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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date25 – 26 August 1920
LocationFloraliën, Middelheimpark, Antwerpen
Participants43 from 9 countries

Each nation was allowed a maximum of eight entries. Bouts were for three touches.

The Nadi brothers Nedo and Aldo finished first and second. The bronze medalist, Arie de Jong of the Netherlands, won the first two world championships in sabre fencing in 1922 and 1923. He also finished fifth in this event at the 1924 Olympic Games. The fourth-place finisher, Oreste Puliti (ITA), won the foil world championships in 1927 and 1929. At the 1919 Inter-Allied Games, the sabre champion was Vincent Gillens of Belgium, but Gillens did not compete in Antwerp.

1Nedo NadiITAGold
2Aldo NadiITASilver
3Arie de JongNEDBronze
4Oreste PulitiITA
5Jan van der WielNED
6Léon TomBEL
7Robert HennetBEL
8Robin DalglishGBR
9Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED
10Federico CesaranoITA
11Francesco GarganoITA
12Baldo BaldiITA
5 p1 r2/3Josef JavůrekTCH
5 p2 r2/3Robert FeyerickBEL
5 p3 r2/3Giulio RusconiITA
=6 p1 r2/3Giorgio SantelliITA
=6 p1 r2/3Cecil KershawGBR
6 p2 r2/3Brooks ParkerUSA
6 p3 r2/3Herbert HuntingtonGBR
7 p2 r2/3Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL
7 p3 r2/3Aage BerntsenDEN
5 p1 r1/3Marc PerrodonFRA
=5 p2 r1/3Ronald CampbellGBR
=5 p2 r1/3Wouter BrouwerNED
=5 p4 r1/3Zdeněk VávraTCH
=5 p4 r1/3Evangelos SkotidasGRE
=5 p5 r1/3Marcel ServentFRA
=5 p5 r1/3Vasilios ZarkadisGRE
6 p1 r1/3Edwin FullinwiderUSA
=6 p3 r1/3Henri de Saint GermainFRA
=6 p3 r1/3Claiborne WalkerUSA
7 p2 r1/3Vilém TvrzskýTCH
7 p4 r1/3Félix VigevenoNED
=7 p1 r1/3Eric StartinGBR
=7 p1 r1/3Alexandre SimonsonBEL
=7 p5 r1/3Roscoe BowmanUSA
=7 p5 r1/3Jaroslav TučekTCH
8 p2 r1/3John DimondUSA
8 p4 r1/3Arthur LyonUSA
9 p5 r1/3Frederick CunninghamUSA
DNF p2 r1/3Georges TrombertFRA
DNF p4 r1/3Jean MargraffFRA
DNF p4 r1/3Alfred Ridley-MartinGBR

Round One (25 August 1920 — 09:00)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to round two.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Oreste PulitiITA61Q
2Federico CesaranoITA52Q
3Arie de JongNED52Q
4Aage BerntsenDEN52Q
5Marc PerrodonFRA34
6Edwin FullinwiderUSA25
=7Eric StartinGBR16
=7Alexandre SimonsonBEL16

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Aldo NadiITA61Q
2Robin DalglishGBR52Q
3Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL43Q
4Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED43Q
=5Ronald CampbellGBR34
=5Wouter BrouwerNED34
7Vilém TvrzskýTCH25
8John DimondUSA16
DNFGeorges TrombertFRA

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Nedo NadiITA51Q
2Robert FeyerickBEL33Q
3Cecil KershawGBR33Q
=4Baldo BaldiITA33Q
=4Josef JavůrekTCH33Q
=6Henri de Saint GermainFRA24
=6Claiborne WalkerUSA24

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Léon TomBEL61Q
2Francesco GarganoITA52Q
3Giulio RusconiITA42Q
4Brooks ParkerUSA43Q
=5Zdeněk VávraTCH33
=5Evangelos SkotidasGRE34
7Félix VigevenoNED25
8Arthur LyonUSA16
DNFJean MargraffFRA32
DNFAlfred Ridley-MartinGBR14

Pool 5

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Jan van der WielNED62Q
2Robert HennetBEL53Q
3Giorgio SantelliITA53Q
4Herbert HuntingtonGBR53Q
=5Marcel ServentFRA44
=5Vasilios ZarkadisGRE44
=7Roscoe BowmanUSA35
=7Jaroslav TučekTCH35
9Frederick CunninghamUSA17

Semi-Finals (25 August 1920 — 14:00)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED42Q
2Léon TomBEL42Q
3Francesco GarganoITA33Q
4Aldo NadiITA33Q
5Josef JavůrekTCH33
=6Giorgio SantelliITA24
=6Cecil KershawGBR24

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Nedo NadiITA60Q
2Baldo BaldiITA51Q
3Jan van der WielNED33Q
4Robin DalglishGBR33Q
5Robert FeyerickBEL33
6Brooks ParkerUSA15
7Félix, Comte Goblet d'AlviellaBEL06

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Federico CesaranoITA51Q
2Arie de JongNED51Q
3Oreste PulitiITA42Q
4Robert HennetBEL33Q
5Giulio RusconiITA33
6Herbert HuntingtonGBR15
7Aage BerntsenDEN06

Final Pool (26 August 1920)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts TiedBouts Lost
1Nedo NadiITA1104
2Aldo NadiITA9217
3Arie de JongNED6519
4Oreste PulitiITA6519
5Jan van der WielNED6522
6Léon TomBEL5624
7Robert HennetBEL5624
8Robin DalglishGBR5627
9Henri Wijnoldy-DaniëlsNED4726
10Federico CesaranoITA3827
11Francesco GarganoITA3828
12Baldo BaldiITA3829