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Individual, Men

Date12 – 19 August 2004
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina / Proponitirio Toksovolias, Akharnes
Participants64 from 35 countries
FormatRanking round consisted of 72 arrows at 70 m. Matches in rounds 1-3 consisted of 16 arrows. Matches in the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final round consisted of 12 arrows. Tie-breaking for the final placements was done by the following method. Losers in each round were ranked according to the score they shot in that round. Ties in that round were broken by the number of 10s shot in that round and then the number of 9s shot in that round. If still tied the score in the preceding round was used as the tie-breaker, followed by number of 10s, and then number of 9s in the preceding round. Matches shot entirely at 70 metres.
Olympic Record (Match, 12 arrows)115 / Oh Gyo-Mun KOR / 1 August 1996
Olympic Record (Match, 18 arrows)172 / Jang Yong-Ho KOR / 18 September 2000
Olympic Record (Ranking Round, 72 arrows)684 / Michele Frangilli ITA / 28 July 1996

Korea’s men archers were the best in the world, having won four of the last five World Championships both individually and in team competition. But they had been the best since around 1990 and had yet to have a male archer win an individual Olympic gold medal. This would continue in 2004, as, despite their three archers placing in the top five in the ranking round, none of them made the semi-finals, and they were shut-out of the medals.

In the lower half of the draw, Italy’s Marco Galiazzo advanced to the quarter-finals, where he faced the 2000 silver medalist, American Vic Wunderle. Galiazzo had been 2001 World Junior Champion and was the 2004 European Champion and had placed third in the ranking round and dispatched Wunderle 109-108, coming back to win on the final arrows. The final matched Galiazzo against Japan’s Hiroshi Yamamoto, a 41-year-old high school teacher. Yamamoto had won a bronze medal in the Olympic individual event in 1984, and competed at every Olympics from 1984-96. He failed to qualify in 2000 and tried to retire from the sport, but came back when his students encouraged him. Galiazzo continued his magical 2004 by defeating Yamamoto 111-109 for the gold medal.

1Marco GaliazzoITAGold
2Hiroshi YamamotoJPNSilver
3Tim CuddihyAUSBronze
4Larry GodfreyGBR
5Park Gyeong-MoKOR
6Im Dong-HyeonKOR
7Chen Szu-YuanTPE
8Vic WunderleUSA
9Anton PrylepauBLR
10Satyadev PrasadIND
11Jang Yong-HoKOR
12Xue HaifengCHN
13Viktor RubanUKR
14Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS
15Oleksandr SerdiukUKR
16Ilario Di BuòITA
17Wang Cheng-PangTPE
18Stanislav ZabrodskyKAZ
19Hasse Pavia LindDEN
20Juanjo SerranoMEX
21Michael FrankenbergGER
22Takaharu FurukawaJPN
23Magnus PeterssonSWE
24Dmytro HrachovUKR
25Jonas AnderssonSWE
26Liu Ming-HuangTPE
27Wietse van AltenNED
28Yavor HristovBUL
29Alexandros KarageorgiouGRE
30Ron van der HoffNED
31Michele FrangilliITA
32Tashi PeljorBHU
33Hasan OrbayTUR
34Jorge ChapoyMEX
35Ricardo MerlosESA
36Dave BarnesAUS
37Yuji HamanoJPN
38Franck FisseuxFRA
39Mattias ErikssonSWE
40Ken UprichardNZL
41John MageraUSA
42Yong FujunCHN
43Tarundeep RaiIND
44Pieter CustersNED
45 LockonecoINA
46Felipe LópezESP
47Jonathan OhayonCAN
48Rob ElderFIJ
49Eduardo MagañaMEX
50Simon FairweatherAUS
51Jocelyn de GrandisFRA
52Butch JohnsonUSA
53Dmitry NevmerzhitskyRUS
54Georgios KalogiannidisGRE
55Jacek ProćPOL
56Jeff HenckelsLUX
57Apostolos NanosGRE
58Maged YoussefEGY
59Majhi SawaiyanIND
60Thomas NaglieriFRA
61Sifa TaumoepeauTGA
62Essam SayedEGY
63Yehya BundhunMRI
64Phoutlamphay ThiamphasoneLAO

