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Flyweight (≤51 kilograms), Men

Date27 August – 10 September 1972
LocationBoxhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants36 from 36 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The victory of Balkan champion Georgi Kostadinov came as a surprise as he had been eliminated at the quarter final stage of the previous year’s European Championships. He used his superior footwork to box successfully on the retreat against the highly rated Pole Leszek Błażyński in the semi-final and then produced a carbon copy performance against 1968 medalist Leo Rwabwogo of Uganda to clinch the gold medal. Kostadinov fought on after Munich and returned to the Olympic Games in 1976 in Montreal but his display in 1972 was far and away the best of his career.

Bronze medalist Douglas Rodriguez won the flyweight title at the inaugural World Amateur Boxing Championships in Havana in 1974 whilst a boxer who was eliminated at an early stage found greater fame as a professional. Wilfredo Gómez, who competed for Puerto Rico despite being under the minimum age limit, is ranked as one of the greatest super-bantamweights of all time and also won world titles in two other weight divisions. Unluckiest of all the boxers in Munich was José Viccario of Argentina who was forced to withdraw after suffering facial injuries in a brawl at the Olympic village. His assailant, teammate Norberto Cabura, was sent home in disgrace.

1Georgi KostadinovBULGold
2Leo RwabwogoUGASilver
=3Leszek BłażyńskiPOLBronze
=3Douglas RodríguezCUBBronze
=5Yu Jong-ManKOR
=5Calixto PérezCOL
=5Boris ZoriktuyevURS
=5Neil McLaughlinIRL
=9Arturo DelgadoMEX
=9Nyamdashiin BatsürenMGL
=9Tim DementUSA
=9Chris IusCAN
=9Franco UdellaITA
=9Constantin GruiescuROU
=9Chawalit On-ChimTHA
=9Mohamed SelimEGY
=17Salvador MirandaNCA
=17Chander NarayananIND
=17Saidi TambweTAN
=17Antonio GarcíaESP
=17Martín VargasCHI
=17Ali GharbiTUN
=17Jan BalouchPAK
=17Ali OuabbouMAR
=17Vanlal DawlaMYA
=17Felix MainaKEN
=17Kemal SolunurTUR
=17Fujio NagaiJPN
=17Maurice O'SullivanGBR
=17Gerd SchubertFRG
=17Wilfredo GómezPUR
=32Jorge AcuñaURU
=32Rabah KhaloufiFRA
=32Rene FortalezaPHI
=32Jorge MejíaECU
=32Mohamed AbakkarSUD
DNSJean-Remy MackayaGAB
DNSKhong PharCAM
DNSSándor OrbánHUN
DNSJosé VicarioARG

Round One

Date27 August 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #127 AugSalvador MirandaNCA
Match #227 AugArturo DelgadoMEX
Match #327 AugLeszek BłażyńskiPOL
Match #427 AugChander NarayananIND
Match #527 AugYu Jong-ManKOR
Match #627 AugSaidi TambweTAN
Match #727 AugAntonio GarcíaESP
Match #827 AugNyamdashiin BatsürenMGL
Match #927 AugCalixto PérezCOL
Match #1027 AugMartín VargasCHI
Match #1127 AugAli GharbiTUN
Match #1227 AugTim DementUSA
Match #1327 AugGeorgi KostadinovBUL
Match #1427 AugJan BalouchPAK
Match #1527 AugJosé VicarioARG
Match #1627 AugWilfredo GómezPUR
Match #1727 AugChris IusCAN
Match #1827 AugAli OuabbouMAR
Match #1927 AugBoris ZoriktuyevURS
Match #2027 AugVanlal DawlaMYA
Match #2127 AugFelix MainaKEN
Match #2227 AugFranco UdellaITA
Match #2327 AugKemal SolunurTUR
Match #2427 AugConstantin GruiescuROU
Match #2527 AugMohamed SelimEGY
Match #2627 AugLeo RwabwogoUGAReferee stops contestJorge AcuñaURU
Match #2727 AugMaurice O'SullivanGBRDecisionRabah KhaloufiFRA
Match #2827 AugFujio NagaiJPNDecisionRene FortalezaPHI
Match #2927 AugDouglas RodríguezCUBDecisionJorge MejíaECU
Match #3027 AugGerd SchubertFRGWalkoverKhong PharCAM
Match #3127 AugChawalit On-ChimTHAWalkoverSándor OrbánHUN
Match #3227 AugNeil McLaughlinIRLDecisionMohamed AbakkarSUD

Round Two

Date30 August 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the third round.
Match #130 AugArturo DelgadoMEXReferee stops contestSalvador MirandaNCA
Match #230 AugLeszek BłażyńskiPOLDecisionChander NarayananIND
Match #330 AugYu Jong-ManKORDecisionSaidi TambweTAN
Match #430 AugNyamdashiin BatsürenMGLDecisionAntonio GarcíaESP
Match #530 AugCalixto PérezCOLDecisionMartín VargasCHI
Match #630 AugTim DementUSADecisionAli GharbiTUN
Match #730 AugGeorgi KostadinovBULReferee stops contestJan BalouchPAK
Match #830 AugChris IusCANDecisionAli OuabbouMAR
Match #930 AugBoris ZoriktuyevURSReferee stops contestVanlal DawlaMYA
Match #1030 AugFranco UdellaITADecisionFelix MainaKEN
Match #1130 AugConstantin GruiescuROUDecisionKemal SolunurTUR
Match #1230 AugDouglas RodríguezCUBDecisionFujio NagaiJPN
Match #1330 AugLeo RwabwogoUGAReferee stops contestMaurice O'SullivanGBR
Match #1430 AugChawalit On-ChimTHADecisionGerd SchubertFRG
Match #1530 AugMohamed SelimEGYDecisionWilfredo GómezPUR
Match #1630 AugNeil McLaughlinIRLWalkoverJosé VicarioARG

Round Three

Date5 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #105 SepLeszek BłażyńskiPOLDecisionArturo DelgadoMEX
Match #205 SepYu Jong-ManKORDecisionNyamdashiin BatsürenMGL
Match #305 SepCalixto PérezCOLDecisionTim DementUSA
Match #405 SepGeorgi KostadinovBULDecisionChris IusCAN
Match #505 SepBoris ZoriktuyevURSDecisionFranco UdellaITA
Match #605 SepDouglas RodríguezCUBDecisionConstantin GruiescuROU
Match #705 SepLeo RwabwogoUGADecisionChawalit On-ChimTHA
Match #805 SepNeil McLaughlinIRLKnock-outMohamed SelimEGY


Date6 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #106 SepLeszek BłażyńskiPOLDecisionYu Jong-ManKOR
Match #206 SepGeorgi KostadinovBULDecisionCalixto PérezCOL
Match #306 SepDouglas RodríguezCUBReferee stops contestBoris ZoriktuyevURS
Match #406 SepLeo RwabwogoUGAReferee stops contestNeil McLaughlinIRL


Date8 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #108 SepGeorgi KostadinovBULDecisionLeszek BłażyńskiPOL
Match #208 SepLeo RwabwogoUGADecisionDouglas RodríguezCUB

Final Round

Date10 September 1972
Match 1/210 SepGeorgi KostadinovBULDecisionLeo RwabwogoUGA