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100 metres Butterfly, Women

Date9 – 11 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants49 from 38 countries

Australia held a strong hand at the 100 butterfly through Libby Trickett and Jess Schipper, the gold and silver medalist from the previous year’s World Championships, which was strengthened by the decision of Natalie Coughlin to concentrate on other events. Trickett was better known as a freestyle swimmer but had added the butterfly as a second stroke in recent years. She led the final from the off and swam away to record a comprehensive victory. Behind her Christine Magnusson of the USA headed off Schipper for the silver medal.

Ironically, despite being acknowledged as one of the greatest freestyle swimmers of the decade, the 100 metres butterfly win is the only individual Olympic title Trickett has won to date.

1Libby TrickettAUS58.37 (2 h7)57.05 (1 h1)56.73 (1)Gold
2Christine MagnusonUSA57.70 (1 h5)57.08 (2 h1)57.10 (2)Silver
3Jess SchipperAUS57.58 (1 h6)57.43 (1 h2)57.25 (3)Bronze
4Zhou YafeiCHN57.70 (2 h6)57.68 (2 h2)57.84 (4)
5Tao LiSGP57.77 (1 h4)57.54 (3 h1)57.99 (5)
6Jemma LoweGBR58.49 (4 h7)57.78 (4 h1)58.06 (6)
7Gabriella SilvaBRA58.00 (2 h5)58.39 (4 h2)58.10 (7)
8Inge DekkerNED58.22 (3 h6)58.20 (3 h2)58.54 (8)
9Aurore MongelFRA58.30 (1 h7)58.46 (5 h1)
=10Alena PopchankaFRA58.40 (3 h7)58.55 (=6 h1)
=10Elaine BreedenUSA58.06 (3 h5)58.55 (=6 h1)
12Lize-Mari RetiefRSA58.20 (4 h5)58.63 (8 h1)
13Eszter DaraHUN58.39 (4 h6)58.84 (5 h2)
14Nataliya SutyaginaRUS58.32 (5 h5)59.07 (6 h2)
15Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN58.44 (6 h5)59.29 (7 h2)
16Ilaria BianchiITA58.12 (2 h4)– (DQ h2)
17Otylia JędrzejczakPOL58.53 (3 h4)
=18Mandy LootsRSA58.61 (4 h4)
=18Yuko NakanishiJPN58.61 (7 h5)
20Sara IsakovičSLO58.68 (5 h4)
21Fran HalsallGBR58.70 (5 h7)
22Irina BespalovaRUS58.92 (5 h6)
23Yuka KatoJPN58.94 (6 h6)
24Kateryna ZubkovaUKR58.99 (6 h4)
25Martina MoravcováSVK59.03 (7 h6)
26Birgit KoschischekAUT59.07 (1 h3)
27Sarah SjöströmSWE59.08 (6 h7)
=28Audrey LacroixCAN59.10 (7 h4)
=28Micha ØstergaardDEN59.10 (8 h6)
=30Hannah WilsonHKG59.35 (2 h3)
=30Chantal GrootNED59.35 (8 h5)
=32Triin AljandEST59.43 (1 h2)
=32Xu YanweiCHN59.43 (7 h7)
34Daynara de PaulaBRA59.45 (8 h4)
35Sara OliveiraPOR59.48 (3 h3)
36Anya GostomelskyISR59.50 (4 h3)
37Ingvild SnildalNOR59.86 (5 h3)
38Carolina ColoradoCOL1:00.06 (6 h3)
39Daniela SamulskiGER1:00.37 (8 h7)
40Choi Hye-RaKOR1:00.65 (2 h2)
41Eirini KavarnouGRE1:00.74 (7 h3)
42Heather BrandZIM1:01.39 (8 h3)
43Yang Chin-KueiTPE1:01.60 (3 h2)
44Iris RosenbergerTUR1:01.67 (4 h2)
45Natalia Baranovskaya-KhatziloizouCYP1:01.80 (5 h2)
46Emilia PikkarainenFIN1:02.31 (6 h2)
47Binta Zahra DiopSEN1:04.26 (1 h1)
48Antonella ScanavinoURU1:04.28 (2 h1)
49Simona MuccioliSMR1:04.91 (3 h1)

