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400 metres Freestyle, Men

Date14 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants47 from 39 countries

In 2000 Ian Thorpe was generally accepted as the world’s leading male swimmer. Four years later many thought that crown has passed to Michael Phelps but in one event, the 400 metres freestyle, Thorpe remained dominant. As such it was a source of astonishment that he false started at the Australian trials and apparently lost his chance of retaining his Olympic title.Thorpe was restored to the Australian team when Craig Stevens gave up his place to concentrate on his more favoured 1500 m freestyle. Stevens’ decision became a major media story in Australia and a bidding war between various media outlets for an exclusive interview ensured he made a tidy profit from his decision.

Thorpe’s eventual victory was far less clear cut than had been expected and he was pressured right up to the end by compatriot Grant Hackett with America’s Klete Keller, the halfway leader, a close third behind the two Australians.

1Ian ThorpeAUS3:46.55 (1 h6)3:43.10 (1)Gold
2Grant HackettAUS3:46.36 (1 h5)3:43.36 (2)Silver
3Klete KellerUSA3:47.77 (2 h4)3:44.11 (3)Bronze
4Larsen JensenUSA3:46.90 (2 h6)3:46.08 (4)
5Massi RosolinoITA3:47.72 (1 h4)3:46.25 (5)
6Yury PrilukovRUS3:48.71 (2 h5)3:46.69 (6)
7Spyros GianniotisGRE3:48.77 (3 h6)3:48.77 (7)
8Takeshi MatsudaJPN3:49.05 (3 h5)3:48.96 (8)
9Przemysław StańczykPOL3:49.22 (4 h6)
10Christian HeinGER3:49.66 (5 h6)
11Emiliano BrembillaITA3:50.55 (6 h6)
12Nicolas RostoucherFRA3:50.73 (3 h4)
13Andrew HurdCAN3:50.81 (4 h4)
14Łukasz DrzewińskiPOL3:50.97 (4 h5)
15Jacob CarstensenDEN3:51.09 (5 h5)
16Dragoș ComanROU3:51.73 (6 h5)
17Adam FaulknerGBR3:51.97 (7 h5)
18Heiko HellGER3:52.06 (5 h4)
19Marcos RiveraESP3:52.39 (7 h6)
20Graeme SmithGBR3:52.41 (8 h6)
21Serhiy FesenkoUKR3:53.41 (6 h4)
22Mark JohnstonCAN3:54.27 (8 h5)
23Ricardo MonasterioVEN3:54.41 (7 h4)
24Dimitrios ManganasGRE3:54.78 (8 h4)
25Giancarlo ZolezziCHI3:56.52 (1 h2)
26Zhang LinCHN3:56.65 (1 h3)
27Juan Martín PereyraARG3:57.26 (2 h3)
28Moss BurmesterNZL3:57.29 (2 h2)
29Leonardo SalinasMEX3:58.36 (3 h3)
30Mahrez MebarekALG3:59.10 (4 h3)
31Bojan ZdešarSLO3:59.38 (5 h3)
32Petar StoychevBUL3:59.86 (3 h2)
33Charnvudth SaengsriTHA3:59.89 (4 h2)
34Bruno BonfimBRA3:59.96 (6 h3)
35Victor RogutMDA4:01.68 (5 h2)
36Miguel MendozaPHI4:01.99 (1 h1)
37Nenad BuljanCRO4:02.76 (6 h2)
38Boldizsár KissHUN4:02.87 (7 h3)
39Martín KutscherURU4:03.21 (7 h2)
40Chen Te-TungTPE4:03.71 (2 h1)
41Aytekin MindanTUR4:06.85 (8 h2)
42Emanuele NicoliniSMR4:08.28 (3 h1)
43Anas Abu-YousufQAT4:11.99 (4 h1)
44Vasily DanilovKGZ4:15.32 (5 h1)
45Sergey TsoyUZB4:16.91 (6 h1)
46Neil AgiusMLT4:22.14 (7 h1)
DQPark Tae-HwanKOR– (DQ h3)

Round One (14 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:51)

12Miguel MendozaPHI4:01.990.81
25Chen Te-TungTPE4:03.710.93
33Emanuele NicoliniSMR4:08.280.94
47Anas Abu-YousufQAT4:11.990.84
56Vasily DanilovKGZ4:15.320.98
64Sergey TsoyUZB4:16.910.88
71Neil AgiusMLT4:22.140.77

Heat Two (10:57)

14Giancarlo ZolezziCHI3:56.520.84
25Moss BurmesterNZL3:57.290.83
32Petar StoychevBUL3:59.860.93
43Charnvudth SaengsriTHA3:59.890.92
51Victor RogutMDA4:01.680.84
67Nenad BuljanCRO4:02.760.85
78Martín KutscherURU4:03.210.84
86Aytekin MindanTUR4:06.850.83

Heat Three (11:03)

14Zhang LinCHN3:56.650.74
21Juan Martín PereyraARG3:57.260.92
37Leonardo SalinasMEX3:58.360.79
46Mahrez MebarekALG3:59.100.88
53Bojan ZdešarSLO3:59.380.99
65Bruno BonfimBRA3:59.960.78
78Boldizsár KissHUN4:02.870.88
DQ2Park Tae-HwanKOR1

Heat Four (11:09)

15Massi RosolinoITA3:47.720.84Q
24Klete KellerUSA3:47.770.86Q
37Nicolas RostoucherFRA3:50.730.88
43Andrew HurdCAN3:50.810.87
51Heiko HellGER3:52.060.90
68Serhiy FesenkoUKR3:53.410.92
76Ricardo MonasterioVEN3:54.410.76
82Dimitrios ManganasGRE3:54.780.85

Heat Five (11:15)

14Grant HackettAUS3:46.360.72Q
23Yury PrilukovRUS3:48.710.83Q
37Takeshi MatsudaJPN3:49.050.88Q
41Łukasz DrzewińskiPOL3:50.970.88
52Jacob CarstensenDEN3:51.090.72
65Dragoș ComanROU3:51.730.92
76Adam FaulknerGBR3:51.970.79
88Mark JohnstonCAN3:54.270.85

Heat Six (11:21)

14Ian ThorpeAUS3:46.550.89Q
25Larsen JensenUSA3:46.900.70Q
36Spyros GianniotisGRE3:48.770.92Q
47Przemysław StańczykPOL3:49.220.90
58Christian HeinGER3:49.660.87
63Emiliano BrembillaITA3:50.550.81
71Marcos RiveraESP3:52.390.88
82Graeme SmithGBR3:52.410.73

Final (14 August 2004 — 19:54)

15Ian ThorpeAUS3:43.100.87
24Grant HackettAUS3:43.360.73
32Klete KellerUSA3:44.110.87
43Larsen JensenUSA3:46.080.72
56Massi RosolinoITA3:46.250.85
67Yury PrilukovRUS3:46.690.86
71Spyros GianniotisGRE3:48.770.89
88Takeshi MatsudaJPN3:48.960.82