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200 metres Backstroke, Women

Date25 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants33 from 28 countries

Even though swimming is a sport where teenagers often prosper it is still a rare champion that can retire before their 21st birthday, having won five Olympic titles. Such a champion was Hungary’s Krisztina Egerszegi and in this, the last individual race of her career, she had the opportunity to take that fifth gold medal and tie the record for the most individual swimming golds.

Two years earlier she had announced plans to retire after the 1994 World Championships but a defeat at the hands of He Cihong reinvigorated her and she decided to continue until the Atlanta Games. There was no chance of revenge over He in Atlanta as the Chinese swimmer failed to make the Olympic team in the event.

Egerszegi’s Olympic finale was arguably her most impressive race as she won by the massive margin of 4.15 seconds – the biggest in the history of the event. Whitney Hedgepeth of the USA won the silver to add to same medal she won in the shorter backstroke event.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Krisztina EgerszegiHUN2:09.18 (1 h5)2:07.83 (1)Gold
2Whitney HedgepethUSA2:11.63 (1 h4)2:11.98 (2)Silver
3Cathleen RundGER2:13.58 (2 h5)2:12.06 (3)Bronze
4Anke ScholzGER2:12.73 (2 h4)2:12.90 (4)
5Miki NakaoJPN2:12.92 (3 h4)2:13.57 (5)
6Anna SimcicNZL2:13.74 (3 h5)2:14.04 (6)
7Lorenza VigaraniITA2:13.58 (2 h3)2:14.56 (7)
8Nina ZhivanevskayaRUS2:13.32 (1 h3)2:14.59 (8)
9Mai NakamuraJPN2:15.05 (5 h5)2:13.40 (1)
10Beth BotsfordUSA2:14.16 (3 h3)2:13.48 (2)
11Chen YanCHN2:14.74 (4 h5)2:14.37 (3)
12Joanne DeakinsGBR2:15.12 (6 h5)2:14.50 (4)
13Lee Chang-HaKOR2:14.18 (=4 h3)2:14.55 (5)
14Cătălina CăşaruROU2:15.92 (4 h4)2:15.15 (6)
15Hélène RicardoFRA2:14.18 (=4 h3)2:16.29 (7)
16Marianne KrielRSA2:15.99 (5 h4)2:18.41 (8)
17Mette JacobsenDEN2:16.68 (6 h4)
18Nicole StevensonAUS2:16.71 (7 h4)
19Izabela BurczykPOL2:16.91 (6 h3)
20Julie HowardCAN2:17.25 (1 h2)
21Kateřina PivoňkováCZE2:18.20 (7 h5)
22Yseult GervyBEL2:18.69 (8 h4)
23Ivette MaríaESP2:18.72 (7 h3)
24Lydia LipscombeNZL2:19.54 (8 h5)
25Anu KoivistoFIN2:19.58 (2 h2)
26Petra ChavesPOR2:20.49 (3 h2)
27Maja GrozdanićSCG2:20.65 (1 h1)
28Wu YanyanCHN2:20.89 (8 h3)
29Akiko ThomsonPHI2:21.36 (4 h2)
30Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA2:21.82 (2 h1)
31Aikaterini KlepkouGRE2:22.83 (5 h2)
32Dijana KvesićBIH2:23.78 (3 h1)
33Lin Chi-ChanTPE2:24.50 (6 h2)

Round One (25 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One (10:30)

15Maja GrozdanićSCG2:20.65
24Praphalsai MinpraphalTHA2:21.82
33Dijana KvesićBIH2:23.78

Heat Two (10:38)

14Julie HowardCAN2:17.25
22Anu KoivistoFIN2:19.58
36Petra ChavesPOR2:20.49
45Akiko ThomsonPHI2:21.36
53Aikaterini KlepkouGRE2:22.83
67Lin Chi-ChanTPE2:24.50

Heat Three (10:46)

15Nina ZhivanevskayaRUS2:13.32Q
23Lorenza VigaraniITA2:13.58Q
34Beth BotsfordUSA2:14.16q
=42Hélène RicardoFRA2:14.18q
=47Lee Chang-HaKOR2:14.18q
61Izabela BurczykPOL2:16.91
78Ivette MaríaESP2:18.72
86Wu YanyanCHN2:20.89

Heat Four (10:54)

13Whitney HedgepethUSA2:11.63Q
26Anke ScholzGER2:12.73Q
34Miki NakaoJPN2:12.92Q
47Cătălina CăşaruROU2:15.92q
52Marianne KrielRSA2:15.99q
61Mette JacobsenDEN2:16.68
75Nicole StevensonAUS2:16.71
88Yseult GervyBEL2:18.69

Heat Five (11:02)

14Krisztina EgerszegiHUN2:09.18Q
25Cathleen RundGER2:13.58Q
32Anna SimcicNZL2:13.74Q
46Chen YanCHN2:14.74q
53Mai NakamuraJPN2:15.05q
61Joanne DeakinsGBR2:15.12q
78Kateřina PivoňkováCZE2:18.20
87Lydia LipscombeNZL2:19.54

B Final (25 July 1996 — 20:10)

12Mai NakamuraJPN2:13.40
24Beth BotsfordUSA2:13.48
36Chen YanCHN2:14.37
47Joanne DeakinsGBR2:14.50
55Lee Chang-HaKOR2:14.55
61Cătălina CăşaruROU2:15.15
73Hélène RicardoFRA2:16.29
88Marianne KrielRSA2:18.41

Final (25 July 1996 — 20:00)

14Krisztina EgerszegiHUN2:07.83
25Whitney HedgepethUSA2:11.98
37Cathleen RundGER2:12.06
43Anke ScholzGER2:12.90
56Miki NakaoJPN2:13.57
68Anna SimcicNZL2:14.04
71Lorenza VigaraniITA2:14.56
82Nina ZhivanevskayaRUS2:14.59