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200 metres Freestyle, Men

Date20 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants43 from 36 countries

The 200 metres freestyle for men was considered amongst the most open events on the 1996 schedule and a case could be made for each of 10 to win the Olympic gold. At the Barcelona Olympics New Zealand’s Danyon Loader had won the silver medal at 200 metres butterfly and was also known as a 400 metres freestyle swimmer. Historically the 200 freestyle was his third event but he won the 1995 Pan Pacific meet, also held in Atlanta, at the distance.

Although he was always up in contention, he trailed veteran Anders Holmertz in the early stages as the Swede led the Olympic final at the halfway stage for the third Games in succession. Just as at Seoul and Barcelona Holmertz faded over the second part of the race and Loader took over just prior to the 150 m mark. He then swam away from the field to win by just under half a second to become his country’s first ever Olympic swimming champion. Brazilian Gustavo Borges just pipped Daniel Kowalski of Australia for the silver medal.

The eighth and final qualifier for the final was Paul Palmer of Great Britain. Palmer had tied Jani Sievinen for the last qualifying place which necessitated a swim-off. Incredibly the swim-off also resulted in a tie. Sievinen withdrew from the second swim-off so Palmer progressed.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Danyon LoaderNZL1:48.48 (1 h4)1:47.63 (1)Gold
2Gustavo BorgesBRA1:49.00 (2 h4)1:48.08 (2)Silver
3Daniel KowalskiAUS1:48.92 (2 h6)1:48.25 (3)Bronze
4Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:48.68 (1 h6)1:48.36 (4)
5Anders HolmertzSWE1:48.41 (1 h5)1:48.42 (5)
6Massi RosolinoITA1:48.80 (3 h5)1:48.50 (6)
7Josh DavisUSA1:48.63 (2 h5)1:48.54 (7)
8Paul PalmerGBR1:49.05 (=3 h4)1:49.39 (8)
9Aimo HeilmannGER1:49.57 (5 h4)1:48.81 (1)
10Michael KlimAUS1:49.17 (3 h6)1:49.50 (2)
11Vladimir PyshnenkoRUS1:49.79 (6 h4)1:49.55 (3)
12John PiersmaUSA1:50.59 (5 h5)1:49.90 (4)
13Piermaria SicilianoITA1:49.88 (4 h5)1:50.07 (5)
14Jacob CarstensenDEN1:50.79 (5 h6)1:50.54 (6)
15Andrew ClaytonGBR1:51.06 (6 h6)1:50.59 (7)
16Nicolae ButacuROU1:50.83 (7 h4)1:51.46 (8)
17Jani SievinenFIN1:49.05 (=3 h4)1
18Antti KasvioFIN1:50.55 (4 h6)2
19Miroslav VučetićCRO1:51.26 (1 h3)
=20Attila CzeneHUN1:51.59 (8 h4)
=20Trent BrayNZL1:51.59 (7 h6)
22Aleksey YegorovKAZ1:51.66 (8 h6)
23Shunsuke ItoJPN1:51.97 (6 h5)
24Christophe BordeauFRA1:52.17 (7 h5)
25Miklós KollárHUN1:52.19 (8 h5)
26Go Un-HoKOR1:52.80 (2 h3)
27Carlos SantanderVEN1:53.13 (1 h1)
28Vyacheslav KabanovUZB1:53.36 (3 h3)
29Earl McCarthyIRL1:53.67 (4 h3)
30Dimitrios ManganasGRE1:53.84 (5 h3)
31Salim IlesALG1:54.10 (6 h3)
32José IsazaPAN1:54.58 (1 h2)
33Torlarp SethsothornTHA1:54.73 (7 h3)
34Jure BučarSLO1:54.75 (2 h2)
35Raymond PapaPHI1:54.77 (3 h2)
36Bartosz SikoraPOL1:55.33 (4 h2)
37Sng Ju WeiSGP1:55.51 (5 h2)
38Dmitry LapinKGZ1:55.52 (6 h2)
39Carl ProbertFIJ1:56.33 (2 h1)
40Felipe DelgadoECU1:57.10 (7 h2)
41Andrei ZaharovMDA1:57.47 (8 h3)
42Denys ZavhorodnyiUKR1:58.67 (8 h2)
43Thamer Al-ShamroukhKUW2:13.75 (3 h1)

Round One (20 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Carlos SantanderVEN1:53.130.72
23Carl ProbertFIJ1:56.330.86
35Thamer Al-ShamroukhKUW2:13.750.83

Heat Two

16José IsazaPAN1:54.580.75
23Jure BučarSLO1:54.750.82
31Raymond PapaPHI1:54.770.83
44Bartosz SikoraPOL1:55.330.84
55Sng Ju WeiSGP1:55.510.85
62Dmitry LapinKGZ1:55.521.04
78Felipe DelgadoECU1:57.100.77
87Denys ZavhorodnyiUKR1:58.670.78

Heat Three

13Miroslav VučetićCRO1:51.260.86
21Go Un-HoKOR1:52.800.69
37Vyacheslav KabanovUZB1:53.360.81
45Earl McCarthyIRL1:53.670.81
54Dimitrios ManganasGRE1:53.840.84
66Salim IlesALG1:54.100.78
78Torlarp SethsothornTHA1:54.730.82
82Andrei ZaharovMDA1:57.470.89

Heat Four

14Danyon LoaderNZL1:48.480.85Q
21Gustavo BorgesBRA1:49.000.84Q
=32Paul PalmerGBR1:49.050.77Q
=35Jani SievinenFIN1:49.050.80q
57Aimo HeilmannGER1:49.570.85q
66Vladimir PyshnenkoRUS1:49.790.81q
78Nicolae ButacuROU1:50.830.84
83Attila CzeneHUN1:51.590.82

Heat Five

13Anders HolmertzSWE1:48.410.80Q
24Josh DavisUSA1:48.630.76Q
32Massi RosolinoITA1:48.800.81Q
46Piermaria SicilianoITA1:49.880.92q
55John PiersmaUSA1:50.590.71q
68Shunsuke ItoJPN1:51.970.79
71Christophe BordeauFRA1:52.170.78
87Miklós KollárHUN1:52.190.84

Heat Six

15Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:48.680.83Q
23Daniel KowalskiAUS1:48.920.79Q
34Michael KlimAUS1:49.170.81q
46Antti KasvioFIN1:50.550.77q
51Jacob CarstensenDEN1:50.790.82q
67Andrew ClaytonGBR1:51.060.79
72Trent BrayNZL1:51.590.82
88Aleksey YegorovKAZ1:51.660.80


=15Paul PalmerGBR1:48.890.77Q3
=14Jani SievinenFIN1:48.890.82

B Final (20 July 1996 — 20:50)

15Aimo HeilmannGER1:48.810.81
24Michael KlimAUS1:49.500.81
33Vladimir PyshnenkoRUS1:49.550.80
42John PiersmaUSA1:49.900.71
56Piermaria SicilianoITA1:50.070.81
67Jacob CarstensenDEN1:50.540.84
78Andrew ClaytonGBR1:50.590.82
81Nicolae ButacuROU1:51.460.88

Final (20 July 1996)

15Danyon LoaderNZL1:47.630.86
21Gustavo BorgesBRA1:48.080.83
37Daniel KowalskiAUS1:48.250.80
46Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:48.360.81
54Anders HolmertzSWE1:48.420.79
62Massi RosolinoITA1:48.500.80
73Josh DavisUSA1:48.540.75
88Paul PalmerGBR1:49.390.81