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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date23 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants54 from 40 countries

Hungaryian József Szabó was the favorite coming into Seoul, having won the 1986 World Championships and the 1987 Europeans, but he was recovering from knee surgery in December 1987. Szabó had pioneered a new rolling-style “wave-action” breaststroke technique and moved well ahead of his competitors, but others were learning it, notably American Mike Barrowman, almost breaking the world record at the US Olympic Trials in August. Barrowman had been taught it by Szabó’s coach, József Nagy.

The final started out at sprint pace, led by Soviet Valery Lozik, but Szabó caught him at the end of the third lap, and Lozik would drop back to fifth. Szabó could not be caught, with silver going to Britain’s Nick Gillingham and bronze to Spain’s unheralded Sergio López. Barrowman dropped back to fourth, but would dominate the event over the next quadrennium and win the gold in Barcelona.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1József SzabóHUN2:14.97 (2 h6)2:13.52 (1)Gold
2Nick GillinghamGBR2:14.58 (1 h6)2:14.12 (2)Silver
3Sergio LópezESP2:17.06 (3 h6)2:15.21 (3)Bronze
4Mike BarrowmanUSA2:15.85 (1 h7)2:15.45 (4)
5Valery LozikURS2:16.31 (1 h5)2:16.16 (5)
6Vadim AlekseyevURS2:17.15 (4 h6)2:16.70 (6)
7Jon ClevelandCAN2:16.87 (2 h5)2:17.10 (7)
8Péter SzabóHUN2:17.10 (2 h7)2:17.12 (8)
9Alexandre YokochiPOR2:17.87 (5 h6)2:18.01 (1)
10Shigehiro TakahashiJPN2:17.69 (4 h7)2:18.03 (2)
11Sidney AppelboomBEL2:18.02 (1 h4)2:18.08 (3)
12Radek BeinhauerTCH2:18.02 (3 h5)2:18.13 (4)
13Étienne DagonSUI2:18.68 (4 h5)2:18.17 (5)
14Cam GrantCAN2:17.62 (3 h7)2:18.36 (6)
15Alexander MarčekTCH2:18.44 (5 h7)2:18.51 (7)
16Cédric PénicaudFRA2:18.72 (6 h6)2:18.95 (8)
17Adrian MoorhouseGBR2:18.51 (6 h7)1
18Gary O'TooleIRL2:18.93 (5 h5)
19Kirk StackleUSA2:19.47 (6 h5)
20Pablo RestrepoCOL2:19.58 (7 h6)
21Ian McAdamAUS2:19.68 (7 h7)
22Yun Ju-IlKOR2:19.94 (2 h4)
23Javier CareagaMEX2:20.11 (1 h3)
24Joaquín FernándezESP2:20.34 (8 h6)
25Ron DekkerNED2:20.84 (3 h4)
26Pierre-Yves EberleSUI2:20.85 (2 h3)
27Christian PoswiatGDR2:20.99 (4 h4)
28Luc Van de VondelBEL2:21.50 (5 h4)
29Petri SuominenFIN2:22.01 (6 h4)
30Hironobu NagahataJPN2:22.23 (7 h4)
=31Mark WarneckeFRG2:22.55 (3 h3)
=31Hartmut WedekindFRG2:22.55 (7 h5)
33Tsai Hsin-YenTPE2:23.80 (1 h2)
34Thomas BöhmAUT2:24.15 (4 h3)
35Chang QingCHN2:24.45 (5 h3)
36Richard LockhartNZL2:24.52 (6 h3)
37Eyal ShtigmanISR2:25.18 (7 h3)
38Jin FuCHN2:26.05 (8 h4)
39Wirmandi SugriatINA2:26.17 (2 h2)
40Manuel GutiérrezPAN2:26.57 (3 h2)
41Jan-Erick OlsenNOR2:26.70 (8 h7)
42Anthony BeksNZL2:27.26 (1 h1)
43Arnþór RagnarssonISL2:27.93 (4 h2)
44Cicero TorteliBRA2:28.82 (5 h2)
45Nikolaos FokianosGRE2:28.91 (6 h2)
46Patrick ConcepcionPHI2:29.62 (8 h3)
47Ng Yue MengSGP2:30.74 (2 h1)
48Michael WattHKG2:30.78 (7 h2)
49Kraig SingletonISV2:36.45 (3 h1)
50Quách Hoài NamVIE2:39.69 (4 h1)
51Amine El-DomyatiLBN2:44.34 (5 h1)
52Obaid Al-RumaithiUAE2:50.49 (6 h1)
DQChristian ToftDEN– (DQ h2)
DQDavid LeblancFRA– (DQ h5)

