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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date27 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants69 from 48 countries

Swimming World noted that “The comeback was complete.” They were referring to Pablo Morales, who won gold in the 100 fly in Barcelona. Morales was the world record holder, from 1986, but the victory here was somewhat of a surprise. He had been favored in the 100 fly at Los Angeles in 1984, but lost out to German Michael Groß. Then in 1988, again with a solid chance at gold, he failed to even make the US Olympic team. After Seoul he retired from swimming and entered Cornell Law School, but in November 1991, after his mother’s death he was inspired to return to the pool, and was able to make the US team for Barcelona, despite training for less than a year.

In the prelims, Morales led with 53.59, followed closely by Poland’s Rafał Szukała. Morales led out in the final, and appeared to have the gold, but the Pole came on strongly at the end and the result was in doubt, until the scoreboard showed that Morales had won by 0.03 seconds, with Szukała second. The bronze went to the defending gold medalist, Suriname’s Anthony Nesty.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Pablo MoralesUSA53.59 (1 h8)53.32 (1)Gold
2Rafał SzukałaPOL53.60 (1 h7)53.35 (2)Silver
3Anthony NestySUR53.89 (1 h9)53.41 (3)Bronze
4Pavlo KhnykinEUN54.02 (2 h9)53.81 (4)
5Mel StewartUSA54.26 (2 h7)54.04 (5)
6Marcel GeryCAN53.94 (2 h8)54.18 (6)
7Martín López-ZuberoESP54.04 (1 h1)54.19 (7)
8Vladislav KulikovEUN54.23 (3 h9)54.26 (8)
9Christian KellerGER54.47 (1 h6)54.30 (1)
10Jon SiebenAUS54.67 (4 h9)54.73 (2)
11Bruno GutzeitFRA54.35 (3 h7)54.80 (3)
12José Carlos SouzaBRA54.78 (5 h7)54.85 (4)
13Jani SievinenFIN54.57 (3 h8)54.93 (5)
14Martin HerrmannGER54.59 (4 h8)54.94 (6)
15Shen JianqiangCHN54.53 (4 h7)54.96 (7)
16Tom PontingCAN54.77 (5 h8)55.00 (8)
17Andrew BaildonAUS54.82 (6 h8)
18Eduardo PiccininiBRA54.87 (6 h7)
19Richard LeishmanGBR54.96 (7 h8)
=20Eran GroumiISR55.18 (=2 h6)
=20Keiichi KawanakaJPN55.18 (=2 h6)
22Franck EspositoFRA55.26 (5 h9)
23Leonardo MichelottiITA55.28 (7 h7)
24Uğur TanerTUR55.31 (8 h7)
25Nick SandersNZL55.44 (1 h5)
=26Alexander BrandlAUT55.45 (4 h6)
=26Craig JacksonRSA55.45 (2 h5)
28Guy CallaghanNZL55.49 (5 h6)
29Jaime FernándezESP55.62 (6 h9)
30Aldo SuurväliEST55.78 (3 h5)
31Vesa HanskiFIN55.81 (4 h5)
32Dragomir MarkovBUL55.85 (1 h4)
33Artūrs JakovļevsLAT55.95 (7 h9)
34Tomohiro MiyoshiJPN55.98 (5 h5)
35Péter HorváthHUN56.09 (6 h6)
36Eric BuhainPHI56.19 (2 h4)
37Giovanni LinscheerSUR56.20 (6 h5)
38Can ErgenekanTUR56.30 (8 h8)
39Arthur LiHKG56.47 (3 h4)
40Marco BraidaITA56.50 (7 h5)
41Simon WainwrightGBR56.53 (1 h3)
42Matjaž KozeljSLO56.65 (4 h4)
43Kire FilipovskiIOA56.68 (7 h6)
44Janko GojkovićBIH56.81 (2 h1)
45Kristiyan MinkovskiBUL56.94 (5 h4)
46Miguel CabritaPOR57.07 (6 h4)
47Rudi DollmayerSWE57.27 (8 h6)
48Duncan ToddHKG57.29 (7 h4)
49Patrick SagisiGUM58.08 (2 h3)
50Kristan SingletonISV58.20 (3 h3)
51Gary TanSGP58.21 (4 h3)
52Musa BakareNGR58.36 (5 h3)
53Pedro LimaANG58.37 (6 h3)
54Leo NajeraPHI58.50 (7 h3)
55Konrad GałkaPOL58.86 (8 h5)
56Ian RaynorBER59.03 (1 h2)
=57Gustavo BúcaroGUA59.68 (=2 h2)
=57Plutarco CastellanosHON59.68 (=2 h2)
59Timothy EneasBAH1:00.11 (4 h2)
60Jarrah Al-AsmawiKUW1:00.77 (5 h2)
61Ziyad KashmiriKSA1:01.00 (6 h2)
62Ray FloresGUM1:01.10 (3 h1)
63Luis MedinaBOL1:01.14 (7 h2)
64Alan EspínolaPAR1:01.38 (4 h1)
65Julian BollingSRI1:01.63 (5 h1)
66Mohamed KhamisUAE1:01.72 (6 h1)
67Salvador JiménezHON1:03.76 (7 h1)
68Carl ProbertFIJ1:04.10 (8 h1)
DQRory McGownZIM– (DQ h2)
DNSTamas VajdaHUN– (DNS h5)
DNSRicardo BusquetsPUR– (DNS h4)

