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Welterweight (≤67 kilograms), Men

Date28 August – 10 September 1972
LocationBoxhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants37 from 37 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Welterweight was considered one of the most competitive weight divisions contested in 1972. As well as the 1968 champion Manfred Wolke of the GDR, the veteran Hungarian János Kajdi, Jesse Valdez of the USA and the teenaged Pan American Games champion from Cuba, Emilio Correa, were all touted as possible Olympic champions. The first of the four to fall was Wolke although his exit at the hands of Correa was due to a cut eye that happened in the second round of an otherwise even contest. The Cuban then eliminated Valdez in the semi-finals with 3-2 points decision after a desperately close contest to set up a meeting with Kajdi in the final. While the Hungarian was recognized as the most skillful boxer it was the strength of Correa that proved the dominant factor in their meeting and, despite the Cuban being forced to take a standing count in the first round, the judges unanimously voted Correa as the new Olympic champion.

Correa won the welterweight title at the first World Amateur Championships in 1974 but failed to retain either his Pan American Games or Olympic titles and retired in 1979. Thirty-six years after his father’s Olympic triumph his son, Emilio Jr., reached the middleweight final of the 2008 Olympics only to lose to Great Britain’s James DeGale.

1Emilio CorreaCUBGold
2János KajdiHUNSilver
=3Dick MurungaKENBronze
=3Jesse ValdezUSABronze
=5Maurice HopeGBR
=5Sergio LozanoMEX
=5Günther MeierFRG
=5Anatoly KhokhlovURS
=9Alfonso FernándezESP
=9Damdinjavyn BandiMGL
=9Wayne DevlinAUS
=9Vartex ParsanianIRI
=9Manfred WolkeGDR
=9Rabieb SangnualTHA
=9John RodgersIRL
=9David JacksonUGA
=17Hakkı SözenTUR
=17Garry DavisBAH
=17Emma AnkudeyGHA
=17James VrijNED
=17Mirgaani Gomaa RizgallaSUD
=17Joe MensahNGR
=17Mbwana MkangaTAN
=17Alfons StawskiPOL
=17Damiano LassandroITA
=17Panagiotis TherianosGRE
=17Jeff RackleyNZL
=17Karl GschwindSUI
=17Julio MedinaCHI
=17Ib BøtcherDEN
=17Vladimir KolevBUL
=17Carlos BurgaPER
=33Nicolás OrtizPUR
=33Fouad GadEGY
=33Victor ZilbermanROU
=33Ketil HodneNOR
=33Komlan KalipeTOG

Round One

Date28 August 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #128 AugAlfonso FernándezESP
Match #228 AugHakkı SözenTUR
Match #328 AugGarry DavisBAH
Match #428 AugMaurice HopeGBR
Match #528 AugEmma AnkudeyGHA
Match #628 AugDamdinjavyn BandiMGL
Match #728 AugJános KajdiHUN
Match #828 AugJames VrijNED
Match #928 AugWayne DevlinAUS
Match #1028 AugMirgaani Gomaa RizgallaSUD
Match #1128 AugSergio LozanoMEX
Match #1228 AugJoe MensahNGR
Match #1328 AugMbwana MkangaTAN
Match #1428 AugVartex ParsanianIRI
Match #1528 AugDick MurungaKEN
Match #1628 AugAlfons StawskiPOL
Match #1728 AugDamiano LassandroITA
Match #1828 AugEmilio CorreaCUB
Match #1928 AugManfred WolkeGDR
Match #2028 AugPanagiotis TherianosGRE
Match #2128 AugGünther MeierFRG
Match #2228 AugJeff RackleyNZL
Match #2328 AugRabieb SangnualTHA
Match #2428 AugKarl GschwindSUI
Match #2528 AugAnatoly KhokhlovURS
Match #2628 AugJulio MedinaCHI
Match #2728 AugJohn RodgersIRL
Match #2828 AugIb BøtcherDENDecisionNicolás OrtizPUR
Match #2928 AugVladimir KolevBULDecisionFouad GadEGY
Match #3028 AugDavid JacksonUGADecisionVictor ZilbermanROU
Match #3128 AugCarlos BurgaPERDecisionKetil HodneNOR
Match #3228 AugJesse ValdezUSADecisionKomlan KalipeTOG

Round Two

Date30 August 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the third round.
Match #130 AugAlfonso FernándezESPDecisionHakkı SözenTUR
Match #230 AugMaurice HopeGBRDecisionGarry DavisBAH
Match #330 AugDamdinjavyn BandiMGLDecisionEmma AnkudeyGHA
Match #430 AugJános KajdiHUNDecisionJames VrijNED
Match #530 AugWayne DevlinAUSReferee stops contestMirgaani Gomaa RizgallaSUD
Match #630 AugSergio LozanoMEXDecisionJoe MensahNGR
Match #730 AugVartex ParsanianIRIDecisionMbwana MkangaTAN
Match #830 AugDick MurungaKENDecisionAlfons StawskiPOL
Match #930 AugEmilio CorreaCUBDecisionDamiano LassandroITA
Match #1030 AugManfred WolkeGDRDecisionPanagiotis TherianosGRE
Match #1130 AugGünther MeierFRGDecisionJeff RackleyNZL
Match #1230 AugRabieb SangnualTHADecisionKarl GschwindSUI
Match #1330 AugAnatoly KhokhlovURSReferee stops contestJulio MedinaCHI
Match #1430 AugJohn RodgersIRLDecisionIb BøtcherDEN
Match #1530 AugDavid JacksonUGADecisionVladimir KolevBUL
Match #1630 AugJesse ValdezUSADecisionCarlos BurgaPER

Round Three

Date1 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #101 SepMaurice HopeGBRWalkoverAlfonso FernándezESP
Match #201 SepJános KajdiHUNKnock-outDamdinjavyn BandiMGL
Match #301 SepSergio LozanoMEXDecisionWayne DevlinAUS
Match #401 SepDick MurungaKENReferee stops contestVartex ParsanianIRI
Match #501 SepEmilio CorreaCUBReferee stops contestManfred WolkeGDR
Match #601 SepGünther MeierFRGDecisionRabieb SangnualTHA
Match #701 SepAnatoly KhokhlovURSDecisionJohn RodgersIRL
Match #801 SepJesse ValdezUSADecisionDavid JacksonUGA


Date6 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #106 SepJános KajdiHUNDecisionMaurice HopeGBR
Match #206 SepDick MurungaKENKnock-outSergio LozanoMEX
Match #306 SepEmilio CorreaCUBDecisionGünther MeierFRG
Match #406 SepJesse ValdezUSADecisionAnatoly KhokhlovURS


Date8 September 1972
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #108 SepJános KajdiHUNDecisionDick MurungaKEN
Match #208 SepEmilio CorreaCUBDecisionJesse ValdezUSA

Final Round

Date10 September 1972
Match 1/210 SepEmilio CorreaCUBDecisionJános KajdiHUN