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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date9 – 10 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants59 from 46 countries

At the Australian Olympic Trials Cameron McEvoy won in 47.04, the second fastest time ever after Cesar Cielo’s high-tech suit world record of 46.91 from 2009. McEvoy’s time was almost 7/10ths faster than any other time in 2016. China’s Ning Zetao had won the 2015 World Championships in somewhat of an upset but was a contender, as was American Nathan Adrian, the defending gold medalist, who won the US Olympic Trials. Other challengers were thought to be Russian Vladimir Morozov and France’s Florent Manaudou.

In the end, nothing went according to form in this race, even before Rio, as Manaudou failed to qualify for the French team in the event. Zetao made the semi-finals but failed to qualify for the final. McEvoy made the final but never found his way, finished seventh, and had to watch his countryman, Kyle Chalmers, win a major upset gold medal. Chalmers was seventh at the turn, but finished the strongest to win in 47.58, a world junior record. Behind him, the silver went to unheralded Belgian Pieter Timmers, while Adrian won bronze.

1Kyle ChalmersAUS47.90 (1 h7)47.88 (1 h2)47.58 (1)Gold
2Pieter TimmersBEL48.46 (3 h8)48.14 (3 h2)47.80 (2)Silver
3Nathan AdrianUSA48.58 (4 h7)47.83 (1 h1)47.85 (3)Bronze
4Santo CondorelliCAN48.22 (1 h6)47.93 (2 h2)47.88 (4)
5Duncan ScottGBR48.01 (1 h5)48.20 (4 h2)48.01 (5)
6Caeleb DresselUSA47.91 (2 h7)47.97 (3 h1)48.02 (6)
7Cameron McEvoyAUS48.12 (1 h8)47.93 (2 h1)48.12 (7)
8Marcelo ChierighiniBRA48.53 (5 h6)48.23 (5 h2)48.41 (8)
9Vladimir MorozovRUS48.39 (3 h6)48.26 (4 h1)
10Sebastiaan VerschurenNED48.51 (4 h6)48.28 (5 h1)
11Yuri KisilCAN48.49 (3 h7)48.28 (6 h2)
12Ning ZetaoCHN48.57 (6 h6)48.37 (6 h1)
13Luca DottoITA48.47 (4 h8)48.49 (7 h1)
14Clément MignonFRA48.57 (5 h8)48.57 (7 h2)
15Damian WierlingGER48.35 (2 h8)48.66 (8 h2)
16Joseph SchoolingSGP48.27 (2 h6)48.70 (8 h1)
17Katsumi NakamuraJPN48.61 (7 h6)
18Jérémy StraviusFRA48.62 (5 h7)
19Glenn SurgelooseBEL48.65 (2 h5)
20Kristian GkolomeevGRE48.68 (3 h5)
21Andrey GrechinRUS48.75 (6 h7)
22Federico GrabichARG48.78 (6 h8)
23Dylan CarterTTO48.80 (1 h4)
24Richárd BohusHUN48.86 (2 h4)
25Yu HexinCHN48.87 (8 h6)
26Dominik KozmaHUN48.92 (3 h4)
27Shinri ShiouraJPN48.94 (7 h7)
28Nicolas OliveiraBRA49.05 (7 h8)
29Ben ProudGBR49.14 (8 h7)
30Simonas BilisLTU49.16 (4 h5)
31Oussama SahnouneALG49.20 (1 h3)
32Park Tae-HwanKOR49.24 (4 h4)
33Velimir StjepanovićSRB49.24 (8 h8)
34Cristian QuinteroVEN49.25 (5 h4)
35Yauhen TsurkinBLR49.37 (6 h4)
36Anže TavčarSLO49.38 (5 h5)
37Filippo MagniniITA49.40 (6 h5)
38Marius RaduROU49.57 (7 h5)
39Björn HornikelGER49.62 (8 h5)
40Shane RyanIRL49.82 (2 h3)
41Aleksandar NikolovBUL50.08 (3 h3)
=42Ari-Pekka LiukkonenFIN50.14 (=7 h4)
=42Matt StanleyNZL50.14 (=7 h4)
44Ben HockinPAR50.26 (4 h3)
45Igor MogneMOZ50.65 (1 h2)
46Ziv KalontarovISR50.65 (5 h3)
47Raphaël StacchiottiLUX50.79 (6 h3)
48Sean GunnZIM50.87 (2 h2)
49Bradley VincentMRI50.89 (7 h3)
50Matthew AbeysingheSRI50.96 (3 h2)
51Andrew ChetcutiMLT51.37 (4 h2)
52Jhonny PérezDOM51.50 (1 h1)
53Nicholas MagañaPER51.53 (8 h3)
54Thibaut DanhoCIV52.78 (2 h1)
55Miguel MenaNCA53.40 (5 h2)
56Rami AnisEOR54.25 (6 h2)
57Sovijja PouCAM54.55 (7 h2)
58Sirish GurungNEP57.76 (8 h2)
59Robel HabteETH1:04.95 (3 h1)

