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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date22 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants42 from 36 countries

Denis Pankratov of Russia had dominated this event since the Barcelona Olympics and arrived at Atlanta as world and European champion, world record holder and the fastest in the field by nearly two seconds. Bearing that in mind it came as a shock to see him qualify only fourth for the final, as Pankratov set out at a pace that put him nearly a second under the world record at 100 metres but faded badly over the home stretch. Scott Goodman of Australia qualified fastest.

Pankratov tempered his enthusiasm in the final and swam a more conservative first half of the race. The Russian had a small lead over the second Australian in the race, Scott Miller, at the 100 metre mark but pulled out further ahead over the closing stages. As Miller, a 100 metres specialist, faded, Goodman and the USA’s Tom Malchow overtook him to pursue a personal dual for second place. Malchow touched out Goodman for silver on the final stroke of the race.

Pankratov’s victory and general dominance was based on his ability to swim half the first length of the pool underwater. This technique was banned shortly after the Olympic Games and swimmers can now be disqualified if they fail to surface within a 15 metre limit. The Russian, who later competed the 100/200 butterfly double, was voted Swimmer of the Year for 1996 by Swimming World magazine following his performances at the Games.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Denis PankratovRUS1:58.28 (2 h6)1:56.51 (1)Gold
2Tom MalchowUSA1:58.69 (2 h4)1:57.44 (2)Silver
3Scott GoodmanAUS1:57.77 (1 h5)1:57.48 (3)Bronze
4Franck EspositoFRA1:58.79 (4 h4)1:58.10 (4)
5Scott MillerAUS1:58.97 (2 h5)1:58.28 (5)
6Denys SylantievUKR1:58.04 (1 h4)1:58.37 (6)
7James HickmanGBR1:58.16 (1 h6)1:58.47 (7)
8Péter HorváthHUN1:58.76 (3 h4)1:59.12 (8)
9Attila CzeneHUN2:00.50 (5 h5)1:58.99 (1)
10Vesa HanskiFIN1:59.73 (3 h6)1:59.64 (2)
11Casey BarrettCAN2:00.28 (5 h4)1:59.72 (3)
12Oliver LampeGER1:59.87 (4 h6)2:00.08 (4)
13Stefan AartsenNED2:00.04 (3 h5)2:00.41 (5)
14Konrad GałkaPOL1:59.97 (5 h6)2:00.91 (6)
15David AbrardFRA2:00.60 (6 h4)2:01.25 (7)
16Chris-Carol BremerGER2:00.48 (4 h5)2:01.62 (8)
17Andrea OrianaITA2:00.67 (6 h5)
18Aleksey KolesnikovRUS2:00.77 (7 h5)
19Danyon LoaderNZL2:00.81 (6 h6)
20Takashi YamamotoJPN2:00.87 (7 h4)
21Ray CareyUSA2:01.10 (7 h6)
22Dominik GalićCRO2:01.17 (1 h3)
23Aleksandar MalenkoMKD2:01.46 (2 h3)
24Nelson MoraVEN2:01.50 (8 h5)
25Diogo MadeiraPOR2:01.58 (3 h3)
26Konstantin AndryushinKGZ2:01.59 (4 h3)
27Can ErgenekanTUR2:01.65 (8 h4)
28Vladan MarkovićSCG2:01.80 (5 h3)
29José Luis BallesterESP2:02.69 (6 h3)
30Josef HorkýCZE2:02.84 (7 h3)
31Anthony AngMAS2:03.01 (1 h2)
32Mindaugas BružasLTU2:03.76 (2 h2)
33Niti IntharapichaiTHA2:03.88 (3 h2)
34Mark KwokHKG2:04.01 (1 h1)
35Lee Jeong-HyeongKOR2:04.53 (4 h2)
36Walter SozaNCA2:04.66 (2 h1)
37Javier GolovchenkoURU2:04.96 (5 h2)
38Dmitry PankovUZB2:05.36 (6 h2)
39Andrés VasconcellosECU2:05.98 (7 h2)
40Georgios PopotasGRE2:06.00 (8 h3)
41PJ ThumSGP2:07.00 (8 h6)
42Aitor OsorioAND2:12.59 (3 h1)
DNSJesús GonzálezMEX– (DNS h2)

Round One (22 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Mark KwokHKG2:04.010.67
25Walter SozaNCA2:04.660.74
33Aitor OsorioAND2:12.590.82

Heat Two

12Anthony AngMAS2:03.010.80
26Mindaugas BružasLTU2:03.760.80
31Niti IntharapichaiTHA2:03.880.80
44Lee Jeong-HyeongKOR2:04.530.68
57Javier GolovchenkoURU2:04.960.75
63Dmitry PankovUZB2:05.360.72
78Andrés VasconcellosECU2:05.980.73
DNS5Jesús GonzálezMEX

Heat Three

13Dominik GalićCRO2:01.170.85
21Aleksandar MalenkoMKD2:01.460.81
34Diogo MadeiraPOR2:01.580.81
47Konstantin AndryushinKGZ2:01.590.85
56Vladan MarkovićSCG2:01.800.80
65José Luis BallesterESP2:02.690.79
78Josef HorkýCZE2:02.840.81
82Georgios PopotasGRE2:06.000.81

Heat Four

17Denys SylantievUKR1:58.040.81Q
24Tom MalchowUSA1:58.690.81Q
31Péter HorváthHUN1:58.760.78Q
45Franck EspositoFRA1:58.790.74Q
52Casey BarrettCAN2:00.280.78q
63David AbrardFRA2:00.600.81q
76Takashi YamamotoJPN2:00.870.74
88Can ErgenekanTUR2:01.650.73

Heat Five

14Scott GoodmanAUS1:57.770.77Q
25Scott MillerAUS1:58.970.82Q
31Stefan AartsenNED2:00.040.83q
43Chris-Carol BremerGER2:00.480.77q
56Attila CzeneHUN2:00.500.81q
67Andrea OrianaITA2:00.670.85
72Aleksey KolesnikovRUS2:00.770.74
88Nelson MoraVEN2:01.500.81

Heat Six

13James HickmanGBR1:58.160.82Q
24Denis PankratovRUS1:58.280.81Q
31Vesa HanskiFIN1:59.730.81q
47Oliver LampeGER1:59.870.83q
52Konrad GałkaPOL1:59.970.83q
66Danyon LoaderNZL2:00.810.89
75Ray CareyUSA2:01.100.82
88PJ ThumSGP2:07.000.88

B Final (22 July 1996)

11Attila CzeneHUN1:58.990.87
24Vesa HanskiFIN1:59.640.80
32Casey BarrettCAN1:59.720.79
45Oliver LampeGER2:00.080.77
56Stefan AartsenNED2:00.410.84
63Konrad GałkaPOL2:00.910.80
78David AbrardFRA2:01.250.80
87Chris-Carol BremerGER2:01.620.77

Final (22 July 1996)

16Denis PankratovRUS1:56.510.85
22Tom MalchowUSA1:57.440.82
34Scott GoodmanAUS1:57.480.78
41Franck EspositoFRA1:58.100.71
58Scott MillerAUS1:58.280.82
65Denys SylantievUKR1:58.370.85
73James HickmanGBR1:58.470.89
87Péter HorváthHUN1:59.120.75