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Triple Jump, Men

Date 2 August 1928
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Participants24 from 13 countries

The favorite was Japan’s Mikio Oda who had won the Far East Championships in 1923, 1925, and 1927, and had the longest marks in the past few years. He led from the start, opening with 15.03 (49-3¾), improving to 15.13 (49-7¾) in round two, and to 15.21 (49-11) in round three. The 15.21 (49-11) gave him the gold medal. American Levi Casey recorded 15.17 (49-9¼) in the final round to get silver. Finland’s Vilho Tuulos also produced his best mark in the last round, 15.11 (49-7), which brought him his second consecutive bronze medal.

1257Mikio OdaJPN15.21 (1)15.21 (1)Gold
2517Lee CaseyUSA14.93 (3)15.17 (2)Silver
3806Ville TuulosFIN14.73 (4)15.11 (3)Bronze
4255Chuhei NanbuJPN15.01 (2)15.01 (4)
5807Toimi TulikouraFIN14.70 (5)14.70 (5)
6Erkki JärvinenFIN14.65 (6)14.65 (6)
7 r1/2323Wim PetersNED14.55 (7)
8 r1/2802Väinö RainioFIN14.41 (8)
=9 r1/2294Jan BlankersNED14.35 (=9)
=9 r1/2504Sid BowmanUSA14.35 (=9)
11 r1/2503Lloyd BourgeoisUSA14.28 (11)
12 r1/2603Nick WinterAUS14.15 (12)
13 r1/2314Gijs LamoreeNED14.08 (13)
14 r1/29Imre FeketeHUN14.07 (14)
15 r1/2319Steef van MusscherNED13.93 (15)
16 r1/2662Alex MunroeCAN13.87 (16)
17 r1/2139Konstantinos PetridisGRE13.83 (17)
18 r1/2691Hermann BrügmannDEN13.82 (18)
19 r1/2219Theo PhelanIRL13.73 (19)
20 r1/2542Bob KelleyUSA13.64 (20)
21 r1/2190Arild LenthNOR13.39 (21)
22 r1/227Ferenc MolnárHUN13.36 (22)
23 r1/2403Wilfred KalaugherNZL12.94 (23)
24 r1/2289Johannes ViljoenRSA12.49 (24)
DNS2Béla BottlikHUN– (DNS)
DNS58André ClayeuxFRA– (DNS)
DNS74Jacques FlouretFRA– (DNS)
DNS827Zdravka JakupićYUG– (DNS)
DNS184Gunnar FredriksenNOR– (DNS)
DNS128Stelios BenardisGRE– (DNS)
DNS210Dalip SinghIND– (DNS)
DNS38Elemér SomfayHUN– (DNS)
DNS57Paul CouillaudFRA– (DNS)
DNS83André MourlonFRA– (DNS)
DNS862Eric SvenssonSWE– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (2 August 1928)

Top six (and ties) advanced to the final.

1Mikio OdaJPN15.21Q
2Chuhei NanbuJPN15.01Q
3Lee CaseyUSA14.93Q
4Ville TuulosFIN14.73Q
5Toimi TulikouraFIN14.70Q
6Erkki JärvinenFIN14.65Q
7Wim PetersNED14.55
8Väinö RainioFIN14.41
=9Sid BowmanUSA14.35
=9Jan BlankersNED14.35
11Lloyd BourgeoisUSA14.28
12Nick WinterAUS14.15
13Gijs LamoreeNED14.08
14Imre FeketeHUN14.07
15Steef van MusscherNED13.93
16Alex MunroeCAN13.87
17Konstantinos PetridisGRE13.83
18Hermann BrügmannDEN13.82
19Theo PhelanIRL13.73
20Bob KelleyUSA13.64
21Arild LenthNOR13.39
22Ferenc MolnárHUN13.36
23Wilfred KalaugherNZL12.94
24Johannes ViljoenRSA12.49
DNSBéla BottlikHUN
DNSAndré ClayeuxFRA
DNSJacques FlouretFRA
DNSZdravka JakupićYUG
DNSGunnar FredriksenNOR
DNSStelios BenardisGRE
DNSDalip SinghIND
DNSElemér SomfayHUN
DNSPaul CouillaudFRA
DNSAndré MourlonFRA
DNSEric SvenssonSWE

Qualifying Round, Group A (2 August 1928)

15Mikio OdaJPN15.2115.0215.1315.21
23Ville TuulosFIN14.73×14.1314.73
32Toimi TulikouraFIN14.7014.3714.5314.70
411Wim PetersNED14.55×13.7914.55
516Sid BowmanUSA14.35
61Nick WinterAUS14.15
712Steef van MusscherNED13.93
84Konstantinos PetridisGRE13.83
914Theo PhelanIRL13.73
1017Bob KelleyUSA13.64
11190Arild LenthNOR13.391
128Ferenc MolnárHUN13.36
136Wilfred KalaugherNZL12.94
DNS7Béla BottlikHUN
DNS9André ClayeuxFRA
DNS10Jacques FlouretFRA
DNS13Zdravka JakupićYUG
DNS15Gunnar FredriksenNOR

Qualifying Round, Group B (2 August 1928)

15Chuhei NanbuJPN15.0114.7514.3515.01
216Lee CaseyUSA14.9314.1314.5314.93
32Erkki JärvinenFIN14.6514.6314.6514.23
41Väinö RainioFIN14.4114.2214.41×
511Jan BlankersNED14.35
617Lloyd BourgeoisUSA14.28
712Gijs LamoreeNED14.08
87Imre FeketeHUN14.07
915Alex MunroeCAN13.87
1013Hermann BrügmannDEN13.82
116Johannes ViljoenRSA12.49
DNS3Stelios BenardisGRE
DNS4Dalip SinghIND
DNS8Elemér SomfayHUN
DNS9Paul CouillaudFRA
DNS10André MourlonFRA
DNS14Eric SvenssonSWE

Final Round (2 August 1928 — 14:00)

1257Mikio OdaJPN15.21×14.30×
2517Lee CaseyUSA15.17××15.17
3806Ville TuulosFIN15.1114.9715.0915.11
4255Chuhei NanbuJPN15.01×14.2115.00
5807Toimi TulikouraFIN14.7014.34×14.62
6Erkki JärvinenFIN14.6514.06××