Round One (9 August 2016 — 13:02)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (13:02)

14Jhonny PérezDOM51.500.70
23Thibaut DanhoCIV52.780.67
35Robel HabteETH1:04.950.77

Heat Two (13:05)

16Igor MogneMOZ50.650.73
25Sean GunnZIM50.870.68
34Matthew AbeysingheSRI50.960.65
43Andrew ChetcutiMLT51.370.58
52Miguel MenaNCA53.400.70
61Rami AnisEOR54.250.73
77Sovijja PouCAM54.550.64
88Sirish GurungNEP57.760.65

Heat Three (13:08)

14Oussama SahnouneALG49.200.71
22Shane RyanIRL49.820.67
33Aleksandar NikolovBUL50.080.69
45Ben HockinPAR50.260.74
56Ziv KalontarovISR50.650.65
68Raphaël StacchiottiLUX50.790.63
77Bradley VincentMRI50.890.79
81Nicholas MagañaPER51.530.69

Heat Four (13:11)

12Dylan CarterTTO48.800.64
26Richárd BohusHUN48.860.63
34Dominik KozmaHUN48.920.65
43Park Tae-HwanKOR49.240.65
51Cristian QuinteroVEN49.250.66
65Yauhen TsurkinBLR49.370.65
=77Ari-Pekka LiukkonenFIN50.140.73
=78Matt StanleyNZL50.140.73

Heat Five (13:14)

16Duncan ScottGBR48.010.66Q
25Glenn SurgelooseBEL48.650.70
31Kristian GkolomeevGRE48.680.71
44Simonas BilisLTU49.160.72
58Anže TavčarSLO49.380.74
67Filippo MagniniITA49.400.69
72Marius RaduROU49.570.71
83Björn HornikelGER49.620.66

Heat Six (13:17)

15Santo CondorelliCAN48.220.65Q
28Joseph SchoolingSGP48.270.61Q
33Vladimir MorozovRUS48.390.65Q
42Sebastiaan VerschurenNED48.510.68Q
56Marcelo ChierighiniBRA48.530.72Q
64Ning ZetaoCHN48.570.73
71Katsumi NakamuraJPN48.610.68
87Yu HexinCHN48.870.63

Heat Seven (13:20)

13Kyle ChalmersAUS47.900.72Q
22Caeleb DresselUSA47.910.64Q
38Yuri KisilCAN48.490.70Q
44Nathan AdrianUSA48.580.68
55Jérémy StraviusFRA48.620.71
66Andrey GrechinRUS48.750.68
77Shinri ShiouraJPN48.940.68
81Ben ProudGBR49.140.61

Heat Eight (13:23)

14Cameron McEvoyAUS48.120.62Q
28Damian WierlingGER48.350.69Q
32Pieter TimmersBEL48.460.76Q
45Luca DottoITA48.470.66Q
53Clément MignonFRA48.570.64
66Federico GrabichARG48.780.62
77Nicolas OliveiraBRA49.050.71
81Velimir StjepanovićSRB49.240.65

Semi-Finals (9 August 2016 — 22:03)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (22:03)

18Nathan AdrianUSA47.830.68Q
25Cameron McEvoyAUS47.930.60Q
34Caeleb DresselUSA47.970.64Q
46Vladimir MorozovRUS48.260.66
57Sebastiaan VerschurenNED48.280.70
61Ning ZetaoCHN48.370.69
72Luca DottoITA48.490.66
83Joseph SchoolingSGP48.700.60

Heat Two (22:11)

14Kyle ChalmersAUS47.880.73Q
23Santo CondorelliCAN47.930.64Q
32Pieter TimmersBEL48.140.73Q
45Duncan ScottGBR48.200.65Q
51Marcelo ChierighiniBRA48.230.66Q
67Yuri KisilCAN48.280.71
78Clément MignonFRA48.570.66
86Damian WierlingGER48.660.67

Final (10 August 2016 — 23:03)

15Kyle ChalmersAUS47.580.71
27Pieter TimmersBEL47.800.74
34Nathan AdrianUSA47.850.66
46Santo CondorelliCAN47.880.66
51Duncan ScottGBR48.010.67
62Caeleb DresselUSA48.020.62
73Cameron McEvoyAUS48.120.62
88Marcelo ChierighiniBRA48.410.66