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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date11 – 13 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants44 from 39 countries

More than other event on his Beijing schedule, this race belonged to Michael Phelps. To put simply he had not lost a race at this distance for six years and had held the world record since 2001. Having already won three Olympic titles at Beijing it seemed inconceivable that he would not win a fourth. Phelps took the lead from Moss Burmester of New Zealand at halfway and, despite having problems with water leaking into the goggles, swam away from the rest to record his sixth world record at the distance. Behind him László Cseh, Jr. and Takeshi Matsuda became the second and third swimmers to break 1:53 for the distance. The victory brought Phelps’ gold medal tally up into double figures to either equal Ray Ewry’s record of 10 Olympic victories or break the record of nine held by four other Olympians. This depends on your view of the official status of the 1906 Olympic Games.

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:53.70 (1 h6)1:53.70 (1 h2)1:52.03 (1)Gold
2László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:54.48 (1 h4)1:54.35 (3 h1)1:52.70 (2)Silver
3Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:55.06 (3 h6)1:54.02 (1 h1)1:52.97 (3)Bronze
=4Moss BurmesterNZL1:55.80 (3 h4)1:55.26 (4 h1)1:54.35 (=4)
=4Wu PengCHN1:55.39 (1 h5)1:54.93 (2 h2)1:54.35 (=4)
6Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:55.21 (2 h4)1:55.35 (4 h2)1:54.60 (6)
7 Kaio MárcioBRA1:54.65 (2 h6)1:55.21 (3 h2)1:54.71 (7)
8Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:55.33 (4 h6)1:54.31 (2 h1)1:55.14 (8)
9Gil StovallUSA1:55.42 (2 h5)1:55.36 (5 h1)
10Dinko JukicAUT1:55.96 (4 h4)1:55.65 (6 h1)
11Chen YinCHN1:56.55 (5 h5)1:55.88 (5 h2)
12Michael RockGBR1:55.55 (3 h5)1:55.90 (6 h2)
13Ryuichi ShibataJPN1:55.82 (4 h5)1:56.17 (7 h2)
14Ștefan GherghelROU1:56.09 (5 h4)1:56.57 (8 h2)
15Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:56.24 (5 h6)1:56.64 (7 h1)
16Hsu Chi-ChiehTPE1:56.59 (1 h3)1:57.48 (8 h1)
17Christophe LebonFRA1:56.63 (6 h5)
18Travis NederpeltAUS1:56.64 (6 h6)
19Mathieu FonteynBEL1:56.65 (7 h6)
20Niccolò BeniITA1:56.99 (6 h4)
21Denys SylantievUKR1:57.02 (7 h4)
22Tamás KerékjártóHUN1:57.29 (7 h5)
23Juan VelozMEX1:57.32 (8 h6)
24Pedro OliveiraPOR1:57.41 (2 h3)
25Adam SiouiCAN1:57.45 (8 h4)
26Simon SjödinSWE1:57.75 (3 h3)
27Romanos AlyfantisGRE1:57.99 (8 h5)
28Alon MandelISR1:59.27 (4 h3)
29James WalshPHI1:59.39 (1 h2)
30Omar PinzónCOL1:59.47 (5 h3)
31Nikša RokiCRO1:59.58 (1 h1)
32Javier NúñezESP2:00.24 (2 h2)
33Andrés GonzálezARG2:00.36 (3 h2)
34Yu Jeong-NamKOR2:01.00 (4 h2)
35Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:01.08 (6 h3)
36Alexis MárquezVEN2:01.25 (5 h2)
37Daniel BegoMAS2:01.28 (7 h3)
38Douglas Lennox-SilvaPUR2:01.69 (6 h2)
39Georgi PalazovBUL2:01.84 (8 h3)
40Rehan PonchaIND2:01.89 (2 h1)
41Emmanuel CrescimbeniPER2:02.13 (3 h1)
42Javier HernándezHON2:02.23 (4 h1)
43Vladan MarkovićSRB2:03.12 (7 h2)
44Donny UtomoINA2:03.44 (8 h2)

Round One (11 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (19:07)

13Nikša RokiCRO1:59.580.73
25Rehan PonchaIND2:01.890.94
34Emmanuel CrescimbeniPER2:02.130.69
46Javier HernándezHON2:02.230.78

Heat Two (19:12)

15James WalshPHI1:59.390.71
21Javier NúñezESP2:00.240.86
37Andrés GonzálezARG2:00.360.77
46Yu Jeong-NamKOR2:01.000.74
58Alexis MárquezVEN2:01.250.77
63Douglas Lennox-SilvaPUR2:01.690.68
74Vladan MarkovićSRB2:03.120.87
82Donny UtomoINA2:03.440.82

Heat Three (19:17)

12Hsu Chi-ChiehTPE1:56.590.69Q
26Pedro OliveiraPOR1:57.410.77
35Simon SjödinSWE1:57.750.72
48Alon MandelISR1:59.270.80
53Omar PinzónCOL1:59.470.66
64Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:01.080.72
77Daniel BegoMAS2:01.280.70
81Georgi PalazovBUL2:01.840.90

Heat Four (19:22)

12László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:54.480.75Q
24Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:55.210.80Q
35Moss BurmesterNZL1:55.800.69Q
46Dinko JukicAUT1:55.960.75Q
51Ștefan GherghelROU1:56.090.84Q
67Niccolò BeniITA1:56.990.84
73Denys SylantievUKR1:57.020.84
88Adam SiouiCAN1:57.450.78

Heat Five (19:27)

15Wu PengCHN1:55.390.74Q
24Gil StovallUSA1:55.420.63Q
37Michael RockGBR1:55.550.65Q
43Ryuichi ShibataJPN1:55.820.69Q
56Chen YinCHN1:56.550.71Q
62Christophe LebonFRA1:56.630.86
71Tamás KerékjártóHUN1:57.290.69
88Romanos AlyfantisGRE1:57.990.80

Heat Six (19:32)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:53.700.75QOR
23 Kaio MárcioBRA1:54.650.75Q
36Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:55.060.73Q
45Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:55.330.79Q
51Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:56.240.87Q
62Travis NederpeltAUS1:56.640.77
77Mathieu FonteynBEL1:56.650.78
88Juan VelozMEX1:57.320.79

Semi-Finals (12 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (11:05)

15Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:54.020.74Q
23Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:54.310.81Q
34László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:54.350.76Q
42Moss BurmesterNZL1:55.260.69Q
56Gil StovallUSA1:55.360.64
67Dinko JukicAUT1:55.650.75
71Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:56.640.85
88Hsu Chi-ChiehTPE1:57.480.68

Heat Two (11:10)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:53.700.72Q=OR
26Wu PengCHN1:54.930.73Q
35 Kaio MárcioBRA1:55.210.68Q
43Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:55.350.86Q
58Chen YinCHN1:55.880.69
62Michael RockGBR1:55.900.65
77Ryuichi ShibataJPN1:56.170.67
81Ștefan GherghelROU1:56.570.83

Final (13 August 2008 — 10:21)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:52.030.74WR
26László Cseh, Jr.HUN1:52.700.75
35Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:52.970.70
=42Wu PengCHN1:54.350.74
=41Moss BurmesterNZL1:54.350.72
68Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:54.600.76
77 Kaio MárcioBRA1:54.710.69
83Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:55.140.78