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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date29 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants49 from 34 countries

China’s Qian Hong had won the silver medal in this event in Seoul and was favored in 1992, having won the 1991 World Championship. She was expected to be challenged by her teammate Wang Xiaohong. At the 1990 Asian Games the two had been the first butterflyers to break 59 seconds since Mary T. Meagher’s inviolate world record of 57.93 from 1981. But then at the US Olympic Trials, Crissy Ahmann-Leighton (58.61) and Summer Sanders (59.51) swam the two fastest times of the year, with Ahmann-Leighton posting a non-Meagher world record, and actually the second fastest time ever.

In the final Ahmann-Leighton exploded off the blocks and was ahead of her Trials pace at the wall, with the two Chinese in second and third. But Qian had much more left, racing home to win by about a hand over Ahmann-Leighton. Wang faltered near the end and was passed by France’s Catherine Plewinski, the 1991 European Champion, for bronze.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Qian HongCHN59.37 (1 h7)58.62 (1)Gold
2Crissy Ahmann-LeightonUSA1:00.10 (2 h7)58.74 (2)Silver
3Catherine PlewinskiFRA1:00.03 (2 h5)59.01 (3)Bronze
4Wang XiaohongCHN59.34 (1 h6)59.10 (4)
5Susie O'NeillAUS59.95 (2 h6)59.69 (5)
6Summer SandersUSA1:00.38 (3 h5)59.82 (6)
7Franziska van AlmsickGER1:00.02 (1 h5)1:00.70 (7)
8Rie ShitoJPN1:01.04 (3 h6)1:01.16 (8)
9Inge de BruijnNED1:01.12 (4 h5)1:01.02 (1)
10Karin BrienesseNED1:01.33 (5 h7)1:01.20 (2)
11Yoko KandoJPN1:01.56 (5 h6)1:01.32 (3)
12Therèse LundinSWE1:01.38 (5 h5)1:01.43 (4)
13Lisa Curry-KennyAUS1:01.07 (3 h7)1:01.61 (5)
14Kristin TophamCAN1:01.20 (4 h7)1:01.91 (6)
15Ilaria TocchiniITA1:01.37 (4 h6)1:02.06 (7)
16Jacqueline DelordFRA1:01.78 (6 h6)1:03.22 (8)
17Olga KirichenkoEUN1:01.78 (6 h7)
18Bettina UstrowskiGER1:02.07 (6 h5)
19Martina MoravcováTCH1:02.11 (1 h4)
20Madeleine CampbellGBR1:02.43 (7 h7)
21Marianne KrielRSA1:02.49 (2 h4)
22Anna UryniukPOL1:02.50 (1 h3)
23Diana UrecheROU1:02.72 (3 h4)
24Malin StrömbergSWE1:02.78 (8 h7)
25María PeláezESP1:02.79 (7 h5)
26Bárbara FrancoESP1:02.83 (2 h3)
27Julie HowardCAN1:02.89 (7 h6)
28Samantha PurvisGBR1:02.94 (8 h5)
=29Timea TothISR1:03.18 (4 h4)
=29Nataliya YakovlevaEUN1:03.18 (8 h6)
31Joscelin YeoSGP1:03.82 (1 h2)
32Marja PäivinenFIN1:03.94 (5 h4)
33Iuliana PantelimonROU1:04.07 (6 h4)
34May OoiSGP1:04.14 (2 h2)
35Nataša MeškovskaIOA1:04.16 (3 h3)
36Ana AlegriaPOR1:04.18 (4 h3)
37Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA1:04.28 (3 h2)
38Berit PuggaardDEN1:04.57 (5 h3)
39Joana ArantesPOR1:04.59 (4 h2)
40Gabriela GajaMEX1:04.84 (6 h3)
41Blanca MoralesGUA1:05.02 (5 h2)
42Nguyễn Kiều OanhVIE1:05.19 (6 h2)
43Shelley CramerISV1:05.84 (7 h4)
44Anja MargetićBIH1:06.26 (1 h1)
45Sharon PickeringFIJ1:06.35 (2 h1)
46Monica DahlNAM1:06.58 (3 h1)
47Ana FortínHON1:07.94 (4 h1)
48Elsa FreireANG1:10.17 (5 h1)
49Mariza GregorioMOZ1:10.27 (6 h1)

Round One (29 July 1992 — 18:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

17Anja MargetićBIH1:06.26
25Sharon PickeringFIJ1:06.35
34Monica DahlNAM1:06.58
43Ana FortínHON1:07.94
56Elsa FreireANG1:10.17
62Mariza GregorioMOZ1:10.27

Heat Two

14Joscelin YeoSGP1:03.82
23May OoiSGP1:04.14
32Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA1:04.28
46Joana ArantesPOR1:04.59
55Blanca MoralesGUA1:05.02
67Nguyễn Kiều OanhVIE1:05.19

Heat Three

14Anna UryniukPOL1:02.50
22Bárbara FrancoESP1:02.83
35Nataša MeškovskaIOA1:04.16
46Ana AlegriaPOR1:04.18
53Berit PuggaardDEN1:04.57
67Gabriela GajaMEX1:04.84

Heat Four

13Martina MoravcováTCH1:02.11
26Marianne KrielRSA1:02.49
37Diana UrecheROU1:02.72
42Timea TothISR1:03.18
54Marja PäivinenFIN1:03.94
61Iuliana PantelimonROU1:04.07
75Shelley CramerISV1:05.84

Heat Five

13Franziska van AlmsickGER1:00.02Q
25Catherine PlewinskiFRA1:00.03Q
34Summer SandersUSA1:00.38Q
46Inge de BruijnNED1:01.12q
57Therèse LundinSWE1:01.38q
62Bettina UstrowskiGER1:02.07
71María PeláezESP1:02.79
88Samantha PurvisGBR1:02.94

Heat Six

14Wang XiaohongCHN59.34Q
25Susie O'NeillAUS59.95Q
36Rie ShitoJPN1:01.04Q
42Ilaria TocchiniITA1:01.37q
53Yoko KandoJPN1:01.56q
67Jacqueline DelordFRA1:01.78q
78Julie HowardCAN1:02.89
81Nataliya YakovlevaEUN1:03.18

Heat Seven

15Qian HongCHN59.37Q
24Crissy Ahmann-LeightonUSA1:00.10Q
33Lisa Curry-KennyAUS1:01.07q
42Kristin TophamCAN1:01.20q
56Karin BrienesseNED1:01.33q
68Olga KirichenkoEUN1:01.78
77Madeleine CampbellGBR1:02.43
81Malin StrömbergSWE1:02.78

B Final (29 July 1992 — 18:30)

15Inge de BruijnNED1:01.02
26Karin BrienesseNED1:01.20
31Yoko KandoJPN1:01.32
47Therèse LundinSWE1:01.43
54Lisa Curry-KennyAUS1:01.61
63Kristin TophamCAN1:01.91
72Ilaria TocchiniITA1:02.06
88Jacqueline DelordFRA1:03.22

Final (29 July 1992 — 18:30)

15Qian HongCHN58.62OR
27Crissy Ahmann-LeightonUSA58.74
32Catherine PlewinskiFRA59.01
44Wang XiaohongCHN59.10
53Susie O'NeillAUS59.69
61Summer SandersUSA59.82
76Franziska van AlmsickGER1:00.70
88Rie ShitoJPN1:01.16