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Bantamweight (≤54 kilograms), Men

Date27 August – 10 September 1972
LocationBoxhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants38 from 38 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Missing from the 1972 Olympic Games was European champion Tibor Badari who was a victim of political wrangling within the Hungarian team. In his absence Ricardo Carreras of the USA, Orlando Martinez of Cuba and Juan Francisco Rodríguez, a Spaniard who had been European flyweight champion, appeared the most likely medal contenders. Rodríguez was the first of the three to be eliminated although it came in bizarre circumstances. Fighting Alfonso Zamora of Mexico in the quarter-finals Rodriguez was sent to the canvas in the final round of their bout. He was up at the count of eight but realized that his gum-shield had been knocked loose and bent down to pick it up. This was misinterpreted by the referee as a sign that he was about to slump back down to the floor and the count was continued to ten. Zamora, who trained in Mexico alongside the legendary bantamweight Ruben Olivares, then continued his streak by eliminating Carreras in the semi-final.

Awaiting Zamora was Orlando Martínez, who had reached the final despite not being overly impressive in his preliminary bouts. Fortunately for the Cuban his style of fighting worked well against the Mexican and he won a unanimous decision after knocking down Zamora at the end of round one. Martinez failed in his attempt to defend his crown in Montréal by which time Zamora was in the middle of his run as WBA world champion in the professional game.

1Orlando MartínezCUBGold
2Alfonso ZamoraMEXSilver
=3George TurpinGBRBronze
=3Ricardo CarrerasUSABronze
=5John NderuKEN
=5Ferry MoniagaINA
=5Vasily SolominURS
=5Juan Francisco RodríguezESP
=9Wang Chee-YenTPE
=9Kim Jong-IkPRK
=9Mick DowlingIRL
=9Joe DestimoGHA
=9Buyangiin GanbatMGL
=9Marian LazărROU
=9Stefan FörsterGDR
=9Go Saeng-GeunKOR
=17Pierre Amont N'DiayeSEN
=17Manuchehr BahmaniIRI
=17Eduardo BarragánCOL
=17Deusdete VasconcelosBRA
=17Ove LundbySWE
=17Win MaungMYA
=17René SilvaNCA
=17Werner SchäferFRG
=17David OlemeCMR
=17Mick O'BrienAUS
=17Charndej WeerapolTHA
=17Flevitus BitegekoTAN
=17Ric FortalezaPHI
=17Mayaki SeydouNIG
=17Abdel Aziz HammiTUN
=17Aldo CosentinoFRA
=33Les HamiltonCAN
=33Mehmet KumovaTUR
=33Ayele MohamedETH
=33Leopold AgbazoBEN
=33Luis ÁvilaPAN
=33Józef ReszpondekPOL

Round One

Date27 August 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #127 AugPierre Amont N'DiayeSEN
Match #227 AugGeorge TurpinGBR
Match #327 AugManuchehr BahmaniIRI
Match #427 AugWang Chee-YenTPE
Match #527 AugEduardo BarragánCOL
Match #627 AugJohn NderuKEN
Match #727 AugKim Jong-IkPRK
Match #827 AugDeusdete VasconcelosBRA
Match #927 AugOve LundbySWE
Match #1027 AugMick DowlingIRL
Match #1127 AugWin MaungMYA
Match #1227 AugOrlando MartínezCUB
Match #1327 AugFerry MoniagaINA
Match #1427 AugRené SilvaNCA
Match #1527 AugWerner SchäferFRG
Match #1627 AugJoe DestimoGHA
Match #1727 AugDavid OlemeCMR
Match #1827 AugBuyangiin GanbatMGL
Match #1927 AugRicardo CarrerasUSA
Match #2027 AugMick O'BrienAUS
Match #2127 AugVasily SolominURS
Match #2227 AugCharndej WeerapolTHA
Match #2327 AugFlevitus BitegekoTAN
Match #2427 AugMarian LazărROU
Match #2527 AugRic FortalezaPHI
Match #2627 AugAlfonso ZamoraMEX
Match #2727 AugStefan FörsterGDRDecisionLes HamiltonCAN
Match #2827 AugMayaki SeydouNIGDecisionMehmet KumovaTUR
Match #2927 AugGo Saeng-GeunKORReferee stops contestAyele MohamedETH
Match #3027 AugAbdel Aziz HammiTUNDecisionLeopold AgbazoBEN
Match #3127 AugJuan Francisco RodríguezESPDecisionLuis ÁvilaPAN
Match #3227 AugAldo CosentinoFRADecisionJózef ReszpondekPOL

Round Two

Date30 August 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the third round.
Match #130 AugGeorge TurpinGBRDecisionPierre Amont N'DiayeSEN
Match #230 AugWang Chee-YenTPEDecisionManuchehr BahmaniIRI
Match #330 AugJohn NderuKENDecisionEduardo BarragánCOL
Match #430 AugKim Jong-IkPRKDecisionDeusdete VasconcelosBRA
Match #530 AugMick DowlingIRLDecisionOve LundbySWE
Match #630 AugOrlando MartínezCUBDecisionWin MaungMYA
Match #730 AugFerry MoniagaINADecisionRené SilvaNCA
Match #830 AugJoe DestimoGHADecisionWerner SchäferFRG
Match #930 AugBuyangiin GanbatMGLDecisionDavid OlemeCMR
Match #1030 AugRicardo CarrerasUSAReferee stops contestMick O'BrienAUS
Match #1130 AugVasily SolominURSDecisionCharndej WeerapolTHA
Match #1230 AugMarian LazărROUDecisionFlevitus BitegekoTAN
Match #1330 AugAlfonso ZamoraMEXReferee stops contestRic FortalezaPHI
Match #1430 AugStefan FörsterGDRDecisionMayaki SeydouNIG
Match #1530 AugGo Saeng-GeunKORDecisionAbdel Aziz HammiTUN
Match #1630 AugJuan Francisco RodríguezESPDecisionAldo CosentinoFRA

Round Three

Date2 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #102 SepGeorge TurpinGBRDecisionWang Chee-YenTPE
Match #202 SepJohn NderuKENDecisionKim Jong-IkPRK
Match #302 SepOrlando MartínezCUBDecisionMick DowlingIRL
Match #402 SepFerry MoniagaINADecisionJoe DestimoGHA
Match #502 SepRicardo CarrerasUSADecisionBuyangiin GanbatMGL
Match #602 SepVasily SolominURSDecisionMarian LazărROU
Match #702 SepAlfonso ZamoraMEXDecisionStefan FörsterGDR
Match #802 SepJuan Francisco RodríguezESPDecisionGo Saeng-GeunKOR


Date6 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #106 SepGeorge TurpinGBRDecisionJohn NderuKEN
Match #206 SepOrlando MartínezCUBDecisionFerry MoniagaINA
Match #306 SepRicardo CarrerasUSADecisionVasily SolominURS
Match #406 SepAlfonso ZamoraMEXKnock-outJuan Francisco RodríguezESP


Date8 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #108 SepOrlando MartínezCUBDecisionGeorge TurpinGBR
Match #208 SepAlfonso ZamoraMEXDecisionRicardo CarrerasUSA

Final Round

Date10 September 1972
Match 1/210 SepOrlando MartínezCUBDecisionAlfonso ZamoraMEX