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100 metres Backstroke, Men

Date15 – 16 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants44 from 38 countries

As the clear winner of both backstroke events at the 2003 World Championships, Aaron Peirsol was an obvious favourite to match this feat at the Athens Olympics and nothing happened in either heat or semi-final to discourage the opinion that the American would be Olympic champion. Peirsol trailed early leader Matt Welsh at the halfway point then took the race apart on the final length, winning comfortably ahead of Markus Rogan of Austria with Japan’s Tomomi Morita touching ahead of defending champion, Lenny Krayzelburg, by a mere two hundredths of a second. Peirsol’s victory was the 12th win by an American in this event but, in contrast, Rogan’s medal the first by Austrian for 92 years. Piersol would return in 2008 to become the first man to successfully defend his Olympic title since Roland Matthes in 1972.

1Aaron PeirsolUSA54.65 (2 h6)54.34 (1 h1)54.06 (1)Gold
2Markus RoganAUT54.87 (1 h5)54.42 (2 h1)54.35 (2)Silver
3Tomomi MoritaJPN54.41 (1 h6)54.62 (1 h2)54.36 (3)Bronze
4Lenny KrayzelburgUSA54.87 (3 h6)54.63 (2 h2)54.38 (4)
5Matt WelshAUS55.35 (3 h5)54.69 (3 h2)54.52 (5)
6László Cseh, Jr.HUN54.80 (1 h4)54.86 (4 h2)54.61 (6)
7Steffen DriesenGER54.92 (2 h5)54.64 (3 h1)54.63 (7)
8Marco di CarliGER55.58 (4 h4)55.03 (5 h2)55.27 (8)
9Arkady VyatchaninRUS55.17 (2 h4)55.20 (6 h2)
10Răzvan FloreaROU55.77 (6 h6)55.27 (7 h2)
11Ouyang KunpengCHN55.50 (3 h4)55.28 (4 h1)
12Gregor TaitGBR55.77 (5 h5)55.31 (5 h1)
13Gerhard ZandbergRSA55.62 (4 h5)55.76 (6 h1)
14Gordan KožuljCRO55.80 (1 h3)56.02 (7 h1)
15Alex LimMAS55.22 (4 h6)56.08 (8 h1)
16Simon DufourFRA55.76 (5 h6)56.15 (8 h2)
=17Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE55.85 (2 h3)
=17Josh WatsonAUS55.85 (6 h5)
19Yevgeny AlyoshinRUS55.91 (5 h4)
20Ryan PiniPNG55.97 (3 h3)
21Pierre RogerFRA56.07 (7 h5)
22Cam GibsonNZL56.14 (6 h4)
23Adam ManiaPOL56.20 (7 h4)
24Darius GrigalionisLTU56.21 (4 h3)
25Nicky NecklesBAR56.32 (1 h2)
26Derya BüyükuncuTUR56.34 (5 h3)
=27Ľuboš KrižkoSVK56.62 (2 h2)
=27Matt RoseCAN56.62 (8 h5)
=27Volodymyr NikolaichukUKR56.62 (8 h4)
30Seong MinKOR56.78 (3 h2)
31Ahmed HussainEGY56.86 (6 h3)
32Paulo MachadoBRA57.07 (7 h3)
33Eduardo OteroARG57.28 (8 h3)
34Péter HorváthHUN57.29 (7 h6)
35Aschwin WildeboerESP57.35 (8 h6)
36Matti MäkiFIN57.57 (4 h2)
37George GleasonISV57.64 (5 h2)
38Chris VythoulkasBAH58.31 (1 h1)
39Brendan AshbyZIM58.91 (6 h2)
40Igor BeretićSCG59.38 (7 h2)
41Stanislav OsinskyKAZ59.92 (2 h1)
42Alexandru IvlevMDA1:00.13 (3 h1)
43Danil BugakovUZB1:02.28 (8 h2)
44Omar Abu-FaresJOR1:02.36 (4 h1)
DNSDonnie DefreitasVIN– (DNS h1)

Round One (15 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:11)

13Chris VythoulkasBAH58.310.69
24Stanislav OsinskyKAZ59.920.77
35Alexandru IvlevMDA1:00.130.57
46Omar Abu-FaresJOR1:02.360.62
DNS2Donnie DefreitasVIN

Heat Two (11:14)

15Nicky NecklesBAR56.320.60
26Ľuboš KrižkoSVK56.620.60
34Seong MinKOR56.780.54
42Matti MäkiFIN57.570.75
53George GleasonISV57.640.80
61Brendan AshbyZIM58.910.66
77Igor BeretićSCG59.380.72
88Danil BugakovUZB1:02.280.65

Heat Three (11:17)

15Gordan KožuljCRO55.800.75Q
22Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE55.850.72
36Ryan PiniPNG55.970.74
43Darius GrigalionisLTU56.210.60
57Derya BüyükuncuTUR56.340.57
64Ahmed HussainEGY56.860.60
71Paulo MachadoBRA57.070.66
88Eduardo OteroARG57.280.68

Heat Four (11:20)

16László Cseh, Jr.HUN54.800.66Q
24Arkady VyatchaninRUS55.170.88Q
35Ouyang KunpengCHN55.500.56Q
43Marco di CarliGER55.580.59Q
52Yevgeny AlyoshinRUS55.910.71
67Cam GibsonNZL56.140.80
71Adam ManiaPOL56.200.55
88Volodymyr NikolaichukUKR56.620.70

Heat Five (11:23)

13Markus RoganAUT54.870.75Q
25Steffen DriesenGER54.920.69Q
34Matt WelshAUS55.350.69Q
41Gerhard ZandbergRSA55.620.75Q
56Gregor TaitGBR55.770.69Q
62Josh WatsonAUS55.850.68
78Pierre RogerFRA56.070.70
87Matt RoseCAN56.620.58

Heat Six (11:26)

13Tomomi MoritaJPN54.410.56Q
24Aaron PeirsolUSA54.650.70Q
35Lenny KrayzelburgUSA54.870.67Q
46Alex LimMAS55.220.63Q
57Simon DufourFRA55.760.71Q
61Răzvan FloreaROU55.770.66Q
78Péter HorváthHUN57.290.67
82Aschwin WildeboerESP57.350.64

Semi-Finals (15 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:30)

14Aaron PeirsolUSA54.340.68Q
25Markus RoganAUT54.420.73Q
33Steffen DriesenGER54.640.70Q
42Ouyang KunpengCHN55.280.53
51Gregor TaitGBR55.310.61
67Gerhard ZandbergRSA55.760.76
78Gordan KožuljCRO56.020.68
86Alex LimMAS56.080.66

Heat Two (20:35)

14Tomomi MoritaJPN54.620.53Q
23Lenny KrayzelburgUSA54.630.62Q
32Matt WelshAUS54.690.66Q
45László Cseh, Jr.HUN54.860.62Q
57Marco di CarliGER55.030.57Q
66Arkady VyatchaninRUS55.200.89
78Răzvan FloreaROU55.270.63
81Simon DufourFRA56.150.68

Final (16 August 2004 — 19:59)

14Aaron PeirsolUSA54.060.67
25Markus RoganAUT54.350.76
33Tomomi MoritaJPN54.360.54
46Lenny KrayzelburgUSA54.380.67
57Matt WelshAUS54.520.63
61László Cseh, Jr.HUN54.610.61
72Steffen DriesenGER54.630.68
88Marco di CarliGER55.270.58