Round One (23 September 1988 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Anthony BeksNZL2:27.26
25Ng Yue MengSGP2:30.74
33Kraig SingletonISV2:36.45
46Quách Hoài NamVIE2:39.69
57Amine El-DomyatiLBN2:44.34
62Obaid Al-RumaithiUAE2:50.49

Heat Two

14Tsai Hsin-YenTPE2:23.80
25Wirmandi SugriatINA2:26.17
32Manuel GutiérrezPAN2:26.57
48Arnþór RagnarssonISL2:27.93
56Cicero TorteliBRA2:28.82
67Nikolaos FokianosGRE2:28.91
71Michael WattHKG2:30.78
DQ3Christian ToftDEN

Heat Three

17Javier CareagaMEX2:20.11
23Pierre-Yves EberleSUI2:20.85
38Mark WarneckeFRG2:22.55
42Thomas BöhmAUT2:24.15
56Chang QingCHN2:24.45
65Richard LockhartNZL2:24.52
71Eyal ShtigmanISR2:25.18
84Patrick ConcepcionPHI2:29.62

Heat Four

14Sidney AppelboomBEL2:18.02q
22Yun Ju-IlKOR2:19.94
38Ron DekkerNED2:20.84
45Christian PoswiatGDR2:20.99
57Luc Van de VondelBEL2:21.50
63Petri SuominenFIN2:22.01
76Hironobu NagahataJPN2:22.23
81Jin FuCHN2:26.05

Heat Five

14Valery LozikURS2:16.31Q
25Jon ClevelandCAN2:16.87Q
37Radek BeinhauerTCH2:18.02q
46Étienne DagonSUI2:18.68q
58Gary O'TooleIRL2:18.93
63Kirk StackleUSA2:19.47
72Hartmut WedekindFRG2:22.55
DQ1David LeblancFRA

Heat Six

15Nick GillinghamGBR2:14.58Q
24József SzabóHUN2:14.97Q
33Sergio LópezESP2:17.06Q
46Vadim AlekseyevURS2:17.15Q
57Alexandre YokochiPOR2:17.87q
62Cédric PénicaudFRA2:18.72
78Pablo RestrepoCOL2:19.58
81Joaquín FernándezESP2:20.34

Heat Seven

14Mike BarrowmanUSA2:15.85Q
26Péter SzabóHUN2:17.10Q
33Cam GrantCAN2:17.62q
47Shigehiro TakahashiJPN2:17.69q
52Alexander MarčekTCH2:18.44q
65Adrian MoorhouseGBR2:18.51q
71Ian McAdamAUS2:19.68
88Jan-Erick OlsenNOR2:26.70

B Final (23 September 1988 — 20:00)

13Alexandre YokochiPOR2:18.01
25Shigehiro TakahashiJPN2:18.03
36Sidney AppelboomBEL2:18.08
42Radek BeinhauerTCH2:18.13
51Étienne DagonSUI2:18.17
64Cam GrantCAN2:18.36
77Alexander MarčekTCH2:18.51
88Cédric PénicaudFRA2:18.95

Final (23 September 1988 — 20:00)

15József SzabóHUN2:13.52
24Nick GillinghamGBR2:14.12
37Sergio LópezESP2:15.21
43Mike BarrowmanUSA2:15.45
56Valery LozikURS2:16.16
68Vadim AlekseyevURS2:16.70
72Jon ClevelandCAN2:17.10
81Péter SzabóHUN2:17.12