED11832124814224212410
10Julio AlsogarayARG1294214124371216142022
11Charlie BuckinghamUSA10820710228261510106
12Francesco MarraiITA10939111852211511323
13Ha Ji-MinKOR1092663831291021814
14Philipp BuhlGER126161681317131253417
15Sergey KomissarovRUS12929192371016312815
16Jesper StålheimSWE137102326281015232031
17Wannes Van LaerBEL1402730121123122313118
18Kacper ZiemińskiPOL14034286[47]3520122210
19Cy ThompsonISV152134113532336201716
20Colin ChengSGP160520131821472722259
21Karl-Martin RammoEST16924191744302836825
22Gustavo LimaPOR1701515202515811283833
23Lee ParkhillCAN172433733919201423413
24Enrique ArathoonESA17733322830439321821
25Michael HansenDEN180624232031311926526
26Kaarle TapperFIN18732123129271817112319
27Kristian RuthNOR2094713322291625471530
28Viktor TeplýCZE22229183019132329293234
29Milivoj DukićMNE23212263524331932243329
30Matías del SolarCHI23822352232352434332412
31Stefano PeschieraPER24237401616282221273547
32Finn LynchIRL24314271539182733304047
33Benjamin VadnaiHUN2489442121[47]3030392925
34Youssef AkroutTUN25721293426383237351627
35Khairulnizam Bin Mohd AfendyMAS28138334033202147373128
36Joaquín BlancoESP28628472540262926[47]3035
37Keerati BualongTHA28725383731373935182747
38José GutiérrezVEN31435363642393540193737
39Andrew LewisTTO32442343936403431473632
40Stefano MarciaRSA33130254238433844363940
41Cameron PimentelBER33931454127444239344239
42Yanic GentryMEX34041422943343638474136
43Ahmed RagabEGY34936224441414142404542
44Peter Elisa HenryCOK36240394334364045474441
45Rodney GovindenSEY36545414737423741414338
46Manuel LeloANG39044434545474343384643