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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date18 – 19 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants40 from 35 countries

Australia’s Susie O’Neill was known as “Madame Butterfly” due to her expertise at the stroke but it was at the 200 metres freestyle that she won her second gold medal in front of the home crowd in Sydney. O’Neill took the lead shortly before halfway and held off the challenge of the two women who had placed first and second at the 1998 World Championships Claudia Poll of Costa Rica and Martina Moravcová of Slovakia. As the crowd urged O’Neill onwards with shouts of “Susie, Susie, Susie” Moravcová closed the gap on the leader in the last 50 metres but had to settle for silver with Poll in third.

1Susie O'NeillAUS1:59.14 (1 h6)1:59.37 (1 h2)1:58.24 (1)Gold
2Martina MoravcováSVK2:00.46 (3 h4)1:59.75 (1 h1)1:58.32 (2)Silver
3Claudia PollCRC2:00.11 (1 h5)1:59.63 (3 h2)1:58.81 (3)Bronze
=4Kerstin KielgaßGER2:00.25 (3 h6)1:59.78 (2 h1)1:58.86 (=4)
=4Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS2:00.47 (3 h5)1:59.69 (4 h2)1:58.86 (=4)
6Natallia BaranouskayaBLR2:00.58 (4 h4)1:59.90 (3 h1)1:59.28 (6)
7Camelia PotecROU2:00.18 (2 h4)1:59.54 (2 h2)1:59.46 (7)
8Wang LunaCHN2:00.89 (5 h6)1:59.97 (4 h1)1:59.55 (8)
9Heleen MullerRSA1:59.89 (1 h4)2:00.04 (5 h1)
10Sara PariseITA2:01.31 (6 h4)2:00.07 (6 h1)
11Franziska van AlmsickGER2:00.37 (2 h5)2:00.26 (5 h2)
12Lindsay BenkoUSA2:00.13 (2 h6)2:00.27 (7 h1)
13Mandy LeachZIM2:01.05 (5 h4)2:00.60 (8 h1)
14Giaan RooneyAUS2:00.99 (4 h5)2:00.84 (6 h2)
15Carla GeurtsNED2:00.60 (4 h6)2:00.88 (7 h2)
16Rada OwenUSA2:01.10 (5 h5)2:03.34 (8 h2)
17Yang YuCHN2:01.34 (6 h5)
=18Jessica DeglauCAN2:01.42 (6 h6)
=18Karen PickeringGBR2:01.42 (7 h4)
20Solenne FiguèsFRA2:01.46 (8 h4)
21Rania El-WaniEGY2:01.93 (1 h3)
22Nina Van KoeckhovenBEL2:02.15 (7 h5)
23Laura NichollsCAN2:02.69 (7 h6)
24Laura RocaESP2:03.37 (8 h5)
25Zoi DimoschakiGRE2:04.06 (2 h3)
26Olena LapunovaUKR2:04.39 (3 h3)
27Lára Hrund BjargardóttirISL2:05.22 (1 h2)
28Chantal GibneyIRL2:05.24 (4 h3)
29Vesna StojanovskaMKD2:05.58 (2 h2)
30Pilin TachakittirananTHA2:05.88 (5 h3)
31Elina PartõkaEST2:05.90 (6 h3)
32Tsai Shu-MinTPE2:06.12 (7 h3)
33No Ju-HuiKOR2:07.21 (8 h3)
34Ivanka MoralievaBUL2:07.61 (3 h2)
35Anna KorshikovaKGZ2:08.08 (4 h2)
36Petra BanovićCRO2:08.30 (5 h2)
37Nisha MilletIND2:08.89 (1 h1)
38Pamela VásquezHON2:15.83 (2 h1)
39Marella MamounSYR2:18.78 (3 h1)
DQFlorencia SzigetiARG– (DQ h2)
DNSKaren LeggGBR– (DNS h6)

Round One (18 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:02)

14Nisha MilletIND2:08.890.89
25Pamela VásquezHON2:15.830.86
33Marella MamounSYR2:18.780.97

Heat Two (10:07)

15Lára Hrund BjargardóttirISL2:05.220.86
26Vesna StojanovskaMKD2:05.580.87
37Ivanka MoralievaBUL2:07.610.85
43Anna KorshikovaKGZ2:08.080.97
52Petra BanovićCRO2:08.300.80
DQ4Florencia SzigetiARG1

Heat Three (10:12)

11Rania El-WaniEGY2:01.930.73
22Zoi DimoschakiGRE2:04.060.87
35Olena LapunovaUKR2:04.390.87
44Chantal GibneyIRL2:05.240.87
58Pilin TachakittirananTHA2:05.880.87
63Elina PartõkaEST2:05.900.83
76Tsai Shu-MinTPE2:06.120.79
87No Ju-HuiKOR2:07.210.87

Heat Four (10:17)

12Heleen MullerRSA1:59.890.70Q
24Camelia PotecROU2:00.180.90Q
35Martina MoravcováSVK2:00.460.83Q
43Natallia BaranouskayaBLR2:00.580.81Q
58Mandy LeachZIM2:01.050.73Q
61Sara PariseITA2:01.310.81Q
77Karen PickeringGBR2:01.420.77
86Solenne FiguèsFRA2:01.460.78

Heat Five (10:23)

14Claudia PollCRC2:00.110.96Q
25Franziska van AlmsickGER2:00.370.86Q
36Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS2:00.470.88Q
43Giaan RooneyAUS2:00.990.77Q
57Rada OwenUSA2:01.100.77Q
62Yang YuCHN2:01.340.80
71Nina Van KoeckhovenBEL2:02.150.85
88Laura RocaESP2:03.370.89

Heat Six (10:29)

14Susie O'NeillAUS1:59.140.82Q
25Lindsay BenkoUSA2:00.130.83Q
36Kerstin KielgaßGER2:00.250.89Q
41Carla GeurtsNED2:00.600.72Q
53Wang LunaCHN2:00.890.78Q
62Jessica DeglauCAN2:01.420.80
78Laura NichollsCAN2:02.690.89
DNS7Karen LeggGBR

Semi-Finals (18 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:27)

16Martina MoravcováSVK1:59.750.82Q
23Kerstin KielgaßGER1:59.780.90Q
32Natallia BaranouskayaBLR1:59.900.80Q
47Wang LunaCHN1:59.970.80Q
54Heleen MullerRSA2:00.040.71
68Sara PariseITA2:00.070.80
75Lindsay BenkoUSA2:00.270.81
81Mandy LeachZIM2:00.600.74

Heat Two (19:32)

14Susie O'NeillAUS1:59.370.81Q
23Camelia PotecROU1:59.540.86Q
35Claudia PollCRC1:59.630.90Q
42Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS1:59.690.87Q
56Franziska van AlmsickGER2:00.260.85
61Giaan RooneyAUS2:00.840.78
77Carla GeurtsNED2:00.880.70
88Rada OwenUSA2:03.340.77

Final (19 September 2000 — 19:13)

14Susie O'NeillAUS1:58.240.83
22Martina MoravcováSVK1:58.320.81
33Claudia PollCRC1:58.810.94
=46Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS1:58.860.85
=47Kerstin KielgaßGER1:58.860.90
61Natallia BaranouskayaBLR1:59.280.82
75Camelia PotecROU1:59.460.89
88Wang LunaCHN1:59.550.78