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Flyweight (≤51 kilograms), Men

Date18 September – 2 October 1988
LocationJam-sil Hak-saeng Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants44 from 44 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

After losing a close and debatable decision to eventual gold medalist Paul Gonzales, Jr. at the 1984 Olympic Games, Kim Gwang-Seon rededicated himself to the sport with the intent of winning gold when his native South Korea hosted the 1988 Games. He won the Asian Games title in 1986 and was runner-up at the 1987 World Cup so he would have been a top contender wherever the Games were held.

In front of a partisan home crowd Kim rose to the occasion and defeated opponents from Mongolia, Zimbabwe, the USA and Bulgaria on the way to a re-match with Andreas Tews, the man who had narrowly beaten him in the final of World Cup, to decide the Olympic championships. The fight was a classic combination of styles with the stylish East German boxing from a distance and scoring heavily with his jabs and the crouching Korean attempting to force through his opponent’s defense and land flurries of punches at close range. Although the computer recorded that Tews landed 87 scoring punches against Kim’s 67 the Korean was favoured by four of the five judges (the sole exception being the American judge) and was duly awarded the gold medal.

Kim turned professional in 1990 and embarked on a career consisting of just eight fights although two of them were unsuccessful world title challenges.

1Kim Gwang-SeonKORGold
2Andreas TewsGDRSilver
=3Timofei ScriabinURSBronze
=3Mario GonzálezMEXBronze
=5Alfred KoteyGHA
=5Benaissa AbedALG
=5Melvin de LeónDOM
=5Serafim TodorovBUL
=9Manoj PingaleIND
=9Benjamin MwangataTAN
=9Emmanuel NsubugaUGA
=9János VáradiHUN
=9Philippe DesavoyeFRA
=9Andy AgostoPUR
=9Arthur JohnsonUSA
=9Gamal El-KoumyEGY
=17Oscar ChongoZAM
=17Teboho MathibeliLES
=17Husain Al-MutairiKUW
=17Peter AyesuMAW
=17Mohamed Mahfood SayedYMD
=17Aissa MoukrimMAR
=17Roberto JalnaizPHI
=17Wang WeipingCHN
=17Anthony IkeguKEN
=17Badie OvnteniNIG
=17Hamed HalbouniSYR
=17Joe LawlorIRL
=17Bishnu Bahadur SinghNEP
=17Nokuthula TshabanguZIM
=17Setsuo SegawaJPN
=17Ramazan GülTUR
=33Vichai KhadpoTHA
=33Johnny BredahlDEN
=33Zekaria WilliamsCOK
=33Archer FaustoMOZ
=33Sixto VeraPAR
=33Andrea MannaiITA
=33Bonifacio GarcíaESP
=33Tseyen-Oidovyn TserennyamMGL
=33Simón MoralesCOL
=33David GrimánVEN
=33John LyonGBR
=33Amir HussainIRQ

Round One

Date18 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #118 SepManoj PingaleIND
Match #218 SepOscar ChongoZAM
Match #318 SepTeboho MathibeliLES
Match #418 SepMario GonzálezMEX
Match #518 SepHusain Al-MutairiKUW
Match #618 SepAlfred KoteyGHA
Match #718 SepBenjamin MwangataTAN
Match #818 SepPeter AyesuMAW
Match #918 SepMohamed Mahfood SayedYMD
Match #1018 SepEmmanuel NsubugaUGA
Match #1118 SepAissa MoukrimMAR
Match #1218 SepBenaissa AbedALG
Match #1318 SepJános VáradiHUN
Match #1418 SepRoberto JalnaizPHI
Match #1518 SepWang WeipingCHN
Match #1618 SepAndreas TewsGDR
Match #1718 SepPhilippe DesavoyeFRA
Match #1818 SepAnthony IkeguKEN
Match #1918 SepBadie OvnteniNIG
Match #2018 SepMelvin de LeónDOM
Match #2118 SepAndy AgostoPURDecisionVichai KhadpoTHA
Match #2218 SepHamed HalbouniSYRReferee stops contest (head blow)Johnny BredahlDEN
Match #2318 SepTimofei ScriabinURSDecisionZekaria WilliamsCOK
Match #2418 SepJoe LawlorIRLKnock-outArcher FaustoMOZ
Match #2518 SepBishnu Bahadur SinghNEPDecisionSixto VeraPAR
Match #2618 SepArthur JohnsonUSADecisionAndrea MannaiITA
Match #2718 SepNokuthula TshabanguZIMDecisionBonifacio GarcíaESP
Match #2818 SepKim Gwang-SeonKORReferee stops contest (head blow)Tseyen-Oidovyn TserennyamMGL
Match #2918 SepSetsuo SegawaJPNDecisionSimón MoralesCOL
Match #3018 SepSerafim TodorovBULDecisionDavid GrimánVEN
Match #3118 SepRamazan GülTURDecisionJohn LyonGBR
Match #3218 SepGamal El-KoumyEGYDecisionAmir HussainIRQ