Round One (27 July 1992 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

18Martín López-ZuberoESP54.04Q
21Janko GojkovićBIH56.81
33Ray FloresGUM1:01.10
45Alan EspínolaPAR1:01.38
54Julian BollingSRI1:01.63
62Mohamed KhamisUAE1:01.72
76Salvador JiménezHON1:03.76
87Carl ProbertFIJ1:04.10

Heat Two

17Ian RaynorBER59.03
=22Plutarco CastellanosHON59.68
=24Gustavo BúcaroGUA59.68
45Timothy EneasBAH1:00.11
53Jarrah Al-AsmawiKUW1:00.77
68Ziyad KashmiriKSA1:01.00
76Luis MedinaBOL1:01.14
DQ1Rory McGownZIM

Heat Three

16Simon WainwrightGBR56.53
25Patrick SagisiGUM58.08
33Kristan SingletonISV58.20
47Gary TanSGP58.21
54Musa BakareNGR58.36
61Pedro LimaANG58.37
78Leo NajeraPHI58.50

Heat Four

18Dragomir MarkovBUL55.85
25Eric BuhainPHI56.19
33Arthur LiHKG56.47
44Matjaž KozeljSLO56.65
57Kristiyan MinkovskiBUL56.94
66Miguel CabritaPOR57.07
71Duncan ToddHKG57.29
DNS2Ricardo BusquetsPUR

Heat Five

12Nick SandersNZL55.44
25Craig JacksonRSA55.45
38Aldo SuurväliEST55.78
47Vesa HanskiFIN55.81
54Tomohiro MiyoshiJPN55.98
63Giovanni LinscheerSUR56.20
71Marco BraidaITA56.50
86Konrad GałkaPOL58.86
DNS2Tamas VajdaHUN

Heat Six

18Christian KellerGER54.47q
=21Eran GroumiISR55.18
=24Keiichi KawanakaJPN55.18
43Alexander BrandlAUT55.45
55Guy CallaghanNZL55.49
62Péter HorváthHUN56.09
76Kire FilipovskiIOA56.68
87Rudi DollmayerSWE57.27

Heat Seven

13Rafał SzukałaPOL53.60Q
24Mel StewartUSA54.26Q
37Bruno GutzeitFRA54.35q
45Shen JianqiangCHN54.53q
52José Carlos SouzaBRA54.78q
61Eduardo PiccininiBRA54.87
78Leonardo MichelottiITA55.28
86Uğur TanerTUR55.31

Heat Eight

14Pablo MoralesUSA53.59Q
25Marcel GeryCAN53.94Q
37Jani SievinenFIN54.57q
42Martin HerrmannGER54.59q
53Tom PontingCAN54.77q
61Andrew BaildonAUS54.821
76Richard LeishmanGBR54.96
88Can ErgenekanTUR56.30

Heat Nine

14Anthony NestySUR53.89Q
27Pavlo KhnykinEUN54.02Q
32Vladislav KulikovEUN54.23Q
43Jon SiebenAUS54.67q
51Franck EspositoFRA55.26
68Jaime FernándezESP55.62
76Artūrs JakovļevsLAT55.95

B Final (27 July 1992 — 18:00)

15Christian KellerGER54.30
27Jon SiebenAUS54.73
34Bruno GutzeitFRA54.80
48José Carlos SouzaBRA54.85
56Jani SievinenFIN54.93
62Martin HerrmannGER54.94
73Shen JianqiangCHN54.96
81Tom PontingCAN55.00

Final (27 July 1992 — 18:00)

14Pablo MoralesUSA53.32
25Rafał SzukałaPOL53.35
33Anthony NestySUR53.41
42Pavlo KhnykinEUN53.81
58Mel StewartUSA54.04
66Marcel GeryCAN54.18
77Martín López-ZuberoESP54.19
81Vladislav KulikovEUN54.26