Round One (9 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (18:57)

15Binta Zahra DiopSEN1:04.260.71
24Antonella ScanavinoURU1:04.280.80
33Simona MuccioliSMR1:04.910.79

Heat Two (18:59)

14Triin AljandEST59.430.73
25Choi Hye-RaKOR1:00.650.81
36Yang Chin-KueiTPE1:01.600.78
43Iris RosenbergerTUR1:01.670.82
52Natalia Baranovskaya-KhatziloizouCYP1:01.800.84
67Emilia PikkarainenFIN1:02.310.67

Heat Three (19:01)

14Birgit KoschischekAUT59.070.79
21Hannah WilsonHKG59.350.70
36Sara OliveiraPOR59.480.78
45Anya GostomelskyISR59.500.74
52Ingvild SnildalNOR59.860.87
67Carolina ColoradoCOL1:00.060.73
73Eirini KavarnouGRE1:00.740.76
88Heather BrandZIM1:01.390.72

Heat Four (19:03)

15Tao LiSGP57.770.75Q
21Ilaria BianchiITA58.120.72Q
36Otylia JędrzejczakPOL58.530.77
42Mandy LootsRSA58.610.68
54Sara IsakovičSLO58.680.75
63Kateryna ZubkovaUKR58.990.72
78Audrey LacroixCAN59.100.73
87Daynara de PaulaBRA59.450.81

Heat Five (19:06)

14Christine MagnusonUSA57.700.70Q
28Gabriella SilvaBRA58.000.75Q
35Elaine BreedenUSA58.060.65Q
41Lize-Mari RetiefRSA58.200.70Q
56Nataliya SutyaginaRUS58.320.85Q
63Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN58.440.80Q
72Yuko NakanishiJPN58.610.72
87Chantal GrootNED59.350.78

Heat Six (19:08)

14Jess SchipperAUS57.580.69Q
23Zhou YafeiCHN57.700.84Q
35Inge DekkerNED58.220.82Q
42Eszter DaraHUN58.390.86Q
56Irina BespalovaRUS58.920.80
67Yuka KatoJPN58.940.76
71Martina MoravcováSVK59.030.79
88Micha ØstergaardDEN59.100.74

Heat Seven (19:10)

17Aurore MongelFRA58.300.79Q
24Libby TrickettAUS58.370.74Q
32Alena PopchankaFRA58.400.70Q
45Jemma LoweGBR58.490.68Q
53Fran HalsallGBR58.700.74
66Sarah SjöströmSWE59.080.77
78Xu YanweiCHN59.430.75
81Daniela SamulskiGER1:00.370.77

Semi-Finals (10 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:14)

17Libby TrickettAUS57.050.73Q
24Christine MagnusonUSA57.080.70Q
35Tao LiSGP57.540.73Q
48Jemma LoweGBR57.780.70Q
52Aurore MongelFRA58.460.79
=61Alena PopchankaFRA58.550.71
=63Elaine BreedenUSA58.550.71
86Lize-Mari RetiefRSA58.630.70

Heat Two (10:19)

14Jess SchipperAUS57.430.67Q
25Zhou YafeiCHN57.680.77Q
32Inge DekkerNED58.200.80Q
43Gabriella SilvaBRA58.390.77Q
51Eszter DaraHUN58.840.83
67Nataliya SutyaginaRUS59.070.83
78Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN59.290.76
DQ6Ilaria BianchiITA1

Final (11 August 2008 — 10:26)

14Libby TrickettAUS56.730.73
25Christine MagnusonUSA57.100.72
33Jess SchipperAUS57.250.66
42Zhou YafeiCHN57.840.79
56Tao LiSGP57.990.75
67Jemma LoweGBR58.060.75
78Gabriella SilvaBRA58.100.79
81Inge DekkerNED58.540.87