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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date18 – 19 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants61 from 45 countries

This was an event that had had no dominant swimmer since the Los Angeles Olympics, but Britain’s Adrian Moorhouse was considered a slight favorite, and also felt that he was owed something, after placing fourth in 1984. In the ensuing four years he had won the golds at the 1985 and 1987 Commonwealth Games (in the 200 in 1987), and at the 1987 Europeans. At the 1986 Worlds he had touched first but was later disqualified. His challengers were expected to be Canada’s Victor Davis, the eventual 1986 World Champion and Soviet Dmitry Volkov, runner-up at the 1987 Europeans to Moorhouse, and bronze medalist at the 1986 Worlds. But Volkov was recovering from a cut to his hand two months prior to Seoul and had missed a month of training.

This was the first men’s final of the 1988 Olympics, and Moorhouse did not start well, turning in sixth place, as Volkov had a big lead. Then Moorhouse came on and at the end he knew it was close between him and Volkov, and wasn’t certain he had won. He had, but Volkov was third, as Moorhouse had outtouched Hungary’s Károly Güttler by only 1/100th of a second. Nobody had heard of Güttler, who was ecstatic just to get a medal, but in 1993 he would set a world record in this event.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:02.19 (1 h8)1:02.04 (1)Gold
2Károly GüttlerHUN1:02.80 (3 h8)1:02.05 (2)Silver
3Dmitry VolkovURS1:02.49 (2 h8)1:02.20 (3)Bronze
4Victor DavisCAN1:02.48 (1 h6)1:02.38 (4)
5Tamás DebnárHUN1:03.08 (=3 h7)1:02.50 (5)
6Rich SchroederUSA1:03.05 (2 h7)1:02.55 (6)
7Gianni MinerviniITA1:02.86 (1 h7)1:02.93 (7)
8Christian PoswiatGDR1:02.99 (4 h8)1:03.43 (8)
9Aleksey MatveyevURS1:03.25 (2 h6)1:03.01 (1)
10Ron DekkerNED1:03.08 (=3 h7)1:03.22 (2)
11Mark WarneckeFRG1:03.56 (5 h8)1:03.40 (3)
12Alexander MayerFRG1:03.54 (3 h6)1:03.85 (4)
13Hironobu NagahataJPN1:04.02 (5 h7)1:03.89 (5)
14Petri SuominenFIN1:03.58 (6 h8)1:04.04 (6)
15Daniel WattersUSA1:04.04 (4 h6)1:04.17 (7)
16Chen JianhongCHN1:04.09 (5 h6)1:04.72 (8)
17James ParrackGBR1:04.23 (6 h6)
18Kenji WatanabeJPN1:04.35 (1 h5)
19Pablo RestrepoCOL1:04.43 (6 h7)
20Raik HannemannGDR1:04.46 (7 h7)
21Pierre-Yves EberleSUI1:04.53 (2 h5)
=22Ian McAdamAUS1:04.56 (=3 h5)
=22David LeblancFRA1:04.56 (=3 h5)
24Tsai Hsin-YenTPE1:04.58 (1 h4)
25Radek BeinhauerTCH1:04.61 (2 h4)
26Yun Ju-IlKOR1:04.68 (1 h3)
27Étienne DagonSUI1:04.71 (8 h7)
28Alexander MarčekTCH1:04.95 (7 h6)
29Thomas BöhmAUT1:04.96 (7 h8)
30Jin FuCHN1:05.02 (5 h5)
31Cam GrantCAN1:05.10 (8 h8)
32Joaquín FernándezESP1:05.19 (3 h4)
33Sidney AppelboomBEL1:05.21 (2 h3)
34Gary O'TooleIRL1:05.34 (4 h4)
35Javier CareagaMEX1:05.37 (3 h3)
36Cédric PénicaudFRA1:05.46 (6 h5)
37Cicero TorteliBRA1:05.50 (7 h5)
38Jan-Erick OlsenNOR1:05.54 (8 h6)
39Anthony BeksNZL1:05.65 (5 h4)
40Alexandre YokochiPOR1:05.66 (1 h2)
41Ng Yue MengSGP1:05.87 (2 h2)
42Eyal ShtigmanISR1:05.92 (8 h5)
43Sergio LópezESP1:06.08 (6 h4)
44Wirmandi SugriatINA1:06.22 (4 h3)
45Luc Van de VondelBEL1:06.24 (5 h3)
46Richard LockhartNZL1:06.27 (7 h4)
47Nikolaos FokianosGRE1:06.30 (8 h4)
48Lars SørensenDEN1:06.48 (3 h2)
49Manuel GutiérrezPAN1:06.73 (6 h3)
50Patrick ConcepcionPHI1:06.74 (7 h3)
51Arnþór RagnarssonISL1:07.93 (4 h2)
52Michael WattHKG1:08.03 (5 h2)
53Victor RuberryBER1:09.49 (8 h3)
54Quách Hoài NamVIE1:10.90 (6 h2)
55Kraig SingletonISV1:11.68 (7 h2)
56Michele PivaSMR1:13.94 (1 h1)
57Amine El-DomyatiLBN1:14.40 (2 h1)
58Bazlur Mohamed RahmanBAN1:14.97 (8 h2)
59Gaspar FragataANG1:16.18 (3 h1)
60Obaid Al-RumaithiUAE1:17.01 (4 h1)
61Vivaldo FernandesANG1:17.98 (5 h1)
DNSTrevor NcalaSWZ– (DNS h1)

Round One (18 September 1988 — 9:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

16Michele PivaSMR1:13.94
25Amine El-DomyatiLBN1:14.40
34Gaspar FragataANG1:16.18
42Obaid Al-RumaithiUAE1:17.01
53Vivaldo FernandesANG1:17.98
DNS7Trevor NcalaSWZ

Heat Two

14Alexandre YokochiPOR1:05.66
25Ng Yue MengSGP1:05.87
36Lars SørensenDEN1:06.48
42Arnþór RagnarssonISL1:07.93
53Michael WattHKG1:08.03
67Quách Hoài NamVIE1:10.90
71Kraig SingletonISV1:11.68
88Bazlur Mohamed RahmanBAN1:14.97

Heat Three

15Yun Ju-IlKOR1:04.68
26Sidney AppelboomBEL1:05.21
31Javier CareagaMEX1:05.37
44Wirmandi SugriatINA1:06.22
53Luc Van de VondelBEL1:06.24
67Manuel GutiérrezPAN1:06.73
78Patrick ConcepcionPHI1:06.74
82Victor RuberryBER1:09.49

Heat Four

11Tsai Hsin-YenTPE1:04.58
25Radek BeinhauerTCH1:04.61
32Joaquín FernándezESP1:05.19
46Gary O'TooleIRL1:05.34
57Anthony BeksNZL1:05.65
64Sergio LópezESP1:06.08
78Richard LockhartNZL1:06.27
83Nikolaos FokianosGRE1:06.30

Heat Five

15Kenji WatanabeJPN1:04.35
23Pierre-Yves EberleSUI1:04.53
=32Ian McAdamAUS1:04.56
=36David LeblancFRA1:04.56
54Jin FuCHN1:05.02
67Cédric PénicaudFRA1:05.46
78Cicero TorteliBRA1:05.50
81Eyal ShtigmanISR1:05.92

Heat Six

15Victor DavisCAN1:02.48Q
24Aleksey MatveyevURS1:03.25q
38Alexander MayerFRG1:03.54q
43Daniel WattersUSA1:04.04q
52Chen JianhongCHN1:04.09q
67James ParrackGBR1:04.23
76Alexander MarčekTCH1:04.95
81Jan-Erick OlsenNOR1:05.54

Heat Seven

15Gianni MinerviniITA1:02.86Q
24Rich SchroederUSA1:03.05Q
=33Ron DekkerNED1:03.08q
=37Tamás DebnárHUN1:03.08Q
56Hironobu NagahataJPN1:04.02q
68Pablo RestrepoCOL1:04.43
71Raik HannemannGDR1:04.46
82Étienne DagonSUI1:04.71

Heat Eight

14Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:02.19Q
25Dmitry VolkovURS1:02.49Q
33Károly GüttlerHUN1:02.80Q
46Christian PoswiatGDR1:02.99Q
52Mark WarneckeFRG1:03.56q
61Petri SuominenFIN1:03.58q
78Thomas BöhmAUT1:04.96
87Cam GrantCAN1:05.10

Swim-Off for 8th Place

14Tamás DebnárHUN1:03.05
25Ron DekkerNED1:03.13

B Final (19 September 1988 — 12:00)

15Aleksey MatveyevURS1:03.01
24Ron DekkerNED1:03.22
36Mark WarneckeFRG1:03.40
43Alexander MayerFRG1:03.85
57Hironobu NagahataJPN1:03.89
62Petri SuominenFIN1:04.04
71Daniel WattersUSA1:04.17
88Chen JianhongCHN1:04.72

Final (19 September 1988 — 12:00)

14Adrian MoorhouseGBR1:02.04
26Károly GüttlerHUN1:02.05
33Dmitry VolkovURS1:02.20
45Victor DavisCAN1:02.38
58Tamás DebnárHUN1:02.50
61Rich SchroederUSA1:02.55
72Gianni MinerviniITA1:02.93
87Christian PoswiatGDR1:03.43