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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date26 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants59 from 45 countries

The favorite was Hungary’s Norbert Rózsa, who had set the world record in a prelim at the 1991 European Championships, and later won that event as well as the 1991 World Championships. But in the prelims he showed that he might be off form by qualifying only last with 1:02.25, as the leader was the surprising Russian Dmitry Volkov, with 1:01.74. American Nelson Diebel made it through with 1:01.80, but he was considered only an outside medal contender. His biggest international result as a bronze at the 1991 Pan American Games in the 200 breast, and he had a history in injuries and a wild past.

But Diebel overcame all that. In the final the leaders at the turn were the Unified Team’s Volkov and Vasily Ivanov, with Diebel third, but the Russians faded on the second lap and Diebel came on for a shocking gold medal, with Rózsa hanging on for the silver, the bronze going to Australia’s Philip Rogers. Diebel’s time was only the 13th-best performance ever and had been bettered four times by Rózsa, but Diebel had the gold.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Nelson DiebelUSA1:01.80 (2 h6)1:01.50 (1)Gold
2Norbert RózsaHUN1:02.25 (3 h8)1:01.68 (2)Silver
3Phil RogersAUS1:02.10 (2 h8)1:01.76 (3)Bronze
4Akira HayashiJPN1:01.76 (1 h6)1:01.86 (4)
5Vasily IvanovEUN1:01.91 (2 h7)1:01.87 (5)
6Dmitry VolkovEUN1:01.74 (1 h8)1:02.07 (6)
7Nick GillinghamGBR1:01.81 (1 h7)1:02.32 (7)
8Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:02.09 (3 h7)1:02.33 (8)
9Károly GüttlerHUN1:02.28 (4 h8)1:01.84 (1)
=10Stéphane VossartFRA1:02.81 (5 h7)1:02.39 (=2)
=10Gianni MinerviniITA1:03.23 (5 h6)1:02.39 (=2)
=10Hans DerschUSA1:03.14 (4 h6)1:02.39 (=2)
=13Jon ClevelandCAN1:02.73 (5 h8)1:02.73 (=5)
=13Mark WarneckeGER1:02.48 (4 h7)1:02.73 (=5)
15Chen JianhongCHN1:03.08 (6 h8)1:03.00 (7)
16Todd TorresPUR1:02.72 (3 h6)1:03.21 (8)
17Andrea CecchiITA1:03.28 (6 h7)
18Kenji WatanabeJPN1:03.29 (1 h5)
19Marko PachelEST1:03.40 (2 h5)
20Javier CareagaMEX1:03.45 (3 h5)
21Ramón CamallongaESP1:03.48 (4 h5)
22Mario GonzálezCUB1:03.53 (6 h6)
23Sergio LópezESP1:03.69 (7 h8)
24Petri SuominenFIN1:03.75 (7 h6)
25Curtis MydenCAN1:03.80 (8 h6)
26Christian PoswiatGER1:03.85 (5 h5)
27Kenneth CawoodRSA1:04.02 (6 h5)
28Shane LewisAUS1:04.17 (7 h5)
29Andrew RutherfordHKG1:04.23 (1 h4)
30Eric BuhainPHI1:04.28 (8 h5)
31Christophe BourdonFRA1:04.43 (7 h7)
32Radek BeinhauerTCH1:04.88 (2 h4)
33Chris FlookBER1:04.93 (1 h3)
34Fred DeburghgraeveBEL1:05.10 (8 h7)
35Patrick ConcepcionPHI1:05.16 (2 h3)
36Nerijus BeigaLTU1:05.17 (8 h8)
37Børge MørkNOR1:05.47 (3 h4)
38Gary O'TooleIRL1:05.48 (4 h4)
39Alexandre YokochiPOR1:05.61 (3 h3)
40Gustavo GorriaránURU1:05.79 (5 h4)
41Ricardo TorresPAN1:06.05 (6 h4)
42Kharalambos PanagidisCYP1:06.19 (4 h3)
43Jörg LindemeierNAM1:06.34 (1 h2)
44Chi Jia HanHKG1:06.81 (5 h3)
45Bernard DesmaraisMRI1:07.75 (6 h3)
46Abderzak BellaALG1:07.88 (7 h3)
47Christophe VerdinoMON1:07.90 (2 h2)
48Lars SørensenDEN1:07.94 (7 h4)
49Roberto BonillaGUA1:08.27 (3 h2)
50Danilo ZavoliSMR1:09.65 (1 h1)
51Glenn DiazGUM1:10.32 (4 h2)
52Obaid Al-RumaithiUAE1:12.77 (2 h1)
53Ayman Al-EnazyKUW1:13.49 (5 h2)
54Foy Gordon ChungFIJ1:13.51 (3 h1)
55Sergio FafitineMOZ1:13.76 (6 h2)
56Frank LeskajALB1:14.28 (7 h2)
57Mohamed Bin AbidUAE1:15.12 (4 h1)
58Kenny RobertsSEY1:16.52 (5 h1)
ACPablo MinelliARG– (AC h4)DQ
DNSMohamed Mukhesur RahmanBAN– (DNS h1)
DNSMouhamed DiopSEN– (DNS h1)

Round One (26 July 1992 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Danilo ZavoliSMR1:09.65
26Obaid Al-RumaithiUAE1:12.77
33Foy Gordon ChungFIJ1:13.51
42Mohamed Bin AbidUAE1:15.12
57Kenny RobertsSEY1:16.52
DNS5Mohamed Mukhesur RahmanBAN
DNS1Mouhamed DiopSEN

Heat Two

14Jörg LindemeierNAM1:06.34
23Christophe VerdinoMON1:07.90
36Roberto BonillaGUA1:08.27
47Glenn DiazGUM1:10.32
52Ayman Al-EnazyKUW1:13.49
61Sergio FafitineMOZ1:13.76
75Frank LeskajALB1:14.28

Heat Three

15Chris FlookBER1:04.93
24Patrick ConcepcionPHI1:05.16
36Alexandre YokochiPOR1:05.61
47Kharalambos PanagidisCYP1:06.19
53Chi Jia HanHKG1:06.81
62Bernard DesmaraisMRI1:07.75
71Abderzak BellaALG1:07.88

Heat Four

18Andrew RutherfordHKG1:04.23
25Radek BeinhauerTCH1:04.88
33Børge MørkNOR1:05.47
44Gary O'TooleIRL1:05.48
52Gustavo GorriaránURU1:05.79
66Ricardo TorresPAN1:06.05
71Lars SørensenDEN1:07.94
AC7Pablo MinelliARGDQ

Heat Five

16Kenji WatanabeJPN1:03.29
23Marko PachelEST1:03.40
38Javier CareagaMEX1:03.45
44Ramón CamallongaESP1:03.48
55Christian PoswiatGER1:03.85
67Kenneth CawoodRSA1:04.02
72Shane LewisAUS1:04.17
81Eric BuhainPHI1:04.28

Heat Six

15Akira HayashiJPN1:01.76Q
24Nelson DiebelUSA1:01.80Q
37Todd TorresPUR1:02.72q
43Hans DerschUSA1:03.14q
56Gianni MinerviniITA1:03.23q
68Mario GonzálezCUB1:03.53
72Petri SuominenFIN1:03.75
81Curtis MydenCAN1:03.80

Heat Seven

14Nick GillinghamGBR1:01.81Q
23Vasily IvanovEUN1:01.91Q
35Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:02.09Q
42Mark WarneckeGER1:02.48q
57Stéphane VossartFRA1:02.81q
66Andrea CecchiITA1:03.28
78Christophe BourdonFRA1:04.43
81Fred DeburghgraeveBEL1:05.10

Heat Eight

17Dmitry VolkovEUN1:01.74Q
23Phil RogersAUS1:02.10Q
34Norbert RózsaHUN1:02.25Q
45Károly GüttlerHUN1:02.28q
56Jon ClevelandCAN1:02.73q
61Chen JianhongCHN1:03.08q
78Sergio LópezESP1:03.69
82Nerijus BeigaLTU1:05.17

B Final (26 July 1992 — 18:15)

14Károly GüttlerHUN1:01.84
=22Stéphane VossartFRA1:02.39
=21Hans DerschUSA1:02.39
=28Gianni MinerviniITA1:02.39
=55Mark WarneckeGER1:02.73
=56Jon ClevelandCAN1:02.73
77Chen JianhongCHN1:03.00
83Todd TorresPUR1:03.21

Final (26 July 1992 — 18:15)

13Nelson DiebelUSA1:01.50OR
28Norbert RózsaHUN1:01.68
31Phil RogersAUS1:01.76
45Akira HayashiJPN1:01.86
52Vasily IvanovEUN1:01.87
64Dmitry VolkovEUN1:02.07
76Nick GillinghamGBR1:02.32
87Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:02.33