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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date28 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants75 from 52 countries

Swimming World said, “Its hard not to imagine Matt Biondi winning.” He was the defending champion, the world record holder with 48.42, had the eight fastest times in the event, and 12 of the top 13, and had won the event at the 1986 and 1991 World Championships and the 1985, 1987, and 1991 Pan Pacifics. Russian Aleksandr Popov was the 1991 European Champion and in 1991 had tied Biondi and France’s Stéphan Caron for the leading time in the world (49.18). But he was considered only a contender for a medal, not the gold. Someone forgot to tell him that.

Popov qualified first with 49.27. In the final he was only sixth at 50 metres, and then swam the back 50 in 24.99, the first time anyone had bettered 25 seconds for the back 50 of the 100 freestyle. This brought him home in a PR of 49.02 for the gold medal. Biondi led at the turn, but flagged badly in the final lap and placed only fifth.

The scoreboard initially showed Caron as second and Brazilian Gustavo Borges last in 1:02, which was an obvious mistake. It turned out his touchpad had malfunctioned so the officials reviewed the film and he was given 49.53, tying him with Biondi for fourth. But on further review, the officials realized they were looking at Biondi’s finish and Borges time was corrected to 49.43, giving him the silver medal.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Aleksandr PopovEUN49.29 (1 h10)49.02 (1)Gold
2Gustavo BorgesBRA49.49 (2 h10)49.43 (2)Silver
3Stéphan CaronFRA49.82 (1 h9)49.50 (3)Bronze
4Jon OlsenUSA49.63 (1 h8)49.51 (4)
5Matt BiondiUSA49.75 (3 h10)49.53 (5)
6Tom WernerSWE50.08 (2 h8)49.63 (6)
7Christian TrögerGER50.05 (2 h9)49.84 (7)
8Gennady PrigodaEUN50.00 (4 h10)50.25 (8)
9Ricardo BusquetsPUR50.31 (1 h7)49.92 (1)
10Raimundas MažuolisLTU50.17 (3 h9)50.13 (2)
11Christophe KalfayanFRA50.30 (5 h9)50.49 (3)
12Nils RudolphGER50.29 (4 h9)50.62 (4)
13John SteelNZL50.59 (=5 h10)50.69 (5)
14Chris FydlerAUS50.26 (3 h8)50.78 (6)
15Roberto GleriaITA50.66 (7 h10)50.81 (7)
16Andrew BaildonAUS50.59 (=5 h10)50.93 (8)
17Giorgio LambertiITA50.65 (4 h8)1
=18Stephen ClarkeCAN50.73 (=5 h8)
=18Håkan KarlssonSWE50.73 (=5 h8)
20Béla SzabadosHUN50.78 (7 h8)
21Mike FibbensGBR50.93 (6 h9)
22Rodrigo GonzálezMEX51.04 (2 h7)
23Stéfan VolérySUI51.05 (1 h6)
24Paul HoweGBR51.12 (8 h10)
25Emanuel FortesBRA51.17 (7 h9)
26Franz MortensenDEN51.29 (8 h9)
27Uğur TanerTUR51.34 (8 h8)
28Jarl Inge MelbergNOR51.39 (3 h7)
29Seddon KeyterRSA51.42 (4 h7)
30Mladen KaporIOA51.44 (1 h1)
31Yoav BruckISR51.46 (5 h7)
=32Indrek SeiEST51.47 (2 h6)
=32Yves ClausseLUX51.47 (6 h7)
34Tsutomu NakanoJPN51.63 (7 h7)
35Krzysztof CwalinaPOL51.70 (3 h6)
36Nick SandersNZL51.77 (4 h6)
37Giovanni LinscheerSUR51.82 (5 h6)
38Janne BlomqvistFIN51.86 (1 h5)
39Michael WrightHKG51.88 (6 h6)
40Xie JunCHN51.94 (7 h6)
41Darren WardCAN52.05 (8 h6)
42Arthur LiHKG52.22 (2 h5)
43Allan MurrayBAH52.43 (3 h5)
44Stavros MichailidisCYP52.54 (4 h5)
45Shigeo OgataJPN52.74 (1 h4)
46Ivor Le RouxZIM52.92 (5 h5)
47Enrico LinscheerSUR52.94 (2 h4)
48Marc VerbeeckBEL52.97 (6 h5)
49Sebastián LasaveARG53.07 (7 h5)
50Geri MewettBER53.14 (3 h4)
51Ian RaynorBER53.16 (1 h3)
52Mohamed El-AzoulEGY53.31 (4 h4)
53Nikos PaleokrassasGRE53.47 (5 h4)
54Rory McGownZIM53.65 (2 h3)
55Patrick SagisiGUM53.90 (8 h5)
56Kenneth YeoSGP54.44 (6 h4)
57Plutarco CastellanosHON54.66 (3 h3)
58Gustavo BúcaroGUA54.74 (4 h3)
59Adrian RomeroGUM54.77 (1 h2)
60Laurent AlfredISV54.89 (5 h3)
61Helder TorresGUA55.38 (6 h3)
62Frank LeskajALB55.50 (7 h4)
63Émile LahoudLBN55.51 (2 h2)
64Mouhamed DiopSEN55.82 (2 h1)
65Hussein Al-SadiqKSA55.96 (3 h2)
66Ahmad FarajUAE56.05 (4 h2)
67Ivan RobertsSEY56.15 (5 h2)
68Bruno N'DiayeSEN56.39 (3 h1)
69Jarrah Al-AsmawiKUW56.72 (7 h3)
70Mohamed Bin AbidUAE56.82 (6 h2)
71Carl ProbertFIJ57.25 (7 h2)
72Kenny RobertsSEY58.86 (4 h1)
73Foy Gordon ChungFIJ1:03.96 (5 h1)
74Ahmed ImthiyazMDV1:04.96 (6 h1)
75Mohamed RasheedMDV1:08.12 (7 h1)
DNSNayef Al-HasawiKUW– (DNS h4)
DNSPeter WilliamsRSA– (DNS h7)

Round One (28 July 1992 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

12Mladen KaporIOA51.44
21Mouhamed DiopSEN55.82
37Bruno N'DiayeSEN56.39
44Kenny RobertsSEY58.86
55Foy Gordon ChungFIJ1:03.96
63Ahmed ImthiyazMDV1:04.96
76Mohamed RasheedMDV1:08.12

Heat Two

16Adrian RomeroGUM54.77
24Émile LahoudLBN55.51
33Hussein Al-SadiqKSA55.96
42Ahmad FarajUAE56.05
55Ivan RobertsSEY56.15
61Mohamed Bin AbidUAE56.82
77Carl ProbertFIJ57.25

Heat Three

14Ian RaynorBER53.16
25Rory McGownZIM53.65
33Plutarco CastellanosHON54.66
47Gustavo BúcaroGUA54.74
56Laurent AlfredISV54.89
61Helder TorresGUA55.38
72Jarrah Al-AsmawiKUW56.72

Heat Four

18Shigeo OgataJPN52.74
26Enrico LinscheerSUR52.94
35Geri MewettBER53.14
44Mohamed El-AzoulEGY53.31
53Nikos PaleokrassasGRE53.47
61Kenneth YeoSGP54.44
77Frank LeskajALB55.50
DNS2Nayef Al-HasawiKUW

Heat Five

17Janne BlomqvistFIN51.86
24Arthur LiHKG52.22
31Allan MurrayBAH52.43
42Stavros MichailidisCYP52.54
55Ivor Le RouxZIM52.92
66Marc VerbeeckBEL52.97
73Sebastián LasaveARG53.07
88Patrick SagisiGUM53.90

Heat Six

11Stéfan VolérySUI51.05
26Indrek SeiEST51.47
35Krzysztof CwalinaPOL51.70
47Nick SandersNZL51.77
52Giovanni LinscheerSUR51.82
68Michael WrightHKG51.88
74Xie JunCHN51.94
83Darren WardCAN52.05

Heat Seven

13Ricardo BusquetsPUR50.31q
24Rodrigo GonzálezMEX51.04
35Jarl Inge MelbergNOR51.39
46Seddon KeyterRSA51.42
51Yoav BruckISR51.46
62Yves ClausseLUX51.47
78Tsutomu NakanoJPN51.63
DNS7Peter WilliamsRSA

Heat Eight

14Jon OlsenUSA49.63Q
26Tom WernerSWE50.08Q2
33Chris FydlerAUS50.26q
45Giorgio LambertiITA50.65q
=52Håkan KarlssonSWE50.73
=58Stephen ClarkeCAN50.73
71Béla SzabadosHUN50.78
87Uğur TanerTUR51.34

Heat Nine

14Stéphan CaronFRA49.82Q
27Christian TrögerGER50.05Q
33Raimundas MažuolisLTU50.17q
45Nils RudolphGER50.29q
56Christophe KalfayanFRA50.30q
62Mike FibbensGBR50.93
71Emanuel FortesBRA51.17
88Franz MortensenDEN51.29

Heat Ten

13Aleksandr PopovEUN49.29Q
25Gustavo BorgesBRA49.49Q
34Matt BiondiUSA49.75Q
42Gennady PrigodaEUN50.00Q
=51John SteelNZL50.59q
=57Andrew BaildonAUS50.59q
76Roberto GleriaITA50.66
88Paul HoweGBR51.12

B Final (28 July 1992 — 18:30)

12Ricardo BusquetsPUR49.92
24Raimundas MažuolisLTU50.13
36Christophe KalfayanFRA50.49
43Nils RudolphGER50.62
57John SteelNZL50.69
65Chris FydlerAUS50.78
78Roberto GleriaITA50.81
81Andrew BaildonAUS50.93

Final (28 July 1992 — 18:30)

14Aleksandr PopovEUN49.02
25Gustavo BorgesBRA49.43
32Stéphan CaronFRA49.50
43Jon OlsenUSA49.51
56Matt BiondiUSA49.53
68Tom WernerSWE49.63
71Christian TrögerGER49.84
87Gennady PrigodaEUN50.25