Ranking Round

Date12 August 2004 — 14:00
FormatRanking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.
1Im Dong-HyeonKOR687428WR
2Magnus PeterssonSWE6734116
3Marco GaliazzoITA672324
4Park Gyeong-MoKOR672287
5Jang Yong-HoKOR6713018
6Dmytro HrachovUKR671305
7Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS668359
8Hasse Pavia LindDEN6662913
9Hiroshi YamamotoJPN6642911
10Chen Szu-YuanTPE663307
11Liu Ming-HuangTPE6632811
12Tim CuddihyAUS663289
13Jocelyn de GrandisFRA663288
14Wietse van AltenNED6612710
15Viktor RubanUKR6602811
16Butch JohnsonUSA6602710
17Yuji HamanoJPN660268
18Wang Cheng-PangTPE6593117
19Ilario Di BuòITA659299
20Simon FairweatherAUS658278
21Michael FrankenbergGER657287
22Majhi SawaiyanIND6572511
23Jacek ProćPOL657216
24Michele FrangilliITA654278
25Oleksandr SerdiukUKR654244
26Jonas AnderssonSWE6533014
27Xue HaifengCHN653164
28Yong FujunCHN652238
29Stanislav ZabrodskyKAZ6512713
30Juanjo SerranoMEX651259
31Larry GodfreyGBR650247
32Tarundeep RaiIND647284
33Alexandros KarageorgiouGRE6472112
34Hasan OrbayTUR647187
35Eduardo MagañaMEX646252
36Pieter CustersNED646235
37Takaharu FurukawaJPN646213
38Jorge ChapoyMEX645227
39Dave BarnesAUS641258
40Felipe LópezESP641248
41 LockonecoINA6412310
42Yavor HristovBUL641204
43Vic WunderleUSA639257
44Dmitry NevmerzhitskyRUS639185
45Anton PrylepauBLR638208
46Mattias ErikssonSWE637186
47John MageraUSA637177
48Satyadev PrasadIND634164
49Ron van der HoffNED633158
50Jonathan OhayonCAN632156
51Ricardo MerlosESA630247
52Tashi PeljorBHU627182
53Thomas NaglieriFRA626123
54Ken UprichardNZL623197
55Jeff HenckelsLUX623177
56Franck FisseuxFRA622203
57Essam SayedEGY602165
58Georgios KalogiannidisGRE601153
59Maged YoussefEGY599102
60Apostolos NanosGRE585121
61Rob ElderFIJ58372
62Sifa TaumoepeauTGA56352
63Phoutlamphay ThiamphasoneLAO55771
64Yehya BundhunMRI494102

Round One

Date16 August 2004 — 8:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #116 Aug 8:30Im Dong-HyeonKOR152 – 109Yehya BundhunMRI
Match #216 Aug 8:30Alexandros KarageorgiouGRE147 – 143Tarundeep RaiIND
Match #316 Aug 8:57Satyadev PrasadIND155 – 150Yuji HamanoJPN
Match #416 Aug 8:57Ron van der HoffNED145 – 135Butch JohnsonUSA
Match #516 Aug 9:24Hiroshi YamamotoJPN155 – 147Franck FisseuxFRA
Match #616 Aug 9:24Michele FrangilliITA153 – 141 LockonecoINA
Match #716 Aug 9:50Oleksandr SerdiukUKR164 – 141Felipe LópezESP
Match #816 Aug 9:50Hasse Pavia LindDEN158 – 110Essam SayedEGY
Match #916 Aug 10:17Jang Yong-HoKOR162 – 131Apostolos NanosGRE
Match #1016 Aug 10:17Takaharu FurukawaJPN146 – 143Yong FujunCHN
Match #1116 Aug 10:44Michael FrankenbergGER140 – 135Dmitry NevmerzhitskyRUS
Match #1216 Aug 10:44Tim CuddihyAUS148 – 127Thomas NaglieriFRA
Match #1316 Aug 11:11Tashi PeljorBHU161 – 136Jocelyn de GrandisFRA
Match #1416 Aug 11:11Anton PrylepauBLR141 – 137Simon FairweatherAUS
Match #1516 Aug 11:37Stanislav ZabrodskyKAZ145 – 141Pieter CustersNED
Match #1616 Aug 11:37Park Gyeong-MoKOR154 – 138Rob ElderFIJ
Match #1716 Aug 15:30Marco GaliazzoITA156 – 122Sifa TaumoepeauTGA
Match #1816 Aug 15:30Juanjo SerranoMEX148 – 138Eduardo MagañaMEX
Match #1916 Aug 15:57Ilario Di BuòITA151 – 146Mattias ErikssonSWE
Match #2016 Aug 15:57Wietse van AltenNED152 – 151Ricardo MerlosESA
Match #2116 Aug 16:24Liu Ming-HuangTPE148 – 145Ken UprichardNZL
Match #2216 Aug 16:24Vic WunderleUSA145 – 128Majhi SawaiyanIND
Match #2316 Aug 16:51Xue HaifengCHN162 – 153Jorge ChapoyMEX
Match #2416 Aug 16:51Dmytro HrachovUKR154 – 128Maged YoussefEGY
Match #2516 Aug 17:18Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS148 – 133Georgios KalogiannidisGRE
Match #2616 Aug 17:18Jonas AnderssonSWE160 – 151Dave BarnesAUS
Match #2716 Aug 17:45Yavor HristovBUL133 – 132Jacek ProćPOL
Match #2816 Aug 17:45Chen Szu-YuanTPE136 – 132Jeff HenckelsLUX
Match #2916 Aug 18:12Viktor RubanUKR157 – 140Jonathan OhayonCAN
Match #3016 Aug 18:12Wang Cheng-PangTPE159 – 144John MageraUSA
Match #3116 Aug 18:37Larry GodfreyGBR157 – 155Hasan OrbayTUR
Match #3216 Aug 18:37Magnus PeterssonSWE158 – 95Phoutlamphay ThiamphasoneLAO