Round Two

Date21 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the third round.
Match #121 SepManoj PingaleINDDecisionOscar ChongoZAM
Match #221 SepMario GonzálezMEXDecisionTeboho MathibeliLES
Match #321 SepAlfred KoteyGHAReferee stops contest (outclassed)Husain Al-MutairiKUW
Match #421 SepBenjamin MwangataTANDecisionPeter AyesuMAW
Match #521 SepEmmanuel NsubugaUGAKnock-outMohamed Mahfood SayedYMD
Match #621 SepBenaissa AbedALGDecisionAissa MoukrimMAR
Match #721 SepJános VáradiHUNDecisionRoberto JalnaizPHI
Match #821 SepAndreas TewsGDRDecisionWang WeipingCHN
Match #921 SepPhilippe DesavoyeFRAReferee stops contest (head blow)Anthony IkeguKEN
Match #1021 SepMelvin de LeónDOMReferee stops contest (head blow)Badie OvnteniNIG
Match #1121 SepAndy AgostoPURDecisionHamed HalbouniSYR
Match #1221 SepTimofei ScriabinURSDecisionJoe LawlorIRL
Match #1321 SepArthur JohnsonUSAReferee stops contest (head blow)Bishnu Bahadur SinghNEP
Match #1421 SepKim Gwang-SeonKORReferee stops contest (head blow)Nokuthula TshabanguZIM
Match #1521 SepSerafim TodorovBULDecisionSetsuo SegawaJPN
Match #1621 SepGamal El-KoumyEGYDecisionRamazan GülTUR

Round Three

Date25 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #125 SepMario GonzálezMEXDecisionManoj PingaleIND
Match #225 SepAlfred KoteyGHADecisionBenjamin MwangataTAN
Match #325 SepBenaissa AbedALGDecisionEmmanuel NsubugaUGA
Match #425 SepAndreas TewsGDRDecisionJános VáradiHUN
Match #525 SepMelvin de LeónDOMDecisionPhilippe DesavoyeFRA
Match #625 SepTimofei ScriabinURSDecisionAndy AgostoPUR
Match #725 SepKim Gwang-SeonKORDecisionArthur JohnsonUSA
Match #825 SepSerafim TodorovBULWalkoverGamal El-KoumyEGY


Date27 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #127 SepMario GonzálezMEXWalkoverAlfred KoteyGHA
Match #227 SepAndreas TewsGDRDecisionBenaissa AbedALG
Match #327 SepTimofei ScriabinURSDecisionMelvin de LeónDOM
Match #427 SepKim Gwang-SeonKORDecisionSerafim TodorovBUL


Date29 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #129 SepAndreas TewsGDRDecisionMario GonzálezMEX
Match #229 SepKim Gwang-SeonKORDecisionTimofei ScriabinURS

Final Round

Date2 October 1988
Match 1/202 OctKim Gwang-SeonKORDecisionAndreas TewsGDR