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200 metres Backstroke, Women

Date21 – 22 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants35 from 29 countries

The 200 metres backstroke turned in to a battle between Romanians, although one was competing in the colours of France. The world champion was the Bucharest-born Frenchwoman Roxana Maracineanu, who had already placed fourth in the 100 behind teenager Diana Mocanu. Mocanu bided her time at the back of the field over the first 50 metres before gradually moving through the pack into second by halfway. She then sprinted past Maracineanu and pulled out a two-second lead over her by the finish of the race to complete the double of backstroke titles.

Mocanu won a world title in 2001 but failed to build more upon her successes and retired at the age of 21 in 2005 after missing the chance to defend her Olympic titles in Athens. After retiring she revealed to a Romanian newspaper that she had suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of one of her coaches

1Diana MocanuROU2:09.21 (1 h3)2:09.64 (1 h2)2:08.16 (1)Gold
2Roxana MaracineanuFRA2:11.01 (1 h5)2:11.93 (1 h1)2:10.25 (2)Silver
3Miki NakaoJPN2:11.69 (1 h4)2:12.49 (2 h1)2:11.05 (3)Bronze
4Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:12.15 (2 h3)2:11.02 (2 h2)2:11.21 (4)
5Amanda AdkinsUSA2:13.54 (4 h5)2:12.97 (4 h2)2:12.35 (5)
6Nina ZhivanevskayaESP2:11.60 (2 h5)2:11.93 (3 h2)2:12.75 (6)
7Antje BuschschulteGER2:13.42 (3 h5)2:12.64 (3 h1)2:13.31 (7)
8Kelly StefanyshynCAN2:14.28 (4 h3)2:13.39 (5 h2)2:14.57 (8)
9Jo FargusGBR2:12.99 (3 h4)2:13.57 (6 h2)
10Lindsay BenkoUSA2:12.72 (2 h4)2:13.73 (4 h1)
11Cathleen RundGER2:13.87 (3 h3)2:13.85 (7 h2)
12Louise ØrnstedtDEN2:13.61 (5 h5)2:14.24 (5 h1)
13Clementine StoneyAUS2:14.61 (5 h3)2:14.25 (6 h1)
14Charlene WittstockRSA2:15.10 (7 h3)2:14.95 (7 h1)
15Helen Don-DuncanGBR2:14.18 (4 h4)2:14.97 (8 h1)
16Ivette MaríaESP2:14.78 (6 h3)2:15.11 (8 h2)
17Nadiya BeshevliUKR2:15.86 (1 h2)
18Zhan ShuCHN2:15.97 (5 h4)
19Irina RayevskayaRUS2:16.13 (6 h4)
20Helen NorfolkNZL2:16.22 (7 h4)
21Anu KoivistoFIN2:16.23 (2 h2)
22Yseult GervyBEL2:16.67 (6 h5)
23Aleksandra MiciulPOL2:16.71 (7 h5)
24Dyana CalubAUS2:17.05 (8 h4)
25Katerina BliamouGRE2:18.07 (3 h2)
26Ana María GonzálezCUB2:19.35 (4 h2)
27Jana KorbasováSVK2:19.37 (5 h2)
28Annamária KissHUN2:20.40 (6 h2)
29Şadan Derya ErkeTUR2:21.28 (7 h2)
30Chonlathorn VorathamrongTHA2:21.59 (8 h2)
31Marica StražmešterSCG2:22.59 (1 h1)
32Kolbrún Ýr KristjánsdóttirISL2:24.33 (2 h1)
33Kuan Chia-HsienTPE2:24.61 (3 h1)
34Petra BanovićCRO2:25.42 (4 h1)
35Choi Su-MinKOR2:26.42 (8 h3)
DNSYuliya FomenkoRUS– (DNS h5)

Round One (21 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:52)

15Marica StražmešterSCG2:22.59
23Kolbrún Ýr KristjánsdóttirISL2:24.33
36Kuan Chia-HsienTPE2:24.61
44Petra BanovićCRO2:25.42

Heat Two (11:56)

12Nadiya BeshevliUKR2:15.86
24Anu KoivistoFIN2:16.23
35Katerina BliamouGRE2:18.07
43Ana María GonzálezCUB2:19.35
58Jana KorbasováSVK2:19.37
66Annamária KissHUN2:20.40
77Şadan Derya ErkeTUR2:21.28
81Chonlathorn VorathamrongTHA2:21.59

Heat Three (12:00)

15Diana MocanuROU2:09.21Q
24Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:12.15Q
33Cathleen RundGER2:13.87Q
46Kelly StefanyshynCAN2:14.28Q
52Clementine StoneyAUS2:14.61Q
67Ivette MaríaESP2:14.78Q
71Charlene WittstockRSA2:15.10Q
88Choi Su-MinKOR2:26.42

Heat Four (12:05)

14Miki NakaoJPN2:11.69Q
26Lindsay BenkoUSA2:12.72Q
33Jo FargusGBR2:12.99Q
45Helen Don-DuncanGBR2:14.18Q
57Zhan ShuCHN2:15.97
61Irina RayevskayaRUS2:16.13
78Helen NorfolkNZL2:16.22
82Dyana CalubAUS2:17.05

Heat Five (12:10)

13Roxana MaracineanuFRA2:11.01Q
24Nina ZhivanevskayaESP2:11.60Q
35Antje BuschschulteGER2:13.42Q
46Amanda AdkinsUSA2:13.54Q
57Louise ØrnstedtDEN2:13.61Q
68Yseult GervyBEL2:16.67
71Aleksandra MiciulPOL2:16.71
DNS2Yuliya FomenkoRUS

Semi-Finals (21 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:41)

14Roxana MaracineanuFRA2:11.93Q
25Miki NakaoJPN2:12.49Q
36Antje BuschschulteGER2:12.64Q
43Lindsay BenkoUSA2:13.73
52Louise ØrnstedtDEN2:14.24
61Clementine StoneyAUS2:14.25
78Charlene WittstockRSA2:14.95
87Helen Don-DuncanGBR2:14.97

Heat Two (19:47)

14Diana MocanuROU2:09.64Q
23Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:11.02Q
35Nina ZhivanevskayaESP2:11.93Q
42Amanda AdkinsUSA2:12.97Q
51Kelly StefanyshynCAN2:13.39Q
66Jo FargusGBR2:13.57
77Cathleen RundGER2:13.85
88Ivette MaríaESP2:15.11

Final (22 September 2000 — 19:03)

14Diana MocanuROU2:08.16
23Roxana MaracineanuFRA2:10.25
32Miki NakaoJPN2:11.05
45Tomoko HagiwaraJPN2:11.21
51Amanda AdkinsUSA2:12.35
66Nina ZhivanevskayaESP2:12.75
77Antje BuschschulteGER2:13.31
88Kelly StefanyshynCAN2:14.57