Round Two

Date17 August 2004 — 15:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
Match #117 Aug 15:30Im Dong-HyeonKOR171 – 159Alexandros KarageorgiouGRE
Match #217 Aug 15:30Satyadev PrasadIND158 – 155Ron van der HoffNED
Match #317 Aug 15:57Hiroshi YamamotoJPN162 – 154Michele FrangilliITA
Match #417 Aug 15:57Oleksandr SerdiukUKR165 – 164Hasse Pavia LindDEN
Match #517 Aug 16:24Jang Yong-HoKOR166 – 163Takaharu FurukawaJPN
Match #617 Aug 16:24Tim CuddihyAUS164 – 163Michael FrankenbergGER
Match #717 Aug 16:51Anton PrylepauBLR155 – 152Tashi PeljorBHU
Match #817 Aug 16:51Park Gyeong-MoKOR164 – 164Stanislav ZabrodskyKAZ
Match #917 Aug 17:18Marco GaliazzoITA164 – 163Juanjo SerranoMEX
Match #1017 Aug 17:18Ilario Di BuòITA164 – 160Wietse van AltenNED
Match #1117 Aug 17:45Vic WunderleUSA164 – 160Liu Ming-HuangTPE
Match #1217 Aug 17:45Xue HaifengCHN162 – 161Dmytro HrachovUKR
Match #1317 Aug 18:12Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUS162 – 160Jonas AnderssonSWE
Match #1417 Aug 18:12Chen Szu-YuanTPE170 – 159Yavor HristovBULOR for 2nd and 3rd round combined (339)
Match #1517 Aug 18:37Viktor RubanUKR167 – 167Wang Cheng-PangTPE
Match #1617 Aug 18:37Larry GodfreyGBR163 – 162Magnus PeterssonSWE

Round Three

Date19 August 2004 — 8:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #119 Aug 8:30Im Dong-HyeonKOR167 – 165Satyadev PrasadIND
Match #219 Aug 8:56Hiroshi YamamotoJPN168 – 160Oleksandr SerdiukUKR
Match #319 Aug 9:22Tim CuddihyAUS166 – 165Jang Yong-HoKOR
Match #419 Aug 9:48Park Gyeong-MoKOR173 – 166Anton PrylepauBLROR for 18 arrow match
Match #519 Aug 10:14Marco GaliazzoITA162 – 155Ilario Di BuòITA
Match #619 Aug 10:40Vic WunderleUSA165 – 164Xue HaifengCHN
Match #719 Aug 11:06Chen Szu-YuanTPE169 – 161Balzhinima TsyrempilovRUSOR for 2nd and 3rd round combined (339)
Match #819 Aug 11:31Larry GodfreyGBR167 – 162Viktor RubanUKR


Date19 August 2004 — 15:45
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #119 Aug 15:45Hiroshi YamamotoJPN111 – 110Im Dong-HyeonKOR
Match #219 Aug 16:00Tim CuddihyAUS112 – 111Park Gyeong-MoKOROR for quarter, semi and final (340)
Match #319 Aug 16:15Marco GaliazzoITA109 – 108Vic WunderleUSA
Match #419 Aug 16:35Larry GodfreyGBR110 – 108Chen Szu-YuanTPE


Date19 August 2004 — 16:50
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final round.
Match #119 Aug 16:50Hiroshi YamamotoJPN115 – 115Tim CuddihyAUS
Match #219 Aug 17:05Marco GaliazzoITA110 – 108Larry GodfreyGBR

Final Round

Date19 August 2004 — 17:25
Match #119 Aug 17:25Marco GaliazzoITA111 – 109Hiroshi YamamotoJPN
Match #219 Aug 17:43Tim CuddihyAUS113 – 112Larry GodfreyGBROR for quarter, semi